The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8913: Descendants

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Moreover, Jiang Fusheng also mastered the Great Technique of Transforming Heaven, and was simply invincible. Even if Ye Chen attacked like this, he would not be able to harm him at all.

After fighting fiercely for a long time, Ye Chen’s spiritual energy was also consumed a lot, and he couldn’t help but gasp.

Seeing Ye Chen’s appearance, Jiang Fusheng suddenly smiled ferociously and said, “Boy, can’t you hold on anymore? Die!”

After he finished speaking, Jiang Fusheng roared out a palm. There was a black hole vortex in the palm, which was the manifestation of the great power of transforming the sky.

If his palm fell on Ye Chen, it would melt Ye Chen’s body directly into a pool of bone water, leaving no chance of survival.

Ye Chen took a deep breath and watched Jiang Fusheng kill with one palm. He still remained calm in his heart. The Wuji Daoshu was released, and the most primitive and savage power gradually gathered in his palm.

“One inch of strength, open the sky!”

The next moment, Ye Chen shouted loudly, and as if he was not afraid of death, he also waved a palm fiercely, and violently collided with Jiang Fusheng.

This palm is as strong as ever, without any fancy changes, but only the most primitive, most brutal, and most domineering power.

That is the original power of human beings and the ultimate strength of the human body.

One inch of strength, open the sky!

Ye Chen would like to see if Jiang Fusheng’s Heaven Transformation Technique is really so invincible and can absorb all attacks.


The two palms collided, and a shocking wave of air exploded.

The force in Ye Chen’s palm hit Jiang Fusheng hard with a force that could open the sky.


Jiang Fusheng was severely injured and vomited blood on the spot.

His great method of transforming heaven also has limits.

Ye Chen’s strength is the most brutal power of Wuzu Taoism. Even the Heaven Transformation Technique cannot dispel it.


Jiang Fusheng retreated in embarrassment, looking at Ye Chen in horror, completely in disbelief.

“Cun Jin Kai Tian, ​​are you the descendant of Martial Ancestor?”

Jiang Fusheng’s face trembled, as if he remembered some memory, and there was a slight fluctuation in the anger in his body.

“Senior Jiang, wake up quickly!”

Ye Chen looked directly at Jiang Fusheng with cold eyes, as if washed by ice water.

Jiang Fusheng felt that Ye Chen’s eyes were like sharp knives, piercing deeply into his heart and lungs. He was trembling all over, and the memories of the past were constantly recovering.

However, the chains of hostility surrounding his body suddenly tightened, causing him tremendous torture.


Jiang Fusheng had a violent attack and was in agony. He knelt down and held his head in his hands, screaming, with spiritual energy surging all over his body.

Under such torture, he seemed to be possessed by a demon.


Jiang Mingxin and many members of the Jiang family were extremely anxious and worried, and wanted to go to rescue him, but seeing Jiang Fusheng’s crazy appearance, they did not dare to get close.

Ye Chen looked calm and did not panic. He immediately took out a guqin and gracefully brushed the strings with his fingers, playing a clear and clear sound.

That is the sound of the piano played by God Emperor Tianyin, which can wash away evil spirits, heal all pain, and purify all worries in the human heart.

When Jiang Fusheng heard the sound of the piano, Zhan Ling’s body trembled, and the hostility surrounding him slowly dissipated under the purification of Ye Chen’s piano sound.

In the misty mountains, there were waves of sharp screams, but it was the **** undead. After hearing the sound of Ye Chen’s piano, they suffered a terrible shock on the spot, and their souls were directly purified and transformed into Nothingness.

To the evil devil, every note of this divine emperor Tianyin is fatal.

Gradually, Jiang Fusheng became more and more angry, and finally disappeared completely.

The **** chains that bound him also disappeared.

His consciousness recovered, his eyes were confused, he slowly stood up from the ground, looked around, and with the insight of heaven, he already knew everything.

“Emperor Yuan Tian, ​​did you save me?”

Jiang Fusheng looked at Ye Chen blankly, and gradually came back to his senses, with a hint of gratitude in his eyes.

Ye Chen hurriedly said: “I am not Emperor Yuantian, I am the inheritor of reincarnation in this life.”

Jiang Fusheng was stunned and said: “Aren’t you Emperor Yuan Tian? Oh… yes, this is really… I’m sorry, I recognized the wrong person.”

He looked a little embarrassed and at a loss. This former ancestor of the Jiang family, the God of War who slaughtered tens of millions of golden demons, was as embarrassed as a servant in front of Ye Chen.

“Ancestor, thank God, you finally regained your consciousness. We are your descendants.”

Jiang Mingxin was overjoyed to see Jiang Fusheng regaining consciousness, and he and everyone in the Jiang family bowed to him.

“No need to be polite.”

Jiang Fusheng straightened his back, his face was solemn, and his voice had the calmness and dignity of a superior.

“I have something I want to discuss with Emperor Yuan Tian… no, the Lord of Reincarnation.”

“I want to talk to the Lord of Reincarnation. You go out first and guard outside. Be careful of enemy sneak attacks.”

“I guess that the people from the Golden Family are coming again.”

Jiang Fusheng snapped his fingers and ordered to go down.

Jiang Ming was shocked and said: “Is someone from the Golden Family coming again?”

In fact, in the past, when the Jiang family was looking for the Great Law of Transformation, they would occasionally meet people from the Golden Family.

Because the Golden Family is also very interested in the Heaven Transformation Technique.

Every time they met the Golden Family, the Jiang family would stay away and not dare to provoke them.

Because although the Golden Family has declined, its strength is still extremely terrifying, and not the Jiang Family can challenge it.

Jiang Fusheng nodded and said: “Now that the dimensional wall is broken and the fantasy world I live in is exposed, it will inevitably trigger the secrets of heaven. People from the Golden Family will probably come to kill you. You guys are on guard outside.”


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