The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8789: Heartbreaking

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At the gate of eternal life, the dark atmosphere explodes, countless indescribable filthy existences, madness overflows, and it is terrifying.

Under the dark aura of the Gate of Eternal Life, the land around Ye Chen spawned numerous strange phenomena, with tentacles covered in blood wrapping around him like demons.

Seeing Demon Ancestor Wu Tian’s move, Ye Chen’s eyes suddenly flashed with a hint of gloom.

If he were outside, it would be impossible for him to defeat Demon Ancestor Wutian. At most, he would only be guaranteed to be undefeated.

But here, he has the confidence to fight against Wu Tian and even kill him!

“The Holy Sword of the Human Emperor, the Heavenly Sword of Samsara!”

Ye Chen shouted violently, but without saying a word, he pulled out the Heavenly Sword of Samsara with his right hand and the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor with his left hand.


Suddenly, the bright light of the Samsara sword and the golden light of the Human Emperor’s sword soared into the sky.

The Heavenly Sword of Samsara is forged from the bones of the Heavenly Emperor of the Lord of Samsara in his previous life. The aura of this sword is closely related to Ye Chen’s bloodline.

The stronger Ye Chen’s cultivation is, the more powerful this sword will be.

As Ye Chen was promoted to the Tianxuan Realm, the ultimate power of the Samsara Heavenly Sword was also a transformation that defied the heavens. Compared with the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword, it was no less powerful.

The reincarnation sword light soaring into the sky caused layers of time and space to explode, and the demonic energy that filled the sky was penetrated into a large hole.

The Human Emperor’s Holy Sword in Ye Chen’s left hand is also very fierce and powerful.

Now Ye Chen can already pull out the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword completely.

The moment he drew his sword, the world trembled.

Even a strong person in the late stage of the Infinite Realm cannot resist the edge of the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword.

At this moment, Ye Chen has his swords drawn out. Even if an ordinary Immortal Emperor comes, he will probably kill him with one blow.

Of course, only in the Star-Moon Realm, with the blessing of the majestic earth’s luck, could Ye Chen use the Heavenly Sword of Samsara and the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor at the same time.

If he were outside, it would be difficult for him to draw out his swords at once.

After all, whether it is the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor or the Heavenly Sword of Samsara, their sharpness is too powerful.

Seeing Ye Chen’s swords coming out together, Demon Ancestor Wutian’s eyes also flashed with a hint of heaviness, and he thought to himself: “I underestimate this kid, he can actually use the Heavenly Sword and Holy Sword at the same time.”

But at this juncture, it was impossible for him to back down. With one hand he activated the Gate of Eternal Life, and with the other hand he tore through the void and grabbed a sword made of obsidian, which was the Dark Star.

Demon Ancestor Wutian activated the Gate of Eternal Life and the Star of Darkness to kill them.

Ye Chen also showed no signs of weakness and fought back with the Heavenly Sword of Samsara and the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor.


The sky and the earth exploded, the universe collapsed, and all time and space were wiped out.

Ye Chen and Mozu Wutian collided crazily.

The golden light of reincarnation and the dark and filthy demonic energy are like a golden starry sky and a black universe, erupting into the most intense collision.

In this collision, the winner was determined almost instantly.

Ye Chen’s swords all came out, and the golden light shot into the sky. In just an instant, he severely defeated Demon Ancestor Wutian’s evil energy and filth.

The Gate of Eternal Life and the Dark Star were both blown away.

Demon Ancestor Wutian’s body was also struck by countless swords and swords. The flesh and skin all over his body was minced to pieces, and the wounds even exposed the bones. He was extremely injured.


Demon Ancestor Wutian spat out a mouthful of blood and retreated in embarrassment, his face already pale.

Looking at his scarred body, he felt incredible.


“How could your strength be so strong?”

Mozu Wutian looked at Ye Chen, completely horrified.

He knew that after Ye Chen was promoted to the Tianxuan realm, his cultivation strength would definitely improve by leaps and bounds, but he never expected that Ye Chen would become so powerful.

“I said, in the Star-Moon Realm, I have endless luck, and you are no match for me.”

“Even if the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang comes, he will only end up being killed by me!”

Ye Chen has the Heavenly Sword of Samsara in his right hand and the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor in his left hand. The majesty of the Heavenly Lord explodes all over his body, spiritual energy surges, and the laws of countless superiors are entangled like divine chains.

His voice, like the constitution of heaven, brings an extremely terrifying pressure to people.

His majestic momentum even reflected the heavens, and everyone could see that Ye Chen severely injured Demon Ancestor Wutian with one move.

“This guy is getting more and more terrifying.”

The Night Mother Feng Yuying looked at Ye Chen and was extremely surprised, and whispered.

She knew that Ye Chen was powerful, but she didn’t expect that he could severely damage Wutian with one move.

In the Star-Moon Realm, Ye Chen is simply invincible.

“Okay, very good, I underestimated you.”

Demon Ancestor Wutian’s eyes flashed with a glimmer of coldness, but he was unwilling to be defeated.

“Gui Chen, have you seen this? I’m going to be killed by this Ye Chen, why don’t you help me?”

Mozu Wutian suddenly said coldly.

After he finished speaking, Buddhist golden light vaguely emerged behind him, and the figure of a young man appeared in the golden light, which was Guichen.

He already knows that in the Star-Moon Realm, Ye Chen has an absolute advantage in earth-line luck. Even if he forcibly borrows the energy of the Demon Star Sea, it is impossible to defeat him.

The only possibility of a comeback is to swallow the soul of Guichen, become one with Buddha and devil, and make oneself perfect and powerful.

Guichen appeared, looked at Ye Chen, and then at Demon Ancestor Wu Tian, ​​his eyes full of anxiety, he sighed “Alas” and said: “Ancestor, Brother Ye, what are you doing again?” Why bother?”

“Ancestor, I see that the Extraordinary Immortal Emperor has ascended into the sky and is known as the Blood Moon Emperor in the infinite time and space. Brother Ye has also successfully broken through. The fate of the reincarnation camp has become unstoppable.”

“Why don’t you just take refuge in him.”

When Demon Ancestor Wutian heard Guichen urging him to surrender, he couldn’t help laughing and said: “Guichen, my Taoist heart does not allow me to surrender. I will devour you. You are my former incarnation. Now It should also be integrated with me.”

After the words fell, Demon Ancestor Wutian suddenly activated his spell, and his body seemed to turn into a black hole vortex, and began to devour Guichen crazily.

Gui Chen’s soul was pulled in by Demon Ancestor Wutian’s body. He shouted in horror: “Ancestor, what do you want to do?”

Demon Ancestor Wutian remained unmoved and continued to devour.

In fact, he only controls part of this body, and Guichen controls the other part.

In the past, he had never dared to forcefully devour the fusion, because he was afraid that Guichen would resist and both would be destroyed.

But now, he didn’t care so much and started to devour it directly.

He is gambling.

Bet Guichen won’t resist.

Sure enough, Guichen was swallowed up, with a huge look of fear in his eyes. He wanted to resist but didn’t dare, for fear of destroying the body.

“If you resist, we will all die.”

Demon Ancestor Wutian said fiercely.

Gui Chen was stunned for a moment, struggling in his heart.

He didn’t want to die.

But with just such a moment of hesitation, Demon Ancestor Wutian had already swallowed up most of his soul.

There was only a trace of the remnant soul left in Guichen, and the intense pain of being swallowed passed through him, and he let out a heart-rending scream.


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