The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8864: Xiao Xuanting

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“There was also the Gargoyle, the mount of the Demonic Emperor, who was also killed by the Ice Queen.”

“The Queen of Ice sealed the bones of the Demon Emperor and the Gargoyle in the Destiny World.”

“That sealed place is called the Valley of the Jedi by later generations, and it is also the most terrifying Jedi in this world.”

“As time goes by, both the Demonic Emperor and the Gargoyles show signs of recovery.”

“The first to revive was the gargoyle.”

“Ten thousand years ago, the gargoyles had already revived and occupied the Tianchi of Destiny, hoping to rely on the aura of the Tianchi to revive the Demonic Emperor.”

“Fortunately, the gargoyle has now been killed by our Sword Sect. Otherwise, once the Demonic Emperor seizes the energy of the Tianchi and is revived, the consequences will be unimaginable.”

Xiao Yinan sighed.

“And my Jiang family!”

Jiang Mingxin took a step forward, curled his lips and said.

Her Jiang family also contributed a lot to killing the gargoyles, but all the results were taken by the Sword Sect.

“I’m sorry.”

Xiao Yinan quickly apologized.

Ye Chen suddenly realized that it turned out that the Sword Sect of the Solstice Temple and the Jiang family jointly killed the resurrected gargoyles.

Thousands of years ago, the gargoyles had revived.

Fortunately, only the gargoyle was revived, not the Demon Emperor.

If Emperor Motian revives, it will be an unimaginable disaster.

“Lord of Reincarnation, there is a trace of the Demon Emperor’s will remaining in this Destiny Lake. Please use the blood of reincarnation to dispel it.”

Xiao Yinan pointed to the reflection in the pool and said.

In the pool, the reflection of the gargoyle was very ferocious, especially the pair of eyes, which were the eyes of the Demonic Emperor. Everyone present felt their hearts tingle when they saw it, as if they had seen the eternal demon, standing there. in front of myself.

Under the shadow of the Demon God, even the powerful ones at the Heavenly Emperor level are as small as ants.

“Young Master, this is absolutely unacceptable.”

“To eliminate the remnants of the Demonic Emperor’s will, we can summon the Ice Queen to take action. Why should we give this credit to outsiders?”

An elder from the Sword Sect stood up and objected directly. He did not want Ye Chen to take action and was afraid that Ye Chen would take away his merits.

“No need to disturb the Ice Queen’s peace for a small matter.”

Xiao Yinan said.

“This is no small matter…”

The elder still wanted to argue, but Xiao Yinan waved his hand to stop him.

“Lord of Reincarnation, please take action.”

Xiao Yinan looked at Ye Chen respectfully and said.


Ye Chen thought for a while, then nodded, and immediately bit his fingertips, gathered his spiritual energy, and dropped a drop of reincarnation essence blood into the Tianchi of Destiny.


The dripping of reincarnation essence and blood suddenly caused the entire Destiny Heavenly Pond to boil violently.

The water in the pool boiled, and wisps of black smoke evaporated. It contained the roar of gargoyles and the wails of countless monsters. It seemed that something strange had been evaporated by Ye Chen’s reincarnation blood.

“Lord of Reincarnation, I remember you!”

An extremely terrifying sound, carrying endless demonic power, came from the void, making people’s hearts tremble.

Ye Chen felt a little creepy for some reason, knowing that it was the legendary voice of the Demonic Emperor.

After the voice of Emperor Mo Tian dissipated, the black air also completely dissipated, and all the surrounding weather calmed down.

Everyone looked at Destiny Tianchi and saw that the water had been purified and became extremely clear. There was no reflection of the gargoyle in it, nor was there any trace of the will of the Demonic Emperor.

“Senior Gu Yongxiao, okay.”

Ye Chen felt happy and turned back to Gu Yongxiao.

The water in the pool has been purified, and now Gu Yongxiao can enter.

Gu Yongxiao looked at Xiao Yinan, and Xiao Yinan nodded.

With Xiao Yinan’s permission, Gu Yongxiao flew into the Destiny Tianchi and soaked in it.

As soon as he soaked in it, the spiritual energy in Tianchi poured into him.

Under the nourishment of Tianchi’s spiritual energy, his blind eyes were slowly recovering, and there was a strange sound of flesh and blood growing in his empty eye sockets.

Although this voice sounded strange, Ye Chen knew that it was a sign that Gu Yongxiao’s eyes were recovering.

He estimated that it would only take a few hours for Gu Yongxiao to fully recover.

The strong men of the Sword Sect around them all felt heartbroken when they saw this scene.

They don’t want to lend this Destiny Tianchi to outsiders.

Xiao Yinan looked calm, but he didn’t mind and stood silently.

As time passed bit by bit, Gu Yongxiao’s eyes were steadily recovering.

An hour and a half later, one of his right eyes was the first to recover. The eyes were filled with light and bright.


Ji Siqing was overjoyed when he saw this.

She took the risk to bring Ye Chen to Destiny World just to help the reincarnation camp and save a general.

Now that Gu Yongxiao’s eyes have recovered, she is extremely happy.

“There is another eye.”

Ye Chen is not very happy. Now Gu Yongxiao has only recovered half of his condition, and his left eye is still missing.

Somewhere, Ye Chen caught a hint of crisis.

If Gu Yongxiao wants to recover his eyes, it may not be so smooth.


Sure enough, after waiting for another moment, there was a rolling sound of wind and clouds in the sky, the weather exploded, and a gloomy-looking, tall and majestic middle-aged man wearing a black robe descended from the sky. Come down.


When Xiao Yinan saw the middle-aged man coming, his expression suddenly changed.

“See the Sect Master!”

All the powerful swordsmen around them knelt down respectfully with excitement and joy.

The middle-aged man descending from the sky is none other than the Sword Sect’s sect leader, Xiao Yinan’s father, Xiao Xuanting!


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