The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9152: One tail?

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“Is this the ten-tailed beast? Why does it only have one tail?”

Li Jueyun guarded his heart and looked at this huge scorpion. He saw that this scorpion had only one tail on its back, not a second one, and there were no ten tails.

“Chimo Poison Scorpion, the clone of the ten-tailed beast, is not ten-tailed, but one-tailed!”

Ye Chen’s eyes were like a torch, and he had a glimpse of the truth.

This huge scorpion, named Chimo Poison Scorpion, is one of the clones of the Ten Tails.

To be precise, it’s not called the Ten-Tails, but the “One-Tails”!

Fortunately, this is the real world, with the restrictions and protection of the laws of reality, so Ye Chen can look directly at the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.

If it were in time and space, the appearance of the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion would be enough to make the average strong man suffer a mental breakdown, making him unable to look directly at it.

The Chi Mo Poison Scorpion is just one tail!

Ye Chen can sense the truth, but Li Jueyun obviously doesn’t.

It seems that he only knows about the ten-tailed beast, but does not know that the ten-tailed beast has been cut into pieces and transformed into clones.


As soon as the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion was born, it roared crazily and continued to absorb the demonic energy between heaven and earth.

In the vast wilderness, nine heavens and ten earths, countless demonic energies gathered on its body, causing its body to grow continuously, and soon became as huge as a mountain.

The Chi Mo Poison Scorpion, which was as huge as a mountain, could not even be accommodated by the Zihuang Abyss. The dome was broken, and huge boulders rumbled down. Rocks flew everywhere, and dust was stirred up. The scene was extremely spectacular.

“Ten-tailed beast, I gave birth to you, please submit to me!”

Li Jueyun shouted filial piety loudly, took out a sealing talisman, and shot it towards Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.

This sealing talisman was obviously given to him by Daode Tianzun, and it was even surrounded by energy fluctuations from the fire source.


The Chi Mo Poison Scorpion was furious, with a fierce look in its eyes, but it refused to surrender. With a sweep of its tail, it completely shattered the talisman shot by Li Jueyun.

“Damn it, this beast is really fierce.”

Li Jueyun took a few steps back, obviously not expecting the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion to be so fierce just after it was born, even he felt suffocated.

“This evil beast is too ferocious. You have to sacrifice your blood to suppress it first!”

Li Jueyun turned his eyes and said to the many powerful evil sects around him.

The strong men were shocked, and before they could recover, they were caught by Li Jueyun’s Divine Chain of the Law of Time.

Li Jueyun waved the divine chain and threw all the powerful evil sects in the audience towards Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.

Bang, bang, bang!

The bodies of the powerful evil sects exploded and turned into rain of blood.

All the blood and spiritual energy on their bodies exploded, causing the Chi Demon Poison Scorpion to be greatly shocked and let out a muffled groan.

Li Jueyun was overjoyed, and when the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion was shocked, he flew out and the laws of time turned into iron chains and galaxies, falling from the sky, entangling the Chi Mo Poison Scorpion, trying to force it Suppress and subdue.


The face of Chi Mo Poison Scorpion let out a sharp and angry roar, violent demon energy exploded, and a nightmarish and mysterious atmosphere erupted like a black tide.

All the law chains wrapped around Li Jueyun’s body were broken.

“Not good!”

Li Jueyun’s expression changed drastically. He didn’t expect that this Chi Demon Poison Scorpion was so powerful that he couldn’t suppress it at all.

I saw Chi Mo Poison Scorpion’s huge body like a mountain, and it suddenly rushed over, and in turn, it severely pressed Li Jueyun under its body.


Li Jueyun’s bones all over his body were shattered and he was about to be crushed to death.

The Chi Demon Poisonous Scorpion roared loudly, its posture was like a crazy demon, its body was full of demonic energy, and it was killing.

“Ye Chen, I can’t stand it anymore…”

The second enchantress frowned, covering her heart, showing an extremely tormented look.

The appearance, sound, and breath of Chi Mo Poison Scorpion all contain huge terrifying fluctuations, which can affect people’s Taoist spirit.

Even the Second Enchantress is now showing signs of mental breakdown and is completely unable to bear the breath of the Chi Demon Poison Scorpion.

“Monster, you go back first. This beast is too dangerous. Don’t stay here anymore.”

Ye Chen was also very worried when he saw the second enchantress looking like this.

He has the bloodline of reincarnation and can withstand the terrifying aura of the Chi Demon Poisonous Scorpion, but the Second Enchantress cannot bear it.

“Then I’ll leave first. This beast is too terrifying. If you can subdue it, it will be enough to kill Demon Ancestor Wutian!”

The second enchantress gritted her teeth, and there was a hint of hope in her eyes.

The opportunity is in front of him. As long as Ye Chen can subdue the Chi Demon Poison Scorpion and counterattack the Demon Ancestor Wu Tian, ​​there is great hope.

It’s just that she can’t help Ye Chen anymore. If she stays here any longer, she may even die.

“Well, I know, go back quickly!”

Seeing that the second enchantress’s face became paler and paler, Ye Chen felt even more worried inside, so he helped her walk out.

The second enchantress could not stay any longer, so Ye Chen sent her away from Zihuangyuan and quickly returned to the place where she came from.

I saw the Chi Demon Poison Scorpion, with its body as huge as a mountain, still pressing down on Li Jueyun.

Li Jueyun sacrificed a protective talisman, and in a flash of light, he struggled out from under Chi Mo Poison Scorpion’s body.

“So you are the clone of the ten-tailed beast, the one-tailed one?”

At this moment, Li Jueyun finally caught the secret and stared at Chi Mo Poison Scorpion.

This Chi Demon Poison Scorpion is one of the clones of the ten-tailed beast.

It’s just a clone, but its energy is so terrifying that it can even annihilate a heaven-defying existence at the Immortal Emperor level.

If it were a complete ten-tailed beast, I really don’t know how terrifying it would be.



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