The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 8557: Ren Feifan ascends?

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This dream flow contains the truth of great wishes, great long-cherished thoughts, and great vows.

As long as you have a dream, it can become a reality!

The goddess practiced the Nine Heavens Baopu Jue, and actually reached the point where she could tear apart everything, return to her origins, and realize her dreams with one heart.

Her dream at the moment is to kill Ren Feifan!

This intense dream formed a terrifying psychological shock, constantly attacking Ren Feifan’s Taoist heart.

Ren Feifan’s face suddenly darkened, his eyes were cold, and he said: “Goddess, it turns out this is the trump card you mentioned.”

Surrounding the Immortal Emperor Platform, many warriors on the hills were shocked when they felt the strong dream and desire of the goddess.

Thirty-three days of magic, this is a terrifying existence that transcends the real world. Even in time and space, it is a first-class magic.

No one expected that the goddess actually mastered the magical art of Dream Isshin-ryu.

When Ye Chen saw this, he was also shocked.

If he had a decisive battle with the goddess, he would be dead.

He has not yet advanced to the Tianxuan realm, and he will definitely not be able to bear the impact of the goddess’s dream head-on.

The dream of the goddess is to kill him. When this dream bursts out, he will only die.

The goddess dreamed of killing powerful enemies, becoming the only one in the world, and she dominated the world.

Her strong dream shook time and space, and the entire Immortal Emperor Stage was violently turbulent.

Ren Feifei is in the center of the whirlpool of the torrent of dreams. Even the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang and Demon Ancestor Wutian are in danger of being torn apart in the center of this whirlpool.

However, Ren Feifan remained unmoved.

Behind him, the Golden Wheel of the Emperor of Heaven was suspended, golden light bloomed, and his eyes also turned golden.

“Goddess, you are single-minded in your dreams, but you still can’t kill me.”

“I have fallen through time and space and gone through thousands of centuries. My wish is above yours.”

Ren Feifan made a rather vicissitudes of sound. The Heavenly Emperor’s golden wheel burned, and the majestic golden light exploded, evaporating all the breath of dreams.


Ren Feifan waved his hand again, and a burst of golden sword light exploded, completely cutting off the connection between the goddess and Wuwu Time and Space.


The goddess vomited blood on the spot, her face was pale, and she looked at Ren Feifan in great shock:

“This…this is impossible. Your power has surpassed the Immortal Emperor?”

At this moment, Ren Feifan’s aura blended perfectly with the Golden Wheel of the Emperor of Heaven. He exuded a vast power, which was beyond the power of the starry sky in this world, like the arrival of the legendary god.

“I said, no matter what cards you have, you can’t beat me.”

“I protect the path of reincarnation, borrow the Golden Wheel of the Emperor of Heaven, and stand alone in the starry sky of this world. You are not my opponent.”

Ren Feifan’s whole body was covered with golden light, and the clouds were rolling like the sun. He raised his palm, countless golden lights condensed, and he was about to slash out with a sword to kill the goddess.


But at this time, deep in the distant space and time, some power seemed to come, and a door appeared in the sky.

That door is full of the mystery of truth, and the mysterious runes lead to all time and space.

A powerful force of attraction came out from the door and enveloped Ren Feifan, trying to pull him away.

That is the power of time and space.

It is the inspiration of truth!

“Senior Ren is going to ascend?”

When Ye Chen saw this scene, he was immediately startled.

Ren Feifan exploded with all his strength at this moment. His power was so majestic that the real world could not contain it. It actually shocked the universe and attracted the attention of others.

When the goddess saw this, she was stunned for a moment, then she laughed and said: “Xiaofan, congratulations to you, you are powerful, inspired by the truth, and you will ascend soon.”

“I can’t beat you. I lost this battle.”

She considered herself a failure, but her face was not at all depressed, but full of joy.

As soon as Ren Feifan ascended, she lost her protector in reincarnation, so it would be much easier for her to kill Ye Chen.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang, Demon Ancestor Wutian, Zhenren Chongyang and others were extremely surprised when they saw that Ren Feifan was about to ascend.

The surrounding audience were shocked and stunned, looking at the door of truth in the distant sky, trying to understand something through this door.

However, how can ordinary warriors peep into the mystery of truth?

Many warriors wanted to gain enlightenment, but were turned back and screamed in agony.

Ren Feifan’s face darkened. He still had countless things to solve in the real world. How could he be willing to ascend so easily?

Moreover, if you step into Wuwu time and space without any preparation, you will definitely be targeted by countless monsters in the darkness, and there is only one way to die.

“Who said I want to ascend?”

“Goddess, even if I want to go to Wuwu Time and Space, I must kill you first to solve the future troubles!”

Ren Feifan’s voice was cold, and he suddenly fired out a sword. Nine rounds of blood moons floated, and the sword glowed like a prison, cutting off all the power of attraction in the dark.


The gate of truth in the sky was also destroyed.

Ren Feifan took out another sword and slashed at the goddess.

However, this sword stopped only halfway.

His palms were shaking violently, his eyes were cracked, and his hair was disheveled.

I saw that his skin, at some point, actually cracked open and blood seeped out.

“Xiaofan, if you insist on staying in the real world and refuse to ascend, the backlash you will suffer will be huge.”

The goddess laughed, and taking this opportunity, she immediately swung the Ice Phoenix Heavenly Sword and stabbed Ren Feifan into the heart.

Ren Feifan refuses to ascend and forcibly resists the power of truth, which has already suffered severe backlash.

“Even if I suffer the backlash, you are no match for me.” Ren Feifan’s eyes sparkled with golden light, he forcibly suppressed his own backlash, and swung his sword to confront the goddess.


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