The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9057: Vision

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There was an explosion from thousands of miles away, and the essence and blood surged wildly, almost turning half of the clouds purple, and the roar of the Emperor Zun Jade was heard.

Above the sky, the runes sacrificed by the Emperor’s Seal were burning. The Taishen had not yet fully controlled the power of the Emperor’s Seal, and the previous use to suppress the Emperor’s Jade and the one-armed old man was already at the end of its strength.

The purple-gold mysterious rune now being sacrificed gradually became illusory under the joint attack of the four people, blooming with a faint breath of flesh and blood until it disappeared.

The Tai Shen’s injuries were even worse than those of the Emperor Zun Jade. The body of the **** was constantly gushing blood, flowing like a spring on the ground.

Even he didn’t expect that Zhou Tianqing would suddenly come back to find this world and find them so quickly!


Another mouthful of blood was coughed up, it was purple-gold, it was Tai Shen’s blood essence that was being lost. The next second, his figure was like a candle in the wind. Even if the four people stopped taking action, he could not struggle. .

The meridians in the body were broken in many places, and the bones even broke into pieces and stabbed into the flesh and blood all over the body. The soul was also injured and could no longer fight.

Above the nine heavens, the sky was filled with purple thunder that was entrenched. Not long after, a thunderstorm fell down, gradually torrential…

“Which of you dares to touch Tai Shen!”

Zhu Tian, ​​Kunlun, Xuan Jue, Liu Xi and others were stunned when they heard the sound, and immediately noticed the existence of little Qilin!

As geniuses, they can naturally feel the specialness of little Qilin! If they get this beast, their strength may increase a lot. Thinking of this, everyone has a sinister smile.

The four of them stopped attacking Taishen. After all, a seriously injured and dying guy would not be able to run far even if he was left here. But on the contrary, being able to catch such a beast that defies nature is a great achievement.


Countless thunderbolts thicker than ancient branches crashed down, along with the overwhelming force of thunderstorms, waves of numbness surged in everyone’s hearts, and even the flow of spiritual power was stagnant.

“It’s coming!”

Liu Xi looked at the little unicorn in the sky, deep in the thunder clouds, and smiled even more. The remaining three people also said in succession:

“Let’s take action together!”


There was another thunder, and the thunder that lit up the silent void shone with a shocking light. Along with the roar of the holy beast Qilin, there was a faint aura of the Immortal Emperor flowing between the clouds, which was smooth and warm.

“I want to see how much weight the so-called young master from Tianwaitian has!”

A figure leaned out, his blue shirt rustling, his face full of high-spirited fighting spirit, it was Zhu Yuan.

Zhu Yuan is a martial arts fanatic and is never afraid of life or death. The only thing that excites him is fighting!

Even if he faces Ancient Emperor Yuhuang, he will not be afraid!

“Swallowing the Sky!”

Little Qilin’s milky drink sounded, which also represented the outbreak of the two versus four decisive battle.

One person and one beast must fight against the four young masters!


A fist light lit up and struck the void, containing the emperor’s will. It broke through the light of the four people’s spells and penetrated the world.

Zhu Yuan’s Heavenly Emperor Fist is extremely powerful, even stronger when encountering a strong opponent, and with the added power of Little Qilin, Zhu Yuan’s strength has improved a lot in a short period of time!

The little unicorn activated the Heaven-Swallowing Technique, and suppressed the Great Law of the Ancient Mysterious Realm. There were endless explosions, and the sky was shaking together, as if it would topple at any time.

Kunlun clasped his palms together, like a big mountain suddenly descending into the world, its majestic aura unshakable. Zhu Yuan’s fist light that could even cut apart the heaven and earth was blocked by this young master with his flesh and blood!

The price is only a wound, which is not worth mentioning for their fight.

“Good attack power, but it’s a pity that you only have this chance!”

The three men behind Kunlun attacked and launched a killing move from Zhu Yuan’s blind spot. Although Zhu Yuan concentrated on it, it was still difficult to bridge the gap in cultivation. In the midst of lightning and flint, he received several slaps. Flesh and blood collapsed.

“Damn it, if we were in the same situation, we wouldn’t be in such a mess!”

Zhu Yuan pulled away and looked at the four people standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the common people. He was like a demon at this time, half of his green shirt was stained with blood, and was shrouded in a faint purple thunder glow. The little unicorn is sheltering.

Kunlun, the strong man from the iron tower, smiled evilly, and saw the four of them looking at each other and nodding. Liu Xi, Xuanjue, and Zhutian were killing each other towards Jiutian. Their target was the little Qilin!


Just when Zhu Yuan was about to take action, a big mountain blocked him in front of him.

“Boy, your fist is quite strong, try again?”

Kunlun patted his arm gently. The translucent wound was still gushing blood, and Zhu Yuan’s fist was still shining brightly, making his wound unable to heal for a long time.

Zhu Yuan turned his eyes, blinked his deep pupils several times, and fought towards Kunlun again.



The earth shook with the friction of collisions. Above the sky, the three men’s attack on the little Qilin continued unabated.

“Damn it, this ancient mysterious realm has no power of law to control it. Even the general trend of heaven seems to have spirit and cannot give me power!”

Little Qilin fell into a hard battle, and even with the help of incomparable thunder, he could not conceal his decline.

Liu Xi, Zhu Tian, ​​and Xuan Jue activated their powerful martial arts. Their bodies were elusive across the thunder sea. Several killing lights broke through the little Qilin’s defense and cracked its crystal purple scales. .

“Avoid its vital points and capture it alive!”

Zhu Tian spoke softly, and the three of them nodded tacitly, and continued to fight with the little Qilin. They chose the strategy of surrounding but not attacking, and they were just delaying, waiting for the little Qilin to lose its strength.

The occasional killing rays deliberately avoided the vital points and only shot through its chest.

‘Ho! ’

As time goes by, Little Qilin’s offensive gradually slows down.

“Huh, you really have a bloodline that defies heaven, you can actually have such fighting power in your childhood!”

Xuan Jue covered up her violent breathing. Zhu Tian on the side also had one of his arms cut off by Xiao Qilin. Liu Xi’s **** and delicate body was also stained with blood that had not yet dried up, and the wounds continued to overflow with bright red.

“Capturing a heaven-defying demonic beast alive requires so much effort. If the owner finds out, I expect he will be displeased!”

“To put it lightly, this beast’s methods are extraordinary. The power of this thunder has paralyzed my general perception…”

The more they fought, the three of them seemed to be dragging their bodies weighing a thousand kilograms to fight on the battlefield, which was very heavy.

“Get back!”

Tai Shen stood up and screamed as hard as he could, but now he couldn’t even fly in the air. His physical condition was too bad. Seeing that Zhu Yuan and Xiao Qilin were in deep danger, he was extremely anxious.

Every time the little unicorn galloping in the sea of ​​clouds and thunder took a step, the pressure fluctuations from top to bottom in the sky and the earth appeared in all directions, extremely turbulent and boundless, like big stars falling to the ground, raining down world-destroying killings. cut.

Boom! As the hazy earth continued to crumble, the wound on the little Qilin’s leg became more and more cracked, with flesh and blood visible and about to break.


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