The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8865: The Flower of Samsara

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Xiao Xuanting’s aura was quite erratic. It was obvious that he had killed the gargoyles before and had lost a lot of spiritual energy.

Originally, he should be recuperating in seclusion at this time, but he still came down, obviously feeling the changes in the Tianchi of Destiny.

“Yinan, how can you lend Destiny Tianchi to outsiders?”

Xiao Xuanting saw Gu Yongxiao in Tianchi, then looked at Ji Siqing, Jiang Mingxin, Ye Chen and others, and finally his eyes fell on Xiao Yinan, full of anger.


Xiao Yinan was frightened and wanted to explain, but was interrupted directly by Xiao Xuanting:

“No need to explain!”

After a pause, Xiao Xuanting’s eyes revealed murderous intent, and his eyes fell on Gu Yongxiao:

“Kill the Heavenly Emperor, you dare to steal the aura of my Destiny Tianchi, I want you to die!”

“Your blood will become nutrients for worshiping the Ice Queen!”

After the words fell, Xiao Xuanting blasted out with a palm. The majestic palm force, with the aura of a tomb and a sky burial, fiercely suppressed Gu Yongxiao.

The breath of this palm is actually connected with the Great Tomb Sword!

This is because Xiao Xuanting was a strong man in the tomb palace in the past, and his status was very high. He was qualified to observe the Great Tomb Divine Sword!

The Tomb Divine Sword, one of the thirty-three divine arts, originally came from the Tomb Palace.

This magical skill is so profound that no one in the tomb palace can understand it except Emperor Yuantian.

However, those in high positions can still capture the essence of many magical arts and improve their own Taoism by observing the Great Tomb Divine Sword.

Xiao Xuanting’s palm has some essence of the Great Tomb Sword, and its killing power is very powerful.

Gu Yongxiao was in the Tianchi, silently absorbing the spiritual energy of the Tianchi and recovering his eyes. When faced with Xiao Xuanting’s palm strike, he found it difficult to resist.

“The Great Tomb Sword, break it for me!”

Seeing Gu Yongxiao in danger, Ye Chen immediately summoned his spiritual energy and struck out with a sword.

This sword is the authentic Great Tomb Sword. The energy of the sword tears through the void, as if there are hundreds of millions of ghosts and gods roaring in mourning, which is extremely terrifying.

Ye Chen did not unleash all his sword power, because the Great Tomb Sword’s consumption of spiritual energy was extremely terrifying. Even just one swing of the sword was enough to drain Ye Chen away.

Ye Chen calmed down and only released half of his spiritual energy.

He only used five powers of the Great Tomb Divine Sword.

But five successes is enough.


The sword light pierced the air, and with just one sword move, Ye Chen cut through Xiao Xuanting’s palm.

The terrifying Tomb Sword Qi, with the power of slashing the sky, cut Xiao Xuanting’s palm.

Xiao Xuanting screamed “Ah”, and blood spurted out from his palm. The blood spurted out was gray-black in color, like the ghostly aura of a **** mausoleum, which was extremely terrifying.

“The Great Tomb Sword! Lord of Reincarnation, when did you master this sword?”

Xiao Xuanting felt incredible and stared at Ye Chen.

His thunder came and he originally wanted to suppress everything, but he didn’t expect that he would be defeated by Ye Chen just after meeting him.

This is Ye Chen’s mercy.

Ye Chen only used 50% of his power. If he exploded with all his strength, no, even if he only used 80% of his power, it would be enough to kill Xiao Xuanting.

The Great Tomb Divine Sword is the tenth-ranked existence among the thirty-three divine arts. Its lethality is extremely terrifying, and Xiao Xuanting cannot resist it.

Xiao Xuanting also didn’t expect that Ye Chen had already mastered this sword.

You must know that the Great Tomb Divine Sword is very complex, and its profoundness can be said to be second only to the Tiandou Great Sword.

Back then, in the tomb palace, countless strong men had studied for eternity, but they could not understand this sword technique.

But Ye Chen was able to move freely, swinging his sword to kill with ease.

Xiao Yinan, many sword sect masters, and Jiang Mingxin were shocked when they saw the exquisite and powerful appearance of Ye Chen’s tomb sword.

Ye Chen put away his sword, stared at Xiao Xuanting, and said: “Senior, I have no intention of quarreling with you. I just want to borrow Tianchi for a while. Please be accommodating.”

Xiao Xuanting is Xiao Yinan’s father after all, and Ye Chen doesn’t want to break his skin.

Xiao Xuanting looked at Ye Chen’s calm and composed posture, and his body trembled slightly.

But he didn’t know that Ye Chen could master the Great Tomb Sword because Ye Chen had practiced it a long time ago.

To be precise, it is Ye Chen’s future who may have practiced the Great Tomb Sword.

The cause and effect of the future is projected into reality, so at this moment, Ye Chen has easily understood this swordsmanship, and his attainments in swordsmanship have reached the level of proficiency.

“Do you really think that because you master the Great Tomb Sword, you are qualified to act arrogantly in front of me?”

“I tell you, even the Lord of Reincarnation in the tomb palace must be courteous to me.”

“You are only in the Tianxuan realm, and you are not qualified to talk to me.”

“The Flower of Samsara, I suppressed it!”

Xiao Xuanting glared at Ye Chen, suddenly burning all his energy and blood, he sacrificed a flower.

This flower exudes the breath of the other side of the starry sky, and is filled with the golden light of reincarnation, blooming into three thousand worlds, infinite universes, and vast weather.

As soon as this flower appeared, a majestic pressure enveloped the entire place.


Under this huge pressure, Ji Siqing and Jiang Mingxin vomited blood on the spot.


Xiao Yinan was horrified. The power of Samsara Flower did not oppress him, but he was deeply worried about Ye Chen.

Ye Chen only felt the overwhelming pressure coming down. Three thousand worlds and billions of stars in the universe were suppressing him. If it weren’t for his powerful spiritual energy, he would have vomited blood on the spot.


However, under the coercion of such pressure, Ye Chen couldn’t bear it anymore, and his bones made an overwhelming sound.


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