The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9153: Crisis

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The Chi Mo Poison Scorpion roared with filial piety, always maintaining a crazy and crazy attitude, showing no signs of submissiveness. After seeing Li Jueyun struggling out, it immediately swung its scorpion tail, with its highly poisonous scorpion tail, and fell down. Hook, hook to Li Jueyun’s heart.

“Time Avenue, I suppressed it!”

Li Jueyun shouted loudly, immediately burning Zhouguang’s bloodline, and countless surging energy of the law of time surged out like a galaxy, rolling down on the body of Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.

He wants to use time acceleration to put Chi Mo Poison Scorpion into a state of decay.

However, the energy of the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion was so terrifying that it completely ignored Li Jueyun’s time killing and still looked ferocious and ferocious. The scorpion’s tail swept towards Li Jueyun’s body fiercely, with the force of thunder. .

Li Jueyun’s expression changed drastically and he quickly retreated, looking very embarrassed.

When Ye Chen saw this, he was also deeply shocked by the power of Chi Mo Poison Scorpion, which was worthy of being the clone of the ten-tailed beast.

Li Jueyun is also a character who is capable of defeating the Immortal Emperor, but in the face of the Chi Demon Poison Scorpion, he was suppressed at every turn.

Ye Chen estimated that even if he took action, he might not be able to suppress this ferocious beast.

“Beast, do you really think I don’t have the means to subdue you?”

“Nine Heavenly Fire Seal, give me…”

Li Jueyun shouted violently, pressed his palm in the air, and red flames exploded from his fingers. Ancient runes emerged, and the aura of the source of fire filled the air!

He seems to be bursting out with the power of fire to suppress the Chi Demon Poison Scorpion.

The power of this fire was naturally lent to him by Daode Tianzun.

However, before Li Jueyun could fully erupt, suddenly, the void shattered, the surrounding air trembled, and a man in black suddenly burst out and rushed towards Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.

The man in black has his face covered, but looking at his figure, he is graceful and curvy, so he must be a woman.

The woman in black was very mysterious and her aura was extremely powerful. As soon as she came down, she immediately got ahead of Li Jueyun. She waved her delicate hands and intertwined the law threads. Each of the law threads exuded the aura of the infinite time and space avenue. .

Countless threads of law instantly bound Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.


The woman in black shouted, and the dark spiritual energy under her feet exploded and gathered into a formation. There were many ancient runes on the formation. Each rune was shaped like a sword. Countless sword runes burst out with sword energy and rose into the sky, forming a An even more terrifying blockade trapped Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.

Looking at the appearance of the woman in black, she obviously wanted to seal the Chi Demon Poison Scorpion and surrender directly.


Li Jueyun was shocked. He didn’t know the origin of the woman in black. He only felt that the other party’s aura was extremely powerful, and the laws and formations released contained fluctuations in time and space, and even a trace of heavenly sin. The killing smell of punishment seems to be the power of the ancient sword of heavenly sin!

Under the deterrence of this force, even he could not get close and was forced to retreat step by step.

Not far away, Ye Chen also felt the intense killing pressure.

At the same time, he felt that the woman in black gave him a very familiar feeling.

“Who is this woman and why is she so familiar to me?”

Ye Chen was secretly surprised.

At this time, Chi Mo Poisonous Scorpion roared wildly, obviously unwilling to be blocked by the woman in black, let alone suppressed.

The Chi Demonic Poison Scorpion roared, and a terrifying poisonous gas exploded all over its body. The two scorpion pincers were like pincers, waving wildly, the magical mist rolled, and all kinds of indescribable weird phenomena were born, like a nightmare. The surge was impacting the sealing formation of the woman in black.


Under the violent impact of the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion, the woman in black vomited blood and suffered a huge shock.

However, she did not flinch and murmured:

“The punishment for heaven’s crime must be punished on earth. The sword energy of heaven’s crime must be suppressed by me!”

Her essence and blood burned, the surrounding void exploded, and space cracks opened. From the space cracks, countless sword energy burst out, each one carrying the divine power of the ancient sword of heaven and sin. Sound, behead the poisonous scorpion towards Chi Mo.

When Ye Chen saw this scene, he was even more surprised, thinking: “Is this woman from time and space, or even a member of the Tuo Emperor Celestial Sect?”

Tuo Di Tian Sect originally created the ten-tailed beast with his own hands.

When the ten-tailed beast is born, the people of Tuo Di Tian Sect will definitely feel it.

Countless Heavenly Sin Sword Qi descended, and even the Immortal Emperor might be killed.

However, the Chi Demonic Poisonous Scorpion is very tenacious, roaring and filial, covered in demonic energy, resisting the attacks of the Heavenly Sin Sword Qi, and mobilizing mysterious and supreme laws.

These laws even surpass the ordinary laws of time and space, with the power of starry sky collapse, and are full of unimaginable darkness, filth, killing, madness, and sin.

Even the filth of the Demon Star Sea is as pure as a clear spring in a mountain stream compared to these dark laws.

At the moment when these dark laws broke out, both Ye Chen and Li Jueyun felt that they could not bear it, and they retreated repeatedly, suffocating their breaths.

“That is the law of the other side of the starry sky!”

Ye Chen’s face was horrified, and he saw the clues.

The power of law released by that demon poisonous scorpion actually comes from the other side of the starry sky, the legendary ultimate world!

Not even the Emperor of Heaven can mobilize the power of laws on the other side of the starry sky.

However, this Chi Demon Poison Scorpion is the clone of the ten-tailed divine beast. Its bloodline power has reached an incredible level. It transcends time and space, is as powerful as the Samsara Purana, and can directly use the great laws of the other side of the starry sky. .

Although under the constraints of the real world, the power of laws on the other side of the starry sky has also been restricted, they are still extremely ferocious, and it is easy to annihilate the Immortal Emperor.

Under the impact of Chi Mo Poison Scorpion’s starry sky law, the woman in black vomited blood, her face turned pale, and her spiritual energy collapsed.

“Your Majesty the Ancient God, help me!”

The woman in black gritted her teeth and offered a rosary.

This rosary seems to be some kind of artifact. It has the appearance of the ancient **** Tuodi carved on it. It is a dead face, which is extremely terrifying.

The rosary was sacrificed, and great power exploded, immediately blocking Chi Mo Poison Scorpion’s starry sky law, but it only blocked it and could not counterattack.

The woman in black and the Chi Demon Poisonous Scorpion suddenly fell into a stalemate. In a short period of time, no one could do anything to the other.

One man and one beast, under the stalemate, fell into deathly silence, and no sound was made, as if two sculptures were confronting each other.

The entire Zihuang Abyss world fell into deathly silence, with only the sound of magma flowing.

Ye Chen and Li Jueyun gradually came back to their senses and glanced at each other subconsciously.

At this time, the distance between the two people was very close.

“Who are you?”

Li Jueyun looked at Ye Chen warily. Today, Ye Chen is still dressed like a servant.

However, even the second enchantress ran away and was unable to withstand the pressure of Chi Mo Poison Scorpion, but Ye Chen was able to withstand it, and he didn’t look like an ordinary person.


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