The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8820: The scorching sun wakes up?

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This sword not only contains the killing power of the witch, the blade is even surrounded by a layer of purple divine fire, and it also contains the will of the Moral God!

“The witch and the Moral God have joined forces to kill me?”

Ye Chen was shocked.

The sword was slashed directly towards the Immortal Tower.

The witch’s will is very sharp, and she can already see that Ye Chen outside the tower is just a clone of Qinglian.

Ye Chen’s true body is still in the tower room!

The horror of this killing sword is also accompanied by the power of the Purple Divine Fire of the Moral God. Even Ye Chen in his heyday would probably be difficult to resist.

What’s more, Ye Chen’s energy has not yet recovered and he is still injured.

Duan Qiusheng and all the Immortal tribesmen in the audience were horrified beyond measure when they saw the magic sword slashing down from the air. Everyone screamed, feeling that the end was coming.

“Guard reincarnation!”

Duan Qiusheng shouted violently, burning his blood, and struck out with a sword.

All the Immortal tribesmen in the audience also released their own energy and blood, converging on Duan Qiusheng, to jointly block the magic knife that slashed from the sky.

However, the power of that magic sword was too terrifying. With just one strike, it broke through the defense of Duan Qiusheng and others, and slashed straight towards the Immortal God Tower.

Ye Chen’s pupils shrank, and when he saw that the magic knife was about to kill him, suddenly at this moment, the sky outside became dark.

Ten blood moons appeared in the dark sky.

The blood moon volleyed in the sky, and a supreme majesty was projected from distant time and space.

Ye Chen even saw the shadow of Ren Feifan from behind the blood moon.

“Witch, you dare to kill my people?”

A shocking roar exploded from the void.

That’s Ren Feifan’s voice!

A snort.

The monstrous Blood Moon Sword Qi came down with explosive force, completely crushing the witch’s magic sword with just one blow.


From the depths of distant time and space, a heartbreaking scream came.

That was the scream of a witch.

This scream contains the meaning of pain, struggle, distortion, unwillingness, sadness, and fear. It is a mixture of emotions, heartbreaking, and shocking to the soul.

When Ye Chen heard the witch scream so pitifully, he was also moved.

“The witch can’t kill me, why do I have to be so miserable?”

He couldn’t understand.

Ren Feifan’s majestic blood moon power enveloped the entire Immortal Kingdom. The power was terrifying, even more fierce and domineering than the power of the Rock God Tianzun just now.

“Senior Ren ascended to Wuwu Time and Space, is his cultivation breakthrough so terrifying? He is actually more powerful than the Rock God Tianzun!?”

Ye Chen felt incredible that under Ren Feifan’s pressure, the witch’s will completely dissipated.

“Brother Ren, thank you very much.”

In the void, another deep voice came out, which was the voice of the Rock God Tianzun.

His will was obscured by the witch. Now Ren Feifan kills the witch and allows him to recover.

The will of the Rock God once again enveloped the land of the Immortal Kingdom, and the brilliance of the gods appeared everywhere.

Ren Feifan didn’t speak, or in other words, he might have responded, but Ye Chen couldn’t hear it.

Ye Chen only saw the ten blood moons in the sky slowly dissipating.

Ren Feifan’s shocking power also gradually disappeared.

“Senior Ren!”

Ye Chen was greatly moved and hurriedly flew out of the Immortal Tower, calling for Ren Feifan.

He was extremely moved, knowing that it was Ren Feifan who protected him.

Otherwise, it might be very difficult for him to face the witch’s sword.

But unfortunately, Ye Chen’s call did not receive a response.

He only saw a leaf falling from the high sky.

“Is this something that Senior Ren left for me?”

Ye Chen hurriedly caught the leaf, but saw three words written on it, which were a person’s name, “Gu Yongxiao”.

“Gu Yongxiao? Who is this?”

“What is the deep meaning of Senior Ren leaving this clue?”

Ye Chen frowned slightly and tried to deduce the traces of Gu Yongxiao’s secret, but found that nothing could be deduced. It was as if this person had never existed and was very mysterious.

Feeling this scene, Ye Chen was also surprised.

After he was promoted to the Tianxuan Realm, his abilities in all aspects have improved by leaps and bounds, and his ability to deduce heavenly secrets has naturally improved a lot.

But even so, he couldn’t detect the slightest trace of this Gu Yongxiao’s existence.

The mystery of this person can be imagined.

“Master Ye…”

Duan Qiusheng looked at Ye Chen blankly, a little confused.

Because at this moment, there were two Ye Chens on the court, and he couldn’t tell who was who.

Ye Chen smiled, put away his Qinglian clone, and said to Duan Qiusheng: “Supreme Duan, are you all okay?”

Duan Qiusheng said hurriedly: “It’s okay, our Immortal Divine Kingdom has been reborn. Thank you, Mr. Ye, for saving me. You turned the tide, and we will remember your achievements!”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said: “It doesn’t matter, this is the protection of the Rock God Tianzun.”

He also handed over all the treasures and the remaining 50% of the resources of the Rock God Tianzun to Duan Qiusheng, but the other party still refused to accept it.

Duan Qiusheng said: “Master Ye, no need, just take it.”

Seeing this, Ye Chen had no choice but to reluctantly accept all these treasures and resources.

Then, he filled these treasure resources, many heavenly materials and earthly treasures, into the blazing sun star, hoping to light up the star.

However, this massive amount of natural materials and earthly treasures are sent in, but they are all thrown into the sea. The Burning Sun Life Star still showed no sign of awakening and lighting up. There was only one magic star suspended in it, which he had absorbed by killing the Nine Yang Immortal Emperor.


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