The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7723: Advent

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“Die! Without the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor, let me see what you can do to resist my majesty this time!”

The Iron Throne waved his hand, and a torrent of steel erupted, attacking Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen was prepared this time and quickly retreated.

The Iron Throne is too powerful right now, so Ye Chen plans to avoid the edge for the time being.

“Lord of Reincarnation, run away!”

The four elders of Forbidden Sky all flew in and stood in front of Ye Chen, protecting him from the attack of the torrent of steel.

The sight of Ye Chen cutting off the shackles and drawing the sword deeply shocked them. They didn’t want to see Ye Chen fall, and actually planned to sacrifice themselves to resist the impact of the Iron Throne.


Ye Chen was shocked, but he did not expect that the four elders of Forbidden Heaven would be willing to make such a big sacrifice to protect himself.

Seeing that the Four Forbidden Elders were about to be completely submerged by the iron torrent of the Iron Throne, but at this moment, a rough and mighty voice sounded:

“Tiejun, stop it.”

As the mighty voice sounded, the raging torrent of steel instantly collapsed.


The sky trembled, stars bloomed, and the image of the Hongmeng Starry Sky emerged.

Under the illumination of the starlight, even Mu Yinxi, who had turned into a steel statue, lost the traces of iron at this moment and quickly returned to human form.

Mu Yinxi, who had recovered as before, groaned, fell to the ground, and stared blankly at the sky.

She saw a rough, fierce, and extremely burly figure emerging above the starry sky.

That is the figure of Martial Ancestor!

When Martial Ancestor’s figure landed, he seemed to be standing tall against the sky. The chaotic laws of the world and the broken laws of space were restored to stability.

“Master Wuzu!”

The Iron Throne was shocked when he saw Martial Ancestor coming.

“Martial Ancestor Master…”

Ye Chen also had a dull look on his face. He didn’t expect that his fight with the Iron Throne would actually alarm Wu Zu.

“Welcome to the Martial Ancestor!”

The Four Forbidden Heaven Elders and Mu Yinxi knelt down to greet Martial Ancestor with great excitement and reverence.

Martial Ancestor looked at the Iron Throne with a hint of sadness and anger in his eyes, and said: “Iron Lord, didn’t you promise me that you would wait for reincarnation to cut off the shackles? If he can cut off the shackles a hundred times, will you submit?”

The Iron Throne was silent for a while, and then said: “Master Martial Ancestor, I’m sorry, I still can’t accept the existence of the Lord of Reincarnation. I would rather die than have him be my master.”

Martial Ancestor’s face darkened, and he finally sighed: “It seems that your impression of reincarnation is still stereotyped, so I won’t force you, but you actually want to kill him with your own hands. What do you mean? Your strength is enough. He has reached the top of the world, and the Lord of Reincarnation has just begun to cut off his shackles.”

“If you kill him directly, aren’t you afraid that the rules and luck will backfire and fall into a deep sleep forever?”

The Iron Throne said calmly: “Even if I perish forever, I don’t want to recognize him as my master.”

His calm tone contained firm determination.

Ye Chen was silent, knowing that the stereotype of the Iron Throne was too deep and impossible to change.

Martial Ancestor sighed and said: “No matter what, in this reincarnation, there is hope of rising up against the sky. My real body is trapped in time and space, and I will need him to rescue me in the future. I can’t let you kill him. Him.”

The Iron Throne said: “Then I’d better continue to sleep. This is the place where I once slept. I have returned to my hometown.”

Wu Zudao: “No, you can’t sleep either. If you don’t recognize reincarnation, then you continue to search for the king you want. I also want to see who the king who can finally rule the world is. That king may be able to step into Wuwu and restore order to the chaotic time and space.”

At the end, Wu Zu looked at Ye Chen with a hint of expectation and appreciation.

Obviously, in his eyes, the king who can ultimately rule the real world must be Ye Chen.

After ruling the real world, Ye Chen can transcend reality, step into nothingness, and establish the order of reincarnation in the time and space of nothingness.

This is Wu Zu’s expectation, and he also believes that Ye Chen can realize it.

The Iron Throne smiled disdainfully, naturally knowing what Wu Zu was thinking, but he still did not recognize Ye Chen, and immediately said: “I would rather die than accept the rule of reincarnation. If I don’t fall asleep, what will happen next As time goes by, I will continue to deal with reincarnation.”

Martial Ancestor sighed: “Tiejun, you have your own way. If you don’t accept reincarnation, I won’t force you. However, you can’t do it yourself. This violates the rules, and you may be backlashed.”

The Iron Throne glanced at Ren Qingfeng’s broken body and said, “I can’t do it myself. I can find someone else.”

This time, Ren Qingfeng failed, but the Iron Throne did not give up.

There is definitely someone in this world who can defeat Ye Chen.

Even if he can’t do it himself, he can definitely find the right person.

Martial Ancestor nodded and said: “You can find whatever you want, but you can’t end it personally. This is my bottom line. I hope you can understand.”

The Iron Throne looked at Martial Ancestor’s figure and said with some worry: “Master Martial Ancestor, when you come down, will you disturb the monsters in Wuwu Time and Space?”

Once upon a time, Martial Ancestor came to Forbidden City, and he alerted the monster of Wuwu Time and Space, causing the monster to chase him down, almost causing a catastrophe.

Martial Ancestor smiled rather sadly and said: “Since you know my difficulties, you will keep your promise from now on and will not personally attack Samsara. Unless Samsara becomes the Lord of Heaven, I will definitely come to stop it.”

The Iron Throne was shocked and ashamed, and said: “Master Wuzu, please rest assured, I can understand your difficulties.”

Wu Zu said: “This is very good, then I will go back.”

After a pause, Wu Zu’s eyes fell on Ye Chen, and he smiled and said: “Disciple, I believe that one day, you will be the king of this world. One day, we will be able to meet each other in time and space. See you.”

After the words fell, Martial Ancestor’s figure completely faded and disappeared.

A ray of starlight shot out from where he disappeared and fell into Ye Chen’s eyebrows.

Ye Chen’s head buzzed, and he suddenly gained endless insights.

That is the magical enlightenment of Hongmeng Starry Sky!

When Martial Ancestor came this time, he directly blessed him and gave him the cultivation insights of Hongmeng Starry Sky to help Ye Chen make progress.

“Master Martial Ancestor, thank you very much…”

Ye Chen thanked him silently in his heart. Wu Zu came and went in a hurry this time, but he directly resolved his crisis and gave him a blessing.

Under the pressure of Martial Ancestor, the Iron Throne did not dare to cause chaos again.

He silently glanced at Ye Chen, snorted, and finally turned around and left. His body disappeared into the void and quickly disappeared.

The Four Forbidden Heaven Elders and Mu Yinxi looked at each other, still in great shock.

When Martial Ancestor came this time, they could clearly feel Martial Ancestor’s expectations for Ye Chen.

Wu Zu and Ye Chen have a master-disciple-like friendship and a deep relationship.

“Elders, Miss Mu, thank you very much.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and thanked the Four Forbidden Heaven Elders and Mu Yinxi.


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