The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8863: Demon Emperor

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Between heaven and earth, bones grow crazily, transforming into flying bone swords, flying bone knives, bone cages, and so on.

Then, the figure of the Bone Emperor broke out from the dense skeleton cage, holding a bone spear, and stabbed Ren Feifan.

At this moment, the Bone Heavenly Emperor, wearing the star emperor robe, is already a figure of the main **** level. He also controls the entire ancient star gate and is very powerful.

“Go and save Wu Zu!”

Ren Feifan confronted Emperor Gu Tian head-on and shouted to Ye Chen.

It turns out that the reincarnation camp came to this forbidden land just to save Martial Ancestor.

Ren Feifan delayed Emperor Gu to buy time for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded and took one of his men to rescue Wu Zu.

The person under him is Xiao Yinan.

The two of them strode into the depths of the forbidden area and finally saw Martial Ancestor.

Martial Ancestor’s majestic body has now become shriveled and decayed, like an old man in his dying years. The arrogance of the past can no longer be seen.

He was bound by countless iron chains, each of which was deeply embedded in his flesh, causing pain and suffering.

Seeing Ye Chen and Xiao Yinan coming, Wu Zu’s cloudy eyes showed great despair and frustration, and he uttered two words in a sad and angry voice: “Run!”

Ye Chen and Xiao Yinan were stunned.

Then, a shocking sword light shot out from the void.

With just one strike of his sword, he cut off their heads and killed them directly.

A figure stepped out of the void.

It turned out to be Ancestor Hongjun!

“Tianya, I’m sorry…”

Ancestor Hongjun held the **** sword and stared at Martial Ancestor, his eyes full of sighs and helplessness.

The picture reached here and suddenly disappeared.


Ye Chen’s head was shocked. When he came back to his senses, he looked at Destiny Tianchi again. There was no picture of the future, only the afterimage projection of the gargoyle.

The scene he just saw seemed to be just an illusion.

However, Ye Chen knew that it was definitely not an illusion, it was something that might happen in the future!

He saw his future, which was to achieve the status of Emperor of Heaven, and then lead people to save Wu Zu, but failed.

Because of the obstruction of Patriarch Hongjun!

Ancestor Hongjun personally took action and killed the future Ye Chen to prevent him from saving Wu Zu.

Ye Chen was sweating and looked sideways at Xiao Yinan.

I saw Xiao Yinan, who was also sweating profusely and looked pale.

Obviously, he also saw the scene that Ye Chen saw just now.

This is also his future destiny.

He followed Ye Chen and wanted to save Martial Ancestor, but was also killed by Ancestor Hongjun.

“Lord of Reincarnation, is this… our future destiny?”

Xiao Yinan swallowed his saliva, looking very worried.

The Tianchi of Destiny gathers the spiritual energy of the entire destiny world. It is said that from this Tianchi of Destiny, one can see one’s future destiny.

Now Xiao Yinan sees that his final fate is to be killed by the ancestor Hongjun together with Ye Chen.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Mingxin took a step forward and saw that Ye Chen and Xiao Yinan had something wrong with their faces, and they both muttered questions.

Only Ye Chen and Xiao Yinan saw the scene in Destiny Tianchi just now.

As for Jiang Mingxin, Ji Siqing, Gu Yongxiao and others, they only saw the afterimage of the gargoyle and found no other abnormalities.


Ye Chen smiled bitterly, took a deep breath, and came back to his senses.

Although the fate of the future is very dangerous, no matter what, the future has not arrived yet, and he still has a chance to reverse his fate!

“Senior Gu Yongxiao, you enter the Destiny Tianchi and recover your eyes as soon as possible.”

Ye Chen calmed down, looked at Gu Yongxiao and said.

Things in the future have not happened yet, so it is useless to think about them.

The most important thing now is to let Gu Yongxiao recover his eyes.

Gu Yongxiao nodded and wanted to enter the Destiny Tianchi.

“Wait a minute.”

Xiao Yinan stopped talking, pointed to the afterimage of the gargoyle in the pool, and said to Gu Yongxiao:

“There is still the afterimage of the Demonic Emperor here, which must be dispersed first, otherwise if you enter rashly, you may be eroded by the will of the Demonic Emperor.”

“Emperor Motian? Isn’t this a gargoyle?”

Ye Chen asked doubtfully.

“No, the afterimage of the gargoyle can remain in Destiny Tianchi, mainly because of the owner behind it.”

“The owner behind it is the legendary Demonic Emperor, a powerful man from the era of the old gods. Legend has it that he is the source of the devil’s path. When the Demon Star Sea was cast from fantasy, it was inspired by the Demonic Emperor.”

“The Demon Emperor can also be said to be the source of the energy of the Demon Star Sea. His strength is extremely terrifying, and the gargoyle is his mount.”

Xiao Yinan explained, recounting an ancient secret, a legend about the Demonic Emperor.

Ye Chen was shocked in his heart, and he could vaguely catch a glimpse of the secret.

This Demonic Emperor turned out to be a figure from the same era as Emperor Cangxuan.

Emperor Cangxuan is the ancestor of Xuan Hanyu. He once created the Era of God-Slaying and slaughtered countless old gods.

In the past, Emperor Cangxuan once fought against Emperor Motian, and the two sides ended in a draw. Even Emperor Cangxuan could not suppress Emperor Motian.

You can imagine how powerful this Demonic Emperor is.

In the Tianchi of Destiny, the reflection of the gargoyle has particularly ferocious eyes. Those are the eyes of the Demonic Emperor, the manifestation of his remaining will.

“So that’s it, was the Demonic Emperor finally killed by the Ice God?”

Ye Chen glimpsed the ancient secrets and vaguely saw the final fate of the Demonic Emperor.

“Yes, the Demon God was killed by the Ice Queen, but it is almost impossible to completely obliterate a demon of this level, as there will always be a will left.”


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