The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8821: Gu Yongxiao

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“The awakening of the blazing sun star is so difficult.”

Ye Chen’s scalp suddenly became numb. It seemed that lighting up this destiny star would be much more difficult than he imagined.

“Supreme Duan, thank you for the treasure. It’s time for me to leave.”

“If you encounter any danger in the future, you can call my name.”

After calming down, Ye Chen gathered his thoughts and bowed his hand towards Duan Qiusheng.

He is the descendant of the Rock God Tianzun, and can also be said to be the friend of the Rock God.

If the Immortal Kingdom is in trouble, he will naturally not sit idly by.

“Thank you!”

Duan Qiusheng was very grateful, and he also bowed his hand to Ye Chen, returning the Iron Throne, the Holy Grail of Human Slaughter, the Zhaowu Feather and other magic weapons to Ye Chen.

The cause and effect of the Immortal Kingdom of God has now been solved, and it can be said that the merits are complete.

Ye Chen successfully repaired the Qinglian clone, and also obtained the Immortal Dragon Bone, and the Soaring Dragon Star has the possibility of evolving.

He also met the Rock God Tianzun. The two sides planted good karma and will surely reap good results in the future.

Only this time, Ye Chen killed Duobao Tianjun and completely broke up with Zihuang Immortal Palace.

The road ahead will be even more dangerous.

After all the problems were solved, Ye Chen took Wu Yao and left the Immortal Kingdom and returned to the Star-Moon Realm.

Wu Yao’s problem seems to be more serious than Ye Chen imagined.

Her burning compassion bloodline consumed so much energy that she has not recovered yet.

She needs to continue resting when she returns to the Star-Moon Realm.

In the Star-Moon Realm, the most powerful person currently in charge is Night Mother Feng Yuying.

She is Ye Chen’s star, the third destiny star in the future. With such a close connection, she will naturally protect Ye Chen’s growth at all costs.

Now that Ren Feifan has left, Feng Yuying has become Ye Chen’s first protector.

In the Star-Moon Realm, Feng Yuying established a dark night cave as his dojo.

This dark night cave is full of bones and corpses, and there are even some energy fluctuations flowing from the Demon Star Sea. The dark atmosphere is very terrifying.

Ye Chen came to the Dark Night Cave and saw the night mother Feng Yuying.

He wanted to talk to Feng Yuying and ask about Gu Yongxiao.

Ren Feifan must have a deep meaning for leaving this clue about Gu Yongxiao.

This Gu Yongxiao is likely to be related to the future layout!

Feng Yuying is taking a bath in a pool. Her skin is white and translucent, and the scenery is quite elegant.

Her elegant temperament is incompatible with the white bones and corpses lying around.

When Ye Chen saw Feng Yuying taking a bath, he turned his head and coughed.

Feng Yuying giggled and said, “Why, are you coming to see me take a bath?”

Ye Chen smiled awkwardly and said, “Miss Yuying is joking. I came here this time to ask about the whereabouts of a person.” He offered the leaves left by Ren Feifan and gave them to Feng Yuying.

When Feng Yuying saw the three words “Gu Yongxiao” printed on the leaf, her pretty face could not help but change slightly, and said: “You want to know the whereabouts of Gu Yongxiao?”

Ye Chen said: “Yes, this leaf was left to me by Senior Ren. I want to know who is this Gu Yongxiao?”

Feng Yuying said: “This Gu Yongxiao, I advise you not to ask too much. The cause and effect of this person is too mysterious and terrifying, I can’t say anything.”

Ye Chen said: “Why can’t you tell me? Miss Yuying, we are allies. If senior left this clue about Gu Yongxiao, there must be a deep meaning. I must decipher it!”

Feng Yuying was silent for a moment and murmured: “By the way, Ren Feifan left this clue. Does he really think that you, who are only on the second level of Tianxuan Realm, are qualified to touch such mysteries?”

Ye Chen said: “Who is this Gu Yongxiao?”

Feng Yuying pondered again, and finally sighed, no longer hiding it, and said slowly:

“Have you ever heard of the legend of the Dark Pavilion?”

Ye Chen was stunned and said: “What secret pavilion?”

Feng Yuying said: “The Dark Pavilion was a force under Thunder God Tianzun back then. It was dedicated to carrying out some difficult tasks for Thunder God Tianzun, such as assassinating important enemy figures, spying on intelligence, undercover spies, etc.”

“The master of the Dark Pavilion was the most terrifying killer in the Nine Gods era.”

“Legend has it that he is the number one person below the Nine Gods. As long as he takes action, no one can escape his assassination.”

“No one knows the name of the dark pavilion master. They only know that the last mission he performed was to assassinate the Thunder God.”

“He succeeded, Thunder God Tianzun died by his hands.”

“It is said that he killed the Lord this time under the order of the ancient **** Tuo Di. I really don’t know what conditions the ancient **** Tuo Di gave him to make him rebel.”

Ye Chen was shocked in his heart. He had met Yin Suzhen, the God of Thunder, but he didn’t know that the God of Thunder was originally killed by the master of the dark pavilion under his command.

“The master of the dark pavilion is Gu Yongxiao?” Ye Chen asked.

Feng Yuying shook her head and said: “I don’t know, maybe. Maybe you can ask the Water God.”

Ye Chen: “Water God?”

Feng Yuying said: “Yes, I heard that the owner of the Ange Pavilion was in great pain after killing his master. He felt that he had sinned deeply, so he went to the Water Goddess Tianzun and asked for her baptism.”

Water God Tianzun Luo Qingli is in charge of the secret method of water system and has excellent purification effect.

The baptism of the water **** is enough to wash away the sins in people’s hearts and restore their purity to the Taoist heart.

Ye Chen thought for a while, then nodded and said: “Okay, then I will go see the Water God.” Ye Chen just wants to crack the clue of Gu Yongxiao as soon as possible. If the Water God Tianzun Luo Qingli can know the cause and effect behind it, Nature couldn’t be better.


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