The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8787: This sword comes from Ren Feifan!

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Everyone was shocked. The legendary Lord of Reincarnation finally entered the Tianxuan Realm and became the true Heavenly Lord.

From now on, I am afraid that the title of Taishang’s number one master in the world will have to be replaced.

In many areas, countless people knelt down in front of the scene of reincarnation in the sky, praising the greatness of reincarnation and surrendering sincerely.

As Ye Chen broke through, the luck of his enemy camp also declined, and the light in the Yuhuang Heavenly Realm and the Sword Gate World became much dimmer.

Even the Zihuang Immortal Palace showed a hint of depression.

The top of the mountains of Zihuang Immortal Palace.

The Daode Tianzun stands with his hands behind his back, and the Duobao Tianjun follows him.

The two of them looked at the spectacular scene in the sky, their faces becoming more solemn.

“Master Headmaster, you should not help him practice the Green Lotus Forging Holy Technique.”

Duobao Tianjun’s face was distorted, and there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

Through this reincarnation weather, he has clearly peeked into the sky and seen everything that just happened in the Star-Moon Realm.

Ye Chen used Qinglian’s clone to resist the fatal blow, and finally confused the Twilight Giant.

The dusk giant left, and Ye Chen successfully broke through, reaching the sky in one step.

The former Duobao Tianjun could still rely on the power of the evil sect to vaguely restrain Ye Chen.

But now, Ye Chen has reached the sky and risen against the sky. He and his evil faction can no longer restrain Ye Chen, let alone suppress him.

“Let him break through. He has been promoted to the Sky Profound Realm, and his cultivation and luck have skyrocketed. This is also a good thing for us. We can use him to fight against the Death Cult.”

De Tianzun’s eyes narrowed slightly. He did not feel any fear because of Ye Chen’s breakthrough, but was very pleased.

Duobao Tianjun’s expression was still solemn, and he said: “Master Headmaster, if neither we nor the Death Cult can suppress that boy, sooner or later he will crush the gate of my Purple Immortal Palace!”

“Don’t forget, Ancestor Hongjun has already broken with him. If he wants revenge, he will eradicate us and won’t let us go.”

“What’s more, the source of fire is also said to be part of the reincarnation bloodline…”

The Taoist Heavenly Lord’s expression was originally calm, but when he heard the Duobao Heavenly Lord mention the fire, his expression suddenly changed and he shouted: “That’s enough!”

Duobao Tianjun was horrified, lowered his head silently, and stood aside with his hands hanging down. Daode Tianzun thought for a long time, and finally sighed, with a sharp look in his eyes. He counted his fingers and said: “I deduced the future and vaguely saw that Ye Chen may go to the Immortal Kingdom in the near future. You go first.” Immortal Kingdom

If you have a chance to keep him there, don’t let him come out again. ”

Duobao Tianjun trembled and said: “Immortal Divine Kingdom, it is said that it was once a tribe in the era of nine gods, the place where the gods of the Rock God Tianzun arose?”

Tianzun Daode said: “Yes, the Immortal Kingdom is the hometown of the Rock God Tianzun. I guess Ye Chen’s next step is to go to the Immortal Kingdom. Just wait for him there in advance. .”

Duobao Tianjun trembled again. Thinking of Ye Chen’s power, he was very frightened and said hesitantly: “But…”

If it were before, he would have been confident in dealing with Ye Chen.

But now, Ye Chen has been promoted to the Tianxuan Realm and has become a true Heavenly Lord. Even he, who is infinitely close to the Immortal Emperor, no longer dares to face Ye Chen alone.

Tianzun Daode also knew the inner thoughts of Tianjun Duobao, and said: “Go to Patriarch Tianxin. You can’t suppress Ye Chen alone. If you add Patriarch Tianxin, you should be able to do it.”

Duobao Tianjun was shocked and said: “Master Headmaster, we…are we going to cooperate with Ancestor Tianxin?”

Tianzun Daode said: “Haha, in this world, there are no permanent friends and no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. You take my talisman and go to the ancestor Tianxin. It’s time for me to talk to the witch. .”

He gathered his spiritual energy, formed a talisman, and gave it to Duobao Tianjun.


Tianjun Duobao accepted the imperial edict and respectfully withdrew.


The reincarnation scene in the sky is still majestic and vast.

Even, this atmosphere was faintly spread to all time and space.

The Twilight Giant has returned to time and space, and he was stunned when he saw this reincarnation scene.

“How is that possible! Isn’t the Lord of Reincarnation dead?”

The Twilight Giant was terrified, his eyes bloomed, piercing through time and space, peering into the secrets of the universe, and suddenly saw all kinds of cause and effect in the past.

“This boy actually practiced the Holy Green Lotus Casting Technique and created a Green Lotus clone!”

The Green Lotus Casting Holy Technique is notoriously difficult to practice among the thirty-three heavenly arts. No one has ever mastered it. Even the former Light God Tianzun Huang Chongguang became famous because of practicing this magical art. There was a backlash.

The Twilight Giant never expected that Ye Chen actually practiced the Green Lotus Casting Holy Technique. Although he did not practice the original body, he used clever methods to create a Green Lotus clone.

But no matter what, it can be regarded as stepping into the threshold of Qinglian Casting Saint Technique. With a Qinglian clone, Ye Chen is equivalent to having two lives.

In the heart of the Dusk Giant, surprise, shock, fear, anger, etc. were all mixed together. He wanted to rush back immediately and kill Ye Chen.

However, he has returned to time and space. How easy will it be to come to the supreme world again?


Suddenly, a blood moon sword energy came out from nowhere, killing like a ghost.


The towering body of the Dusk Giant was killed with a single sword, and blood spurted out. At least half of the timeline on his body was wiped out by this sword.

“Is it… Ren Feifan!?”

“No, we should call him Blood Moon Emperor!”

The illusion of the void was turbulent, and the body of the dusk giant came back to life, spitting out blood from its mouth, and its face was pale.

Although he was resurrected, half of the timeline had just been wiped out. The traces of death were so severe that they backfired on his heart, and his vitality was severely damaged.

He knew that this sword came from Ren Feifan!

After Ren Feifan ascended to Wuwu Time and Space, he reached the sky in one step and became a great figure at the level of the Emperor of Heaven. It was an incredible breakthrough.

There is no doubt that this is the power blessing of the Samsara Purana. With the help of the ashes of the Book of Reincarnation, Ren Feifan modified the past and made himself stronger. He directly skipped countless arduous cultivation realms and stepped into the apex of the infinite time and space cultivation system. This is really incredible


However, time and space are vast and boundless, and countless fantasy concepts are intertwined. Even a big figure at the level of the Emperor of Heaven cannot accurately locate a person’s coordinates unless there are very complete clues.

The coordinates of the Twilight Giant were not locked by Ren Feifan, but were only vaguely captured.

Otherwise, Ren Feifan’s sword strike had completely wiped him out, and it would be impossible to give him a chance to resurrect. Even so, the Twilight Giant was extremely frightened. He immediately concealed his presence and quickly fled back to the Death Cult.


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