The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7725: Inner demon cancer

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“Reincarnation deserves to be punished, but he is hiding in Forbidden City. That is Martial Ancestor’s territory. We can’t do anything, so we can only find a way to force him out.”

Di Shitian calculated with his fingers, calculating all kinds of cause and effect, comprehending the success and failure of the future, and thinking of ways to eliminate reincarnation.

“Come, follow me to the Kaio Palace.”

After a while, Emperor Shitian’s eyes lit up, and he seemed to have thought of some way, so he took his servants and flew towards the Realm King’s Palace.

Inside the Kaio Palace, King Yama, Daojun Kai, and Princess Shanrou are reciting the happiness of their family together, like a father and daughter reunited.

The changes in the laws of **** and the establishment of the order of reincarnation surprised them immensely.

Especially Shanrou, whose eyes were full of hope and joy, thinking: “Brother Ye Chen’s appearance is so majestic, he will definitely be able to cut off hundreds of shackles, but I don’t know when he will come to the world. A guest in the royal palace.”

At this time, she and Ye Chen had not been separated for a long time, but she already missed Ye Chen very much.


A Kaiou Palace guard hurriedly walked into the main hall and reported:

“Lord King of the Realm, the elder of Wanxu Temple, the head of Taishen Shi family, Emperor Shitian asks to see you.”

After Emperor Shitian inherited Emperor Shimanye’s orthodoxy, he has become one of the senior elders of Wanxu Temple.

King of the Realm Yama, Taojun Yama, was greatly surprised when he heard Emperor Shakten’s request to see him. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, thinking: “What is the purpose of this lord of inner demons coming to my realm king’s palace?”

Not daring to be careless, he said to Shanrou: “Shanrou, you stay here, I’ll go out and take a look.”

When Shanrou heard Emperor Shitian’s visit, she was also surprised and solemn, and nodded slightly.

The King of Kai strode out and saw a handsome man with a dozen servants waiting outside the hall. It was Emperor Shakten.

Emperor Shiten’s cultivation is now at the fourth level of Tianxuan Realm. If there is a head-to-head confrontation, Kaiwang is confident that he can crush the opponent thousands of times in one move.

However, thinking of Emperor Shitian, who wields the Great Curse Sword of the Heart Demon, whose strength cannot be taken lightly, he did not dare to underestimate the enemy. He cupped his hands and said: “The envoy of Wanxu is here, and our realm king palace is flourishing. Hui, hehe, I don’t know what kind of advice the superior envoy can give me. I have never had any grudges with the outside world.”

Di Shitian smiled slightly and returned the gift, saying: “Your Majesty, King of the Realm, I am here to give you a great gift.”

Kaiwang was surprised and said: “What kind of gift?”

Di Shitian turned his palms and said: “King of the Realm, please take a look.”

A long sword that was pure and flawless, without any killing blood, appeared in the hands of Emperor Shitian. .

That long sword is so clear that the Kaio can see his own face and even his own heart through the blade.

Deep in the heart, all kinds of things, good and evil, sins, desires and causes and effects, are invisible under the light of this sword.

This is the Great Curse Sword of the Inner Demon!


The King of Kai’s expression changed drastically, and his face was full of anger. He shot out with his big hand, hoping to kill Emperor Shitian with a palm from the air.

But halfway through the palm, his whole body began to twitch, and he could not exert any strength. There were bursts of pain and numbness in his heart, as if he had been cut by thousands of swords and bitten by millions of poisonous snakes and ants.

A groan of torment and agony suddenly erupted from the Kaio’s throat. Queen Cang took two steps back, knowing that her inner demon was breaking out, and she hurriedly circulated her spiritual energy in an attempt to suppress it.

He had been closely guarding against Emperor Shitian, and Dao Xin had also put in heavy protection, but the moment he saw the inner demon’s cursed sword, he broke through his defenses in an instant.

Under the illumination of the inner demon’s cursed sword, all the evil thoughts, desires, and blood sins of the past were brought out in his heart.

Seeing the inner demon of the Kaio attack, Emperor Shitian raised a slight smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Here comes, catch him quickly!”

The King of Kai roared loudly, feeling that the inner demons were like a tide, constantly eroding his will and consciousness. Before losing his mind, he roared and issued orders again and again.

After the voice of the command fell, the king of the realm exploded with black evil aura of sin. His whole body was entangled with the aura of sin. He screamed and fell into extreme pain. His hands kept scratching his face. There were ferocious blood marks, and even his own eyeballs were almost torn off by him, which was extremely ferocious and terrifying.

After hearing the Kaio’s order, many powerful men in the Kaio Palace were shocked and shocked. They came like a thunderstorm and surrounded Emperor Shiten, covering the sky and the sun.

The servants behind Emperor Shitian were all terrified.

With so many strong men, even if Emperor Shitian holds the Inner Demon Curse Sword, it is impossible to deal with them all at once, right?

Di Shitian, on the other hand, looked calm. Seeing many strong men rushing down from the sky, he waved his palm lightly, and there was a black shadow in front of him, rising into the sky, like a demon, like a prison, and like an eternal evil. The monster was rampaging, roaring and hissing, flailing its arms and legs, tearing apart the many strong men one by one.


The strong men were shocked and couldn’t believe their eyes.

The black shadow rising into the sky is none other than King Yama!

At this moment, the king of the realm has been completely controlled by the inner demon. His face is covered with bloodstains, and his body is full of black energy. He is as ferocious as a monster. He has become the puppet of Emperor Shitian’s inner demon.

In terms of strength, Emperor Shakten is definitely no match for the King of Realms. There is a huge gap!

However, the King of Kai failed miserably in front of him.

The King of the Realm was not defeated by Emperor Shitian, but by his own inner demons.

It was his inner demon that defeated him!

This is the terror of the inner demon, so the inner demon has become a cancer in all worlds! Everyone has inner demons! By controlling your inner demons, you can transcend great realms and make the other party fall into your own inner demons! ! !

This is also one of the reasons why Ancient Emperor Yuhuang never killed Emperor Shitian.

At this time, the king of the realm has completely lost his mind and has temporarily become the puppet of Emperor Shakten.

Di Shiten controlled the Kaiowen, rampaging and killing like gods and demons. He immediately surrounded many strong men in the Kaiou Palace and killed them all back. Broken corpses fell from the sky one after another.

“The master of the family is mighty!”

The dozen disciples of the Emperor Shitian shouted in surprise and looked at Emperor Shitian with ardent admiration.

Today is the first time they have seen the power of the inner demon. It is indeed terrifying and unbelievable. Even if their own cultivation level is far different from that of the enemy, relying on the killing power of the inner demon, the weak can defeat the strong. , easily turning the tide of the battle.

“Surrender to me.”

Di Shitian’s voice was light, but full of the domineering power of a king. He raised his hands, and hundreds of pure and bright long swords that were not stained with any blood flew into the sky.

Those are huge cursed swords of inner demons.

Many powerful men in the Kaio Palace saw the flying swords in the sky reflecting on their faces, and instantly felt their hearts turbulent. All kinds of sins and blood were drawn out, and they were tormented and tumbling madly.

At this moment, their inner demons were brought out.


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