The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9151: Legendary existence

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When the ten-tailed cubs were born, Tuo Di Tian Sect lost many masters.

Later, Yehan took the ten-tailed cub away.

Ye Han can barely be regarded as the main **** of the Emperor of Heaven, and is the top killer of Wuwu Time, but even he can’t subdue the cub.

The first-generation grass **** Zilan had calculated that Yehan might have divided the ten-tailed cubs into pieces. He could not control the complete ten-tailed beasts, but he could still control a clone.

Now, Ye Chen secretly captured the truth of the secret.

Hidden inside that giant egg is probably a clone of the ten-tailed cub!

Back then, many powerful men from time and space broke into the Zihuang Abyss, and what they wanted to find was the clone of the ten-tailed cub!

“What ten-tailed beast?”

The second enchantress felt strange when she heard Ye Chen’s words.

The legend of the ten-tailed beast is very secret, and she has never heard of it.

But when she heard the word “Ten-Tails”, she felt inexplicably terrified inside. It was more stressful and terrifying than hearing the true name of any god.

“It is the greatest terror in the world, an unspeakable evil beast…”

Ye Chen’s eyes were full of shock. He looked at the giant egg and never expected that the opportunity hidden under the Zihuang Abyss was actually the clone of the ten-tailed cub!

Looking at Ye Chen’s expression, the second enchantress also felt shocked and horrified.

The two people’s eyes focused on the dome. Under the acceleration of Li Jueyun’s law of time, the dome gradually cracked and was about to break its shell.

Taode Tianzun invited Li Jueyun to take action, obviously because of his Zhouguang bloodline.

Li Jueyun used the secret technique of accelerating time, which can hatch a giant egg and allow the ten-tailed cub to be born!

A trace of indescribable and mysterious aura seeped out from the cracked eggshell.

The surrounding space was suddenly shrouded in a terrifying aura, giving rise to countless mysterious phenomena, including mountains of corpses and seas of blood, mountains of swords and purgatory, dense forests of bones, thousands of ghosts roaring in mourning, billions of demons raging, and so on.

The endless tragedy is terrifying.

The chaotic demonic energy is terrifying.

The second enchantress was sweating and her clothes were soaked. She felt that her Taoist heart was about to collapse. Her whole body seemed to be tightly grasped by a big nightmare hand, and she could not breathe.

“Ye Chen, I feel so uncomfortable.”

The second enchantress held Ye Chen’s hand and showed a painful expression.

Ye Chen felt her hands were cold and without any heat, and he knew that the clone of the ten-tailed beast was about to be born. The terrifying aura made the second enchantress almost unbearable.

“Lord Holy Son, what is inside this dome.”

“It’s such a terrifying atmosphere, we can’t hold it any longer.”

“Lord Holy Son, are you okay yet?”

Not only the second enchantress, but also the ten powerful evil sects under Li Jueyun were sweating, trembling all over, and their faces full of fear.

They didn’t know what was inside the dome.

They just came to assist Li Jueyun under the orders of Daode Tianzun and Yuan Liren. They only knew that they wanted to subdue some monster, but no one knew what the monster was.

Now, they felt the terror of the monster. Before it broke out of its shell, the terrifying aura it exuded made people feel like they were falling into a nightmare, making it difficult to even breathe.

Even if they have the protective talismans given by the Taoist God, they are still difficult to resist.

Among the entire audience, only Ye Chen and Li Jueyun could remain calm.

Because the blood of both of them are first-rate beings in the world.

“Why are you panicking? Just shut up. With the protective talisman given by the Taoist God, even if you see the greatest horror in the world, you can at least keep your Taoist heart alive.”

Li Jueyun gritted his teeth. Although he could maintain his composure, under the erosion of the dome’s demonic energy, he was also very nervous and broke into a cold sweat.

“Master said that as long as I help Daode Tianzun and subdue the ten-tailed beast, she will betroth Junior Sister Tiannv to me.”

“Most of the time, Junior Sister Tiannv will not marry me, but Master and Daode Tianzun can use strong methods to force her to submit. Sooner or later, she will understand my intentions.”

Li Jueyun thought of the goddess in his heart, and his heart swayed slightly, and he no longer felt that the horror in front of him was terrifying.

He bit his fingertips and dripped the essence and blood of his Zhouguang bloodline onto the dome.


The cracks in the dome were getting bigger and bigger, and boundless demonic energy and darkness flowed out from inside.


Finally, a ferocious beast broke open the eggshell, looked up to the sky and roared its filial piety, and was born.

It was a ferocious beast with a strange shape. It looked like a huge scarlet scorpion. Its skin was like an iron shell, and it was branded with pieces of ancient dark red runes. There was a long scorpion tail trailing behind it, and it was sharp. The barbs are bright and cold.

On the head of the scorpion, there is a human face, with all the facial features, which is extremely weird. It is roaring with its mouth open, and there is a human head with facial features in the mouthpart, which is very eye-catching.

Also, on the scorpion’s body, colorful eyeballs opened and closed from time to time. Every time they opened and closed, there was a shocking demonic energy billowing out, which was very terrifying.

All the powerful evil sects in the room, as well as Ye Chen, the Second Enchantress, Li Jueyun and others, felt their hearts trembling after witnessing the scorpion’s ferocious and terrifying appearance.

Such a twisted and terrifying beast is unprecedented in the world today, and can only be a monster without time and space.

Thanks to the restrictions of the laws of reality, this timeless monster at least has a form that Ye Chen and others can understand. It is a huge scorpion with a shiny barb on its tail, which seems to be highly poisonous.


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