The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9077: Too late

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“Sure enough…there is no time and space!”

Zhu Tian and the others all had their faces darkened. The existence confirmed by the Huan Sect and the trace of luck they had in their hearts earlier were gone.

Their family, from the perspective of the entire Taishang World, also belongs to the upper class. The elders in the family also have many powerful Immortal Emperors who are in charge, and they still understand to some extent the four-word taboo of no time and space.


“I suspect that the emperor’s body that chased everyone and fought fiercely with Zhou Tianqing is Lord Gu Xuan!”

“The divine source has been dissipated, and only the immortal emperor’s body is left fighting. That power should be the dark power of timelessness and space that controls him!”

Hearing this, Zhu Tian and the others took a deep breath: “So, Zhou Tianqing can only bear the burden first.”

“Follow me and take a look at the seal of the tomb behind the divine gate. I will find a way to break the situation!”

After Ting Yueru flashed and rushed into the original divine gate first, Zhutian and the other three saw this and said softly:

“You can’t believe everything this girl says, but if there is a time and space attack, give up your worries for the time being and try your best to help her!”

Xuanjue and Kunlun also nodded slightly, with their high-spirited fighting spirit burning in their blazing eyes. They followed Ting Yueru’s footsteps and headed towards the back of the divine door.

“There is no time and space in the garbage!”


Screen rotation.

Ye Chen also came to this fairyland.

“It seems that this should be the burial tomb that Senior Gu Xuan said!”

“It is truly worthy of the reputation of the Immortal Realm. I never thought that there could be such an out-of-this-world place in the depths of the ancient mysterious realm that seems to be a boundless hell.”

“We must find Senior Taishen and the others first!”

“My identity is estimated to have been known to most of the warriors, but knowing it is useless. They cannot pass the news to Wutian and Li Jueyun.”

“This place seems to be wider than the previous worlds. No matter what, it’s important to find people first!”

Ye Chen directly used the Heaven Stealing Technique, stealing the space in front of him, shrinking the ground to an inch, shortening the distance, and flashed in an instant.

But soon, Ye Chen stopped.

“Who is fighting here?”

Ye Chen’s bodies were far apart, and they all felt a faint sense of murderous intent, which was enough to show that there was a terrifying battle at the end.

“Is it Zhou Tianqing or the Emperor Zunyu who has left?”

To be able to have such powerful means, ordinary strong people will never be able to do it, not even Taishen and Jiang Meiyin in their current state!

The Emperor Zun Jade not far away obviously also felt the fluctuations of the battle and slowly approached.

“That aura, the Map of the Eight Desolations?”

“Zhou Tianqing!”

The purple gown lifted up instantly. Emperor Zunyu looked at the end of the sky and felt the slight tremor coming from his body. He was convinced.

The guy who was fighting fiercely was the one who wanted to kill him earlier, Zhou Tianqing!

“Who is he fighting with?”

Emperor Zunyu narrowed his eyes slightly: “Is it Ye Chen?”

But the next second, he quickly denied it.

“That guy is still confronting old man Gu Xuan, and he will never be here. Who on earth has such great power?”

Emperor Jade’s figure flashed, and he stepped out one after another. Bursts of purple-gold mysterious runes flashed, paving the road, shrinking into an inch, and disappearing into the sky.



At the same time, a black light quietly swept thousands of miles away with the breeze here. Wherever it swept, mountains of corpses piled up in seas of blood, and the ground was full of corpses.


“It’s a pity, they are all ants, and they are of little help to the recovery of this emperor’s cultivation…”

The black halo slowly condensed into a human form. If Ye Chen were here, he would definitely be furious, because the other person would look exactly like him.

The whole body exudes the faint smell of blood. The tattered emperor’s body under the abyss is now upright, and the vague rotten air is also a little weaker.

“Huh? It’s him!”

Some warriors sensed the strange movement and came across thousands of miles. They were the loose cultivators from Taishang World and Tianwaitian. Seeing this face, they were obviously stunned.

The devil who transformed into ‘Ye Chen’ smiled sinisterly.

Several casual cultivators came to Ye Chen. Just as they were about to say something, a pale palm reached out and pierced their chests in an instant, “It’s just ants.”

The bright red hearts in his palms were still beating, and the people at his feet had long since lost their vitality.


The vision outside the sky also alarmed the fake ‘Ye Chen’ in front of him.


“This fighting aura seems to be quite strong…”

‘Ye Chen’s eyes lit up, and then he shook his head slightly: “No, there is the aura of our clan, could it be the Lord Demon?”

“Hahahaha, God help me!”


At this time, in the center of the battlefield, on top of the huge black mountain, there was a scene of wolf smoke, and layers of ripples on the avenue were constantly surging, accompanied by the surge of blood, which was very terrifying.


With an angry shout, the monstrous blood was sucked into the center of the mountain range and turned into a gushing killing light.

A blood-red brilliance soared into the sky from the top of the mountain, directly penetrated the mountain ranges, broke through the sky, and shined in all directions, illuminating the mysterious black-robed man in the darkness!

In an instant, the black mountain at Zhou Tianqing’s feet was as fragile as crumbled white paper under the shock of his pressure, and was easily torn into countless pieces of powder.


Zhou Tianqi burns his essence and blood and fights to the death.


The mysterious black-robed man’s palm suddenly stretched out, and in the **** killing light that filled the sky, he held the thousand-foot-long light in his palm. He twisted it hard, and the raging **** light shone in the black robe. There is constant gushing in people’s palms.

But even so, the majestic power of blood still couldn’t conceal the momentum of soaring into the sky. The man in black robe instinctively stopped fighting and retreated!

“It’s too late!”

Zhou Tianqing looked at the man in black robes with a judgmental gaze, and said in a cold voice: “The **** of time and space, dare not show his true face to the world, so what if he is in the body of an emperor?”

This ray of light contained extremely terrifying power of blood. Even the man in black robe did not dare to take the blow head-on and had to dodge.


This was the first time the man in black robe made a sound. It didn’t sound like a human being, and his eyes were red. It looked more like a ferocious beast from the ancient times.

A low roar of mourning sounded, and two dark flames burst out from the eyes of the man in black robes. A huge demon statue appeared behind him. He looked up to the sky and let out a roar of mourning, and opened his arms. It seemed to cover the heaven and earth, shooting towards the **** light in the sky with great force!

This demon statue punched down, and the world collapsed!

The blood glow turned into ashes under the giant claws of the demon!

At this moment, Zhou Tianqing’s figure suddenly arrived, and the Eight Desolate Heaven Map behind him showed its power again. Accompanying him was the falling sea of ​​stars that could not be seen on the other side.

Countless stars poured down from the sky with terrifying and bright killing lights. Zhou Tianqing, with the power to destroy everything, slammed into the arm of the demon!


The demon statue’s right arm exploded instantly and turned into a blood mist that dissipated between the sky and the earth.


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