The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9058: The days ahead are long

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Liu Xi’s eyes flashed with joy. After fighting so far, she finally caught a flaw.

Her powerful spiritual thoughts were revealed, and at a certain moment, the world that was constantly breaking and collapsing was frozen. Even the rolling mountains and rivers were still for an instant. The scene was very strange, and the giant was split in two. The front part stays in the air without falling!


Between the lightning and flint, Liu Xi’s figure appeared in the sea of ​​thunder clouds. Although the momentary numbness made her senses drop to freezing point, the palm of her hand also spread its fingers and clasped firmly on the little Qilin’s neck.

With just a little force, you can cut off its vitality!

“Roar!” The little Qilin struggled desperately, and Liu Xi kept closing the power of her five fingers. She was also gaming. The power of the thunder sea was about to make her lose all consciousness. A feeling of paralysis had already surged into her heart. She Can’t feel the power of Dantian

Measure it!


With a crisp sound, Liu Xi opened her eyes wide and looked at everything in front of her in disbelief. The pupils of the struggling little unicorn shone with a blue brilliance. It was smiling!

The next second, the little guy whom she had pinched by fate’s throat turned into a ball of red mist and was crushed by Liu Xi herself. The terrifying aura entered her body and raged in her body.


Liu Xi’s consciousness was gradually lost, and he let out a violent roar, and his figure fell into the void and fell to the ground.

Xuan Jue, Zhu Tian and others hurriedly came back to help, thus avoiding Zi Jiutian’s fall and injury. However, the injury was obviously that the air was coming out but not taking in at the moment.

“Well, it seems like you have to keep your word, little guy!”

A burst of laughter sounded like silver bells.

At this moment, a shattered giant peak was scattered with several towering rocks falling to the ground. A little girl of about four or five years old was sitting on it, swaying with her little feet crossed. She was very comfortable and did not show any signs of aura.

It was so silent. If she hadn’t spoken out, no one would have noticed her small figure in this darkest moment when the world was shattered.

A pair of azure eyes flickered in the blink of an eye, making it difficult for people to see whether she really existed, even if they were right in front of them.

“Hey, it’s settled!”

The little girl gently pinched the cheek of the little Qilin next to her who should have been seriously injured and died. The two animals were actually similar in size. Ting Yueru couldn’t help rubbing the little Qilin’s chubby face, very happy.


“It was just an illusion!”

Both Zhu Tian and Xuan Jue were shocked. The little Qilin in front of them was grinning and arguing with Ting Yueru. He was slapping his chest and sticking out his tongue from time to time. How could he look like he was seriously injured and dying before?

Not to mention the miserable appearance of the little Qilin’s scales that were broken and dim before, and its flesh and blood bursting out. Now, it can be said to be intact.

The two people looked at the lively little Qilin, and their expressions darkened. Kunlun on the other side obviously noticed the scene in front of him. He looked into Zhu Yuan’s eyes and became frightened.

Yes, fear!

Since Qilin is an illusion, then what about the young man in green shirt in front of him?


Kunlun faced Zhu Yuan who raised his fist again. He seemed to understand something, turned around and ran towards Zhu Tian and Xuan Jue.


The fiery fist light stirred up the world, and the terrifying killing aura shattered the surroundings and hit his back. Surprisingly, it did not cause any harm to the opponent.

A flash of blue light flashed in the eyes of ‘Zhu Yuan’ on the earth, he shrugged his shoulders and said continuously:

“Boring, boring!”

After saying that, it turned into a ball of red mist and dissipated.

“Magic door!”

The Tai Shen in the distance was shocked. There were records about this sect in Emperor Yin’s memory, but there were only a few words.

“The celestial phenomena are different, virtual and real are the boundaries, competing among all the dharmas, it is also a bamboo basket gathering water, everything is empty!”


Even he himself was unaware of it. When did he enter the illusion?

“No, the injuries suffered by those people in the previous battle are still there, they are real!”

Taishen stared at the eyes, imaginary and real. This method is too terrifying.

Countless cultivators fought fiercely, and many young geniuses in the Supreme Heart gathered together. In the blink of an eye, the general situation of the world changed, everything trembled, and Qiongyu collapsed.

On the other hand, he was ridiculed like a plaything by a little girl?

“Okay, I will do what I say, and I will do as you please!” Little Qilin sighed helplessly like a young man and agreed.

“That’s right!”

Ting Yueru smiled like a flower that had just bloomed. Seeing Xiao Qilin agree, she came back to her senses and looked at the people who had been fighting fiercely before.

“Didn’t Zhou Tianqing tell you that you should run away immediately when you meet me?”

She made a face and stuck out her tongue playfully.

Everyone present who did not know why was shocked by this scene, and some cultivators who did not know the magic method laughed out loud. The four top masters beside Zhou Tianqing were actually overwhelmed by a little girl. Dare to breathe?

“Ting Yueru, I didn’t expect you to keep hitting this Qilin’s attention!”

Zhu Tian’s face was gloomy, and Xuan Jue, Kunlun and others who still had fighting power beside him were on full alert.


Ting Yueru stood up, stretched her waist, and said lazily: “Bah, bah, bah, what’s your idea? I just made a friend, and my friend happens to be willing to be a guest in my magic door!”

“Yes, little one!”

She pursed her lips and signaled Xiao Qilin to let him come forward to testify.

Little Qilin: “…”

“Look, little Qilin has agreed to it himself. If you keep talking, I will kill you all!”

Ting Yueru said with a smile.

Although it was a joke, Zhu Tian and the others immediately changed their expressions and were ready to retreat at any time. Without Zhou Tianqing, no one dared to fight with her.

“This girl, even if the master comes here, she will have a headache. If we can’t find her true identity, we will only be played to death by her!”

Xuan Jue whispered from the side.

“No one has been able to crack the magic door’s methods so far. If that girl were to be in front of me, I could crush her to death with two fingers!”

Kunlun’s face was also ashen, but he did not dare to make any move.

Little Qilin sent a message to Taishen: “Senior Taishen, don’t worry, Zhu Yuan has gone to find Jiang Meiyin and will meet us.”

Seeing the worried look on the former’s face, it also continued: “Don’t worry, with the magic door’s methods, nothing will happen to him, but Ting Yueru…”


At this moment, the sun, moon and stars, thousands of miles away, were falling continuously, roaring and shining through the sky, and the sky was filled with purple blood, which was very terrifying.

“It’s the master, Emperor Zunyu is going to be beheaded!”

Finally good news came. Zhu Tian and others all looked happy, then looked at Ting Yueru fearfully, and said in a cold voice:

“Now that I have learned the tricks of the Phantom Sect, the future will be long!”

Ting Yueru turned a deaf ear until the figures of several people disappeared from the sky, and then Xiao Qilin muttered: “Why don’t you leave them behind?” “Hmph, you really think I am Wutian and Yuhuang Ancient Emperor? A peak immortal emperor? He can suppress everything with just a raise of his hand?” Ting Yueru curled her lips, and the Tai Shen on the other side saw all this and thought to himself.


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