The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8707: Samsara Purana

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Previously, when he was in the Demon Palace, Ye Chen also tried to attack the Tianxuan Realm, and many friends came to watch the ceremony.

But that time, Ye Chen’s attack failed because he was cursed by the Perfect Sage’s law of cause and effect.

This time, he has no limits.

Whether he can succeed or not depends on him.

While everyone was busy, Ye Chen was quite leisurely.

At night, he was on top of a mountain and summoned the night mother, the wind-whispering warbler, to come.

The secret of the tomb palace was entangled in his heart, and he just wanted to find out as soon as possible.

If you want to attack the Tianxuan Realm, it is best to have no worries.

Now Ye Chen’s state of mind has become more and more pure, and he can make decisions even when facing the goddess.

But the tomb palace is related to the secret of the Reincarnation Cemetery, as well as the Reincarnation Purana, and may even be related to Ren Feifan.

There are so many secrets involved in this tomb, and the key to killing the ancestor Tianxin and collecting the heavenly monument makes it difficult for Ye Chen to let go.

There is another thing, which is the promise of Jishen. Jishen is related to the Tiandou Massacre Sword. He must also go there after breaking into the Tianxuan realm.


Under Ye Chen’s call, a dark atmosphere filled the sky above the mountain, and demonic energy surged. A pure girl, surrounded by nightingales, slowly descended.

It is the night mother and the wind-whispering warbler.

“What’s wrong, Ye Chen?”

Feng Yuying came down and saw that everyone in the Xingyue Realm was preparing for some ceremony. She smiled slightly: “Are you ready to attack the Tianxuan Realm?”

Ye Chen said: “Yes.”

Feng Yuying stared into his eyes and said: “But, I think your Taoist heart seems to be hindered, and it is not the best time to attack the Tianxuan realm.”

Ye Chen said: “Yes, I still have concerns in my heart. Miss Yuying, I want to ask you about two things. One is the Tiandou Massacre Sword, and the other is the secret of the tomb palace.”

“I don’t know much about the Tiandou Massacre Sword, but I know that Ji Shen seems to have created a fantasy world based on the slightest bit of understanding of the Tian Dou Massacre Sword, called the Xiuxuan Realm. Over the years, Ji Shen has been Inviting various geniuses to participate in the Xuanxuan Trial in the Xuanxuan Domain in an attempt to crack the Tiandou Massacre Sword, but to no avail. The Xiuxuan Realm created by this fantasy is almost a purgatory on earth. There is only death, and few people can successfully escape. I guess Ji Shen knows that your martial arts talent, Lord of Reincarnation, is unparalleled, so he invited you before.”

“As for the tomb?”

Feng Yuying’s beautiful eyes narrowed. The word “Tomb Palace” seemed to be more terrifying than the words Tiandou’s Sword of Massacre brought to her.

“Yes, Miss Yuying, do you know the Tomb Palace?”

Ye Chen asked.

Feng Yuying pondered for a moment and said: “I will give the first answer to you, but for the second one, if you want to know about the tomb palace, I can tell you everything I know, but The price is huge, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to afford it.”

Although she and Ye Chen are allies, they still have to settle accounts clearly when dealing with each other.

Ye Chen said: “What bargaining chips do I need to bring up?”

Feng Yuying said: “I want to be your star.”

Ye Chen was stunned and said: “What does this mean?”

Feng Yuying said: “I want to be your star of destiny, your seven stars of reincarnation, the first is called Longteng, the second is called Burning Sun, and the third is Nameless.”

“This nameless star is a star in fantasy. Its shape is uncertain. The inheritors of reincarnation will ultimately decide the shape of this star.”

“I want you to decide to define me as your third star of destiny, called the star of night.”

“In this way, even if you refuse to practice dual cultivation with me, I can still become a part of reincarnation, even a part of your body.”

Ye Chen was shocked when he heard Feng Yuying made such a request.

If he wants to learn the secrets of the tomb, he must completely let Feng Yuying become a part of his bloodline.

The price is indeed huge.

Although Feng Yuying became the destiny star of reincarnation, it would not cause any harm to Ye Chen, but rather gain.

But if you don’t choose her, but choose Ren Feifan, Ji Siqing, Ye Xieshen and others, the gain will be even greater.

From this aspect, Ye Chen is naturally at a loss.


After thinking about it for a while, Ye Chen nodded and agreed.

Although he suffered a loss, it was still within his acceptable range. In order to find out the secrets of the tomb, the price was still worth it.

“However, my seven stars of reincarnation have only awakened the first one, and the second one has not yet awakened, let alone the third one.”

Feng Yuying said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, I’m betting on the future, I believe in you.”

“Okay, if you want to know anything, just ask.”

Ye Chen paused, sorted out his thoughts, and then asked: “Did the creation of the Samsara Purana really fail and disappear completely?”

Feng Yuying’s eyes turned, as if she was recalling the past, sorting out information, and then said: “The Samsara Purana is the fifth supreme artifact in the legend, and it is an artifact unique to Samsara. It was indeed a failure to build it back then. , but it has not completely disappeared.”

Ye Chen said: “Didn’t he turn into ashes?”

Feng Yuying said: “It turned into tribulation ashes, but it did not turn into nothingness. Even if the supreme artifact only has a little void tribulation ash left, it is powerful enough to easily crush a world. I know you want to ask about that tribulation I can only tell you where Hui went. Ren Feifan got some of it, but I don’t know the rest. I can’t find it at all. It’s too mysterious.”

“Perhaps, you can ask Ren Feifan.”


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