The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8561: Blood Moon, arrival

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“Master Ye, see for yourself.”

The second Wenyuan’s spiritual energy was poured into it, the bead buzzed and glowed, revealing the image of the Immortal Emperor’s Platform.

Three days ago, Ye Chen quietly sneaked into Wanxu.

On the Immortal Emperor’s stage, a fierce battle between Ren Feifan and the goddess was in full swing.

Ren Feifan used all the power of the Emperor’s Golden Wheel and was guided by Wuwu Time and Space, originally intending to ascend.

However, he forcibly cut off the power of the connection and stayed in the real world without ascending.

Such a tough method made him directly suffer the backlash of the truth. His skin cracked and bleeded all over his body, and he was seriously injured.

In an injured state, Ren Feifan fought against the goddess, but did not fall behind at all. The two were evenly matched.

“One dream, Xiaofan, I changed my mind.”

“My dream is no longer to kill you, but to hope that you ascend.”

“Go, this world does not belong to you, you are too powerful, go to time and space, that is your world.”

“I will help you ascend. After you ascend, your destiny in this world will belong to me.”

“This is the reward of cause and effect, and heaven and earth can learn from it.”

The goddess couldn’t hurt Ren Feifan, so she suddenly took two steps back and showed a smile.

Behind this smile, there was a cold murderous intention.

She once again used Dream Isshin-ryu, and the vast aura of great wishes surged between heaven and earth.

This time, the dream and wish made by the goddess is no longer to kill Ren Feifan.

On the contrary, she wants Ren Feifan to ascend!

“Not good!”

Ren Feifan’s expression changed.

The Heavenly Girl’s Dream Isshin-ryu is one of the thirty-three heavenly arts, and actually contains the power of the law of cause and effect.

As long as you make a dream, it will come true.

The Wishing Fairy Pond, Wishing Star, etc. in the real world are actually things spread from the Dream Isshin-ryu.

The one who truly possesses the power of great wishes is this magical art!

The goddess has not yet entered the time and space of nothingness. Of course, she has not been able to fully exert the power of Dream Isshin-ryu and cannot follow her words.

However, with her level of Immortal Emperor, when she exploded with all her strength, she was already infinitely close to the realm of the Law of Cause and Effect.

It is absolutely impossible for her to make a wish to kill Ren Feifan.

However, her wish for Ren Feifan to ascend is very likely to come true!

Behind the goddess, I saw the glow of the Wishing Fairy Pond blooming and the water vapor steaming.

In the water vapor, an ancient portal actually appeared.

It is the door to truth!


The door of truth opened, and an extremely strong force of attraction filled the air, and he wanted to lead Ren Feifan into time and space.

Ren Feifan’s expression was gloomy and he could only activate the Heavenly Emperor’s Golden Wheel with all his strength, releasing blazing golden light and shining on the wishing fairy pond.


The water vapor in the Wishing Immortal Pond continued to evaporate and twist, and the door of truth also disappeared, and the power of connection between heaven and earth disappeared again.

However, Ren Feifan once again resisted the ascension, and the backlash he suffered became even more serious. His face turned pale, and even his hair turned much whiter.

“Haha, Xiaofan, are you still unwilling to ascend?”

The goddess smiled. Her wish came true, and she was sure of victory.

Ren Feifan’s face became increasingly ugly. This was a dead end.

If he ascended, he would be unprepared and go to time and space. He would immediately be targeted by countless dark monsters and narrowly escape death.

If you don’t go and forcefully resist the guidance of the truth, the backlash will be very serious.

Under the severe backlash, it was naturally difficult for him to match the goddess.

Looking at the scene in the bead, Ye Chen felt as if he was immersed in the scene, and his heart tightened, fearing that something might happen to Ren Feifan.

“The divine veins of the stars, the blood moon slaughtering the sky, the reincarnation of thousands of generations, the natural disaster of the era!”

Trapped in a deadlock, Ren Feifan did not flinch, his eyes bursting with fierce fighting spirit.

His bloodline burned, and a majestic and bright light exploded out.

The star divine veins he possesses are very mysterious, related to the ultimate mystery of reincarnation, and are connected with the seven stars of reincarnation.

At this moment, Ren Feifan exploded with all the power of the star divine veins.

A vast starry sky world enveloped the entire Immortal Emperor Platform, and also enveloped the Heavenly Lady.

In this starry sky world, the law of time is completely distorted. If one second passes outside, billions of billions of years may have passed in this world.

There are ten rounds of blood moons hanging in the starry sky, constantly emitting terrifying blood moon sword energy.

When the goddess looked at the ten blood moons, her beautiful eyes suddenly shrank, surprised and fearful.

This is the scene of the Blood Moon Massacre!

The Blood Moon Slaughter Slash is a martial art of the Ren family, and she can actually do it.

However, this Blood Moon Slaughtering Sky Slash is not the original martial skill inherited by the Ren family, but the companion martial skill of Ren Feifan!

When Ren Feifan was born, there was a blood moon and the weather was great.

The pinnacle Blood Moon Slaughtering Heaven Slash actually has ten rounds of blood moons, not nine rounds.

If the goddess explodes with all her strength, she can erupt nine rounds of blood moons, but she will never be able to do what Ren Feihua did. Ten rounds of blood moons will rise into the sky and kill everyone.

“Xiaofan, have you finally touched the ultimate blood moon?”

The goddess’s voice trembled slightly. The violent sword energy of the ten blood moons came down, and she waved her sword to resist, but it was extremely difficult.

What’s even more terrible is that various natural disasters have begun to erupt in this starry sky world, such as thunder and snow, violent winds and fires, etc.

The planet is falling and the earth is cracking.

After the stars died, new stars were born in the sky.

After the earth collapsed, new soil quickly emerged, just like reincarnation.

In the endless reincarnation, the only thing that remains unchanged is the ten blood moons.

The goddess struggled against the blood moon.

What she has to face is not only Ren Feifan’s Blood Moon Sword Qi, but also the power of time in this starry sky.

The peak of Ren Feifan’s star divine veins exploded, and the laws of time in this starry sky world were completely distorted. Billions of years passed in the blink of an eye.

Endless years of vicissitudes have brought tremendous wear and tear.

The goddess was suffering from wear and tear, and the Ice Phoenix Heavenly Sword showed traces of ice cracks. It was even difficult for her to breathe.

The people fighting outside the Immortal Emperor Platform were also completely stunned.

The decisive battle between Ren Feifan and Tiannu has gone beyond the scope of worldly martial arts and is shocking.

The law of wishes and dreams, the extremely distorted time, the catastrophe of reincarnation from life to life.

Two days have passed, but due to the distortion of the law, all the spectators present either feel that time has passed only a moment, or they feel that billions of years have passed.

Some warriors with weak cultivation suffered huge damage from the wear and tear of time on the spot, turning into a withered and dying old man.

The elders of Qinglai Chamber of Commerce hurriedly carried these injured spectators down for treatment.

And in the Immortal Emperor Platform, the goddess felt more painful than anyone else.

Although the real time has only passed two days, she has experienced thousands of centuries in this starry sky world.

Not a thousand years, but a thousand lifetimes. The universe and starry sky collapsed and were reborn once, and that was the first century.


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