The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7724: Emperor Shakti

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This time, the Four Forbidden Heaven Elders and Mu Yinxi were trying their best to protect him, and he was naturally grateful.

The Four Elders of Forbidden Heaven said: “It doesn’t matter. Like Martial Ancestor, we all believe that reincarnation can rise in this life, and you must be the real king!”

Mu Yinxi said: “Huang… no, brother Ye Chen, do you still want to continue cutting the shackles?”

She looked at Ren Qingfeng’s body and felt a little sad.

This time Ye Chen cut off the shackles, there were many difficulties. Fortunately, the crisis has been resolved now, and even the breath of hell’s destiny has been completely eliminated.

Next, Ye Chen can continue to cut off the shackles with peace of mind.

Ye Chen shook his head and said: “Now that there are many twists and turns, I need some time to calm down, and it is not suitable to continue cutting off the shackles.”

What happened just now greatly shook Ye Chen’s mind, and now he needs to calm down.

After all, it is extremely difficult to break the shackles of the heart. If you cannot maintain a calm mood, there is no possibility of success.

“Then, I’ll accompany you back.”

Mu Yinxi smiled and said.


Ye Chen nodded, and then returned to her goddess’s mansion with Mu Yinxi, preparing to calm down and prepare for cutting off the shackles again.

“Haha, I can’t believe that you, kid, actually mastered the ancient divine body so quickly and even pulled out the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor.”

On the way back, Ye Chen heard a familiar voice coming from the Samsara Cemetery.

It’s Huang Lao’s voice.

“Old Huang, you’re awake!”

Ye Chen was pleasantly surprised when he felt Old Man Huang wake up.

“Well, I was already awake when you awakened the ancient divine body. I never expected that you could pull out the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor.”

After waking up, Huang Lao still had deep shock in his tone.

After all, the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword is a divine weapon. Ye Chen’s ability to pull it out is simply an unprecedented feat. .

Ye Chen shook his head and said: “It’s just a small piece, it’s nothing.”

If all the Human Emperor’s holy swords were drawn out, it would be earth-shattering.

But at this moment, Ye Chen just pulled out a small part of the blade, which was not enough.

At least, the sharp edge of that small blade alone is not enough to defeat Wanxu.

Lao Huang smiled and said: “Step by step, at least you have made a good start.”

After a pause, Mr. Huang said solemnly: “However, the Iron Throne has broken with you, and you have an additional enemy, which is not easy to deal with.”

Ye Chen said: “I have already guessed that the Iron Throne is going to be my enemy, but with the pressure from Martial Ancestor, he no longer dares to take action personally. As long as he does not take action personally, I will be sure to compete.”

Now that Ye Chen’s physical shackles have all been cut off, his power is so strong that he is invincible, enough to easily kill the strong men in the fourth level of the Tianxuan Realm.

Now he has great confidence. As long as the Iron Throne does not come to an end personally, it is absolutely impossible for outsiders to suppress him.

Old Huang squinted his eyes and said, “I’m also a little curious about who the Iron Throne will be looking for to be his agent next.”

Now that Ren Qingfeng is dead and Hell’s destiny has been destroyed, the Iron Throne can only find new agents if it wants to deal with Ye Chen.


At this time, the Iron Throne tore through the void and returned to the underworld and the Dead Sea.

He stood on the shore, looking at the mighty Huangquan Sea, with a lot of thoughts in his heart.

“The Wanxu Temple also wanted to stop the reincarnation and cut off the shackles, and even sent Emperor Shitian down.”

“It’s just that Emperor Shitian went to the Shaoling Martial Arts Field, but he went to the wrong place.”

“Master Martial Ancestor does not allow me to do it myself. Then summon Emperor Shitian to come and let him deal with reincarnation. There may be a chance to crush that kid.”

The Iron Throne thought in his heart. It was inconvenient for him to end the situation in person, so he thought of Emperor Shitian.

“Emperor Shakti, come down! The Lord of Reincarnation is here!”

The Iron Throne released a thought, and the billowing iron-black aura rushed into the sky, penetrating the sky of the **** world, and conveyed the news that Ye Chen was in the **** world far away.

After releasing his thoughts, the corner of Iron Throne’s mouth raised a smile: “Next, I can wait and see the good show. If Emperor Shitian can really end reincarnation, he may be the king I am looking for.”


The **** world is in a barren mountain.

A space-time wormhole suddenly appeared.

A dashing, handsome, androgynous figure walked out of the wormhole, and it was none other than Emperor Shitian.

Behind Emperor Shitian, there were more than a dozen servants, all of whom had strong auras, including many masters of Tianjun.

“Master, is this the **** realm?”

“The Lord of Reincarnation is here?”

“It is said that in the **** world, there are mountains of corpses and seas of blood everywhere. Why is it that this place is full of vitality with the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers?”

The dozen servants looked around and couldn’t help but be surprised when they saw the beautiful scenery around them.

Emperor Shi Tiandao: “The Lord of Reincarnation has cut off the ten shackles of the physical body by cutting off the shackles. The atmosphere of his cutting off the shackles directly changed the laws of the world, let **** pass away, and established the order and vitality of reincarnation. If he does not kill the shackles as soon as possible, If he suppresses it, I’m afraid he will really have to cut off the shackles.”

The information coming from the Iron Throne contains many causes and effects.

So, Emperor Shitian was well aware of the information about the **** world and the distribution of many forces.

The dozen servants were shocked when they heard that Ye Chen’s behavior had even changed the laws of the world, and they all took a breath.

“Hiss… Hell is an infinite world. It is simply unbelievable that the Lord of Reincarnation can change the laws of the world on his own.”

“Master, what should we do?”

Many servants looked at Emperor Shitian. They were all from the Emperor Shi family.

At this time, Emperor Shitian replaced Emperor Shiwanye and became the head of the Taishang Shi family.


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