The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8706: Shock?

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He is a great figure at the Immortal Emperor level, and he is in charge of the Thirty-three Heavenly Magic Tomb Sword. In the Taishang World, few people can hurt him.

Even for an infinitely powerful person, his cultivation is mostly limited under the influence of the laws of reality. It would be difficult to suppress the Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor.

“Dad, but…”

Xiao Jing silently opened her palms, and there was a watermark of the guardian formation left by the Water God Tianzun on her palms.

As soon as the Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor saw the mark of the guardian formation, he immediately gained insight and knew everything. He said in a trembling voice: “You… you can only stay in the real world for a month?”

Xiao Jing secretly said: “Yes.”

The Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor’s body was trembling, and he suddenly stared at Ye Chen and said: “Boy, you marry my daughter! You cultivate with her and immediately give her the power of reincarnation bloodline. My daughter is the descendant of the Water God Tianzun, don’t you think so? It will humiliate you.”

He knew that one of the ways to solve Xiao Jing’s problems was to practice dual cultivation with reincarnation.

Ye Chen was suddenly embarrassed and said: “Senior, please be patient. You have great powers and you must have a solution, so I don’t need to worry too much.”

Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor snorted and said: “Why, you don’t want to marry my daughter? Don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly. Are you ready to advance to the Tianxuan Realm soon? As long as you agree, I will do anything. The price will help you achieve a breakthrough, even if you sacrifice my old life, it’s no problem!”

In the heart of Fenghuo Lingzu, there is only his daughter Xiao Jing.

He owed Xiao Jing too much back then, and now he just wants to make up for it.

Even if he were to die, he would have no complaints, as long as he could keep Xiao Jing in the real world and not go back to that hellish place in Tianxin Territory.

After all, Tianxin Domain is the territory of Patriarch Tianxin. If Patriarch Tianxin goes crazy one day, Xiao Jing will be in danger.


Xiao Jing was deeply moved when she saw that the Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor cared for her so much, but she knew that Ye Chen was burdened with too many causes and effects, and she could no longer disturb Ye Chen.

Ren Feifan said: “Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor, to be honest, your daughter is really not worthy of the Lord of Reincarnation. Don’t have any wishful thinking and want to take the Lord of Reincarnation as your son-in-law. This is absolutely impossible. ”

“The cause and effect between us has been settled, and we will owe nothing to each other from now on. Let’s say goodbye!”

What Ren Feifan said was very ruthless.

When Xiao Jing heard this, she was immediately ashamed and embarrassed.

She also felt in her heart that she was indeed not worthy of Ye Chen, and she might have to ask Luo Qingli to come in person to have a chance of being a good match.

The Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor was so angry that his mouth was filled with smoke, and he said angrily: “Ren Feifan, what did you say!”

In anger, he drew out his sword and prepared to take action.

However, Ren Feifan looked indifferent, had already torn the void, and left with Ye Chen.

“Miss Xiao.”

Ye Chen only had time to look back at Xiao Jing, quite apologetically.

Then, he and Ren Feifan disappeared into the Zihuang Immortal Palace and returned to the Star-Moon Realm.

Xiao Jing felt sad when she saw Ye Chen leaving, her eyes full of sadness.

Fenghuo Lingzu was filled with anger. Seeing his daughter’s appearance, he felt heartbroken and said: “Jing’er, don’t worry, even if there is no Lord of Reincarnation, daddy can protect you.”

At that moment, Fenghuo Spirit Ancestor took Xiao Jing to the mountain gate of Zihuang Immortal Palace and used all resources to find a way for Xiao Jing to stay in the real world.

In addition to the reincarnation bloodline, there is another way to solve Xiao Jing’s problem, and that is the innate stone.

However, it is impossible to get the Xiantian Stone easily in the hands of Ancestor Tianxin.

Fenghuo Lingzu had no choice but to hope for other methods.


Ye Chen and Ren Feifan returned to the Star-Moon Realm.

Wu Yao, Xia Ruoxue, Wei Ying, Ye Luoer, and Xuan Hanyu are all here, but Ji Siqing is not there, having gone out to practice again.

When all the girls saw Ye Chen coming back, they were all extremely happy.

Ye Chen’s grandfather, Ye Xieshen, was overjoyed to see that Ye Chen’s martial arts foundation had been restored, and said: “Grandson, you can now attack the Tianxuan realm.”

When Ye Chen heard this, he was quite excited and said: “Grandpa, let’s arrange the ceremony and prepare to attack the Tianxuan Realm!”

The Tianxuan Realm has always been the realm that Ye Chen has longed for. It is the realm of the true Heavenly King.

Now that Ye Chen’s martial arts foundation has been restored and his condition is at its peak, it’s time to push for promotion.

Ye Xieshen said: “Okay! Grandson, you attack the Tianxuan Realm. This is our reincarnation camp. It is a top priority. It is related to the future life and death of the reincarnation camp. You can’t be careless. Brother Ren, Empress Cangxuan, Wu Yao , we have to prepare well.”

Ren Feifan said: “This is natural.”

Xuan Hanyu said: “If there is anything you need me for, I am available at any time.”

He smiled gently at Ye Chen again: “Ye Chen, if you need it, I can even dedicate my body to you.”

Ye Chen quickly said: “Fairy Xuan is joking.”

At this moment, Ren Feifan and Ye Xieshen sent out their will and announced to the entire Star-Moon Realm that Ye Chen was preparing to attack the Tianxuan Realm again.

The entire Star-Moon Realm suddenly became agitated, and many strong men from the reincarnation camp came out to prepare rituals for Ye Chen.

Even in the Samsara Blood Palace, many monks who were studying the Tiandou Massacre Sword came out to prepare for the ceremony and to watch Ye Chen’s attack on the Tianxuan Realm.

When arranging the ceremony, you must not be careless. It may take at least a few days, or it may take half a month.

Everyone in the Star-Moon Realm became busy and sent invitations to the outside world, inviting many friends from the reincarnation camp to come and watch the ceremony.


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