The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9136: Secret

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“This order to extinguish the cold turns out to be related to Ye Han, the disciple of the ancient **** Tuo Di.”

Ye Chen murmured to himself.

“What, have you calculated everything clearly?”

A delicate white body hugged Ye Chen from behind. It was Zilan, the first-generation grass god. Her whole body was whiter than the moonlight, and her eyes held a slight smile.

She knew all the secrets of the Cold War Order, but she did not tell Ye Chen directly. Instead, she asked Ye Chen to figure it out on his own.

“It seems…Ye Han, the great disciple of Ancient God Tuo Di. He betrayed Ancient God Tuo Di, so he was hunted down.”

“The ancient **** Tuo Di issued countless cold-killing orders just to kill Yehan.”

Ye Chen also roughly deduced that the Black Blood Demon Lord was from the Tuo Emperor Tian Sect, so he had the cold-killing order on his body.

The order to extinguish the cold means to kill Yehan.

Ye Han, the great disciple of Ancient God Tuo Di, was the top killer in all time and space in the past, the top genius, and extremely powerful.

When Ancient God Tuo Di wanted to form a killer organization, the first candidate he considered was Ye Han.

However, Ye Han rebelled, and the person who finally founded the killer organization was replaced by the Black-blooded Demon Lord.

“Do you know why Ye Han rebelled?”

Zilan hooked Ye Chen’s neck, leaned her head lightly on his shoulder, and asked with a chuckle.

“Because, a mythical beast?”

“Ten-tailed beast?”

“The existence that ranks first on the list of timeless beasts?”

Ye Chen was inexplicably agitated and had a glimpse of an extremely terrifying, extremely ancient, and extremely terrifying secret.

On the list of mythical beasts in time and space, the number one mythical beast is named “Ten Tails”.

These ten-tailed beasts initially only existed in fantasy and did not exist in reality.

According to legend, the ten-tailed beast is the most terrifying beast in the world. Even the ugliest, most ferocious, and most evil monster is as cute as a baby compared to the ten-tailed beast.

Many strong men saw the Ten-Tails in their fantasies, and then, without exception, they all went crazy.

The horror of the Ten-Tails is that even the Lord God of Heaven, without any protection, will have his heart shattered, his spirit collapsed, and he will fall into madness if he looks directly at it.

That is a mythical beast that cannot exist in reality, because it is so terrifying that even the Lord God of Heaven cannot look directly at it.

However, a long time ago, the ancient **** Tuodi wanted to create a ten-tailed beast.

He wants to turn the imaginary beast into a real existence and dominate the heavens forever!

The era when the ancient **** Tuodi created the Ten-Tails was the era when the Lord of Reincarnation in the tomb palace wanted to create the Reincarnation Purana.

Once the Samsara Purana is successfully created, no one can resist its edge.

The Lord of Reincarnation in that life, his crazy ideas made even the ancient **** Tuo Di feel deeply threatened.

In order to deal with the threat of the Samsara Purana, the ancient **** Tuadi decided to create the Ten-Tails to turn fantasy into reality.

After spending countless resources and countless efforts, Ancient God Tuodi succeeded!

He really created the ten-tailed beast.

The newly created ten-tailed beast is just a cub, but even if it is a cub, the world and the sun and the moon all fall the moment it is born. There are at least a million strong men under the ancient **** Tuodi. A moment of screaming madness.

Unfortunately, they looked directly at the figure of the Ten-Tails. It was a horror that could not be described in words. Even just one look was enough to make people collapse.

The ancient **** Tuodi is very happy that the ten-tailed cub is born. As long as he continues to feed it, the cub can grow stronger and eventually become the most terrifying nightmare in the world, helping him to dominate the heavens.

However, Ye Han, the eldest disciple of Ancient God Tuo Di, actually rebelled and secretly took away the ten-tailed cubs. He also took away a large number of natural materials and earthly treasures prepared to feed the cubs, directly allowing Ancient God Tuo Di to regain his vitality. Serious injury.

“Have you seen what the Ten-Tails looks like?”

Zi Lan blinked and asked.

“No, I dare not speculate.”

Ye Chen shook his head and expressed his inner fear very frankly.

The ten-tailed beast is so terrifying, even if it is a cub, it is not something that Ye Chen can spy on now.

You know, the Ten-Tails in its peak state is enough to compete with the Samsara Purana. You can imagine how terrifying it is.

It’s hard to imagine how much resources Ancient God Tuodi spent to create such a terrifying beast.

Ye Chen clearly felt that his future destiny would be inextricably linked to this ten-tailed beast!

“Then do you know where Yehan went after taking away the Ten-Tails?”

Zi Lan asked again.

“I don’t know, there are too few clues, so I can’t figure it out.”

Ye Chen shook his head.

“Hehe, do you want to know?”

Zi Lan looked at Ye Chen with a smile.

“You know?”

Ye Chen was surprised for a while. The ten-tailed beast was so terrifying and worth as much as the Samsara Purana. He also wanted to know the whereabouts of the ten-tailed beast.

Although with Ye Chen’s current strength, it is definitely impossible to defeat the Ten-Tails.

Let alone him, even if Ren Feifan comes, he may not be able to surrender.

That is the most terrifying beast in the world, an existence that even the Emperor and God of Heaven cannot look directly at.

However, Ye Chen was also curious about where the ten-tailed beast was taken by Ye Han.

“If you want to know, just kiss me.”

Zi Lan clicked her lips and said with a smile, looking very playful.

Ye Chen had no choice but to lower his head and kiss her.

Unexpectedly, Zilan took advantage of it and pressed Ye Chen on the bed.

Her beautiful eyes stared at Ye Chen, her black hair hanging down like a waterfall, making Ye Chen’s nose feel a little itchy.


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