The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7722: The ultimate nothingness! (Asking for votes!)

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The Holy Sword of the Human Emperor that had been unable to be pulled out was finally pulled out by Ye Chen at this moment!

Only a small piece of the blade was pulled out, only about **** wide, but such a small piece of the blade erupted with unimaginable golden light.


The holy sword vibrated, and the golden sword light rose into the sky. . .


The magnificent and terrifying torrent of steel was completely cut through by Ye Chen’s holy sword golden light in an instant.

The signs of iron on Ye Chen’s body also collapsed in an instant.

The blood in his meridians flows again.

His Dantian and spiritual energy were restored.

All magic weapons, magical powers and martial arts can flow freely without any hindrance.

Ye Chen held the Human Emperor’s Sacred Sword in both hands, raised his head high, and tried to pull out the entire knife, but the blade was embedded firmly and he could only pull out a small part.

Although it is only a small blade, the sharp edge it emits seems to be enough.

The golden sword light kept buzzing and flashing.

The sword light was brilliant, sharp and sharp, and the majesty it erupted was difficult to describe in worldly words.

That is the killing from Wuwu!

“What! The Human Emperor’s Holy Sword, you actually pulled out the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword!”

The Iron Throne was shocked when he saw Ye Chen’s figure. He was not drowned by the torrent of steel. Instead, he came out with a single blow.

The knife in Ye Chen’s hand is the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword. Although he only pulled out a small part of the blade, the fierce aura that erupted was enough to make people fearful.

“Isn’t the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor in the hands of the King of the Realm? How could it be in the hands of the Lord of Reincarnation?”

The four elders of Forbidden Heaven were extremely horrified when they saw the sharp edge of the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword.

Ren Qingfeng was also completely frightened. He couldn’t believe his eyes and said to himself in horror: “This kid actually pulled out the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor. What a joke…”

The Holy Sword of the Human Emperor is a divine weapon. Even if it is as powerful as the King of the Realm, it has been drawn for thousands of years and it has not been shaken in the slightest.

But at this moment, Ye Chen actually succeeded in drawing the sword, which was simply unbelievable.

Ye Chen stared at the figure on the Iron Throne with cold eyes, and said: “It seems that I haven’t fallen yet in this life!”

As soon as the words fell, the light of the holy sword in Ye Chen’s hand turned into a slaying sword, slashing towards the Iron Throne with a devastating force.

Although there is a huge gap between Ye Chen’s strength and the Iron Throne.

However, the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor is a divine weapon and a law of nothingness. It can reverse reality. Regardless of the gap in realm, even ants can kill the gods.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s sword also has a chance to kill the Iron Throne directly!

The Iron Throne was fearful, deeply fearful. Seeing the light of the holy sword and its extremely sharp killing, he felt his scalp numb.

He has never seen such a terrifying and sharp sword light.

That is the real world, a killing that cannot exist.

It is Wu Wu’s edge!

“Damn it, stop it!”

Under the beheading of Ye Chen’s holy sword, the Iron Throne was also a little confused, flying up and waving its big hands.

Bang bang bang——

In the vast void, countless steel auras roared in, forming thousands of steel shields, blocking the Iron Throne.

Chila, chila, chila——

However, the light of Ye Chen’s holy sword slashed through it. The tens of millions of steel shields were more fragile than paper. They were cut through one by one and could not stop Ye Chen’s sword at all.

In the end, Ye Chen’s extremely sharp sword struck in front of the Iron Throne.

The Iron Throne was frightened, and subconsciously grabbed Ren Qingfeng’s hand from the air, blocking him in front of him.


Ye Chen’s knife struck Ren Qingfeng’s body hard.

“Iron… Lord Iron Throne…”

Ren Qingfeng was stunned. He didn’t expect the Iron Throne to use him as a shield.

His body broke instantly.

The human emperor’s holy sword exploded, and Ren Qingfeng’s body and soul were completely destroyed in just one breath.


A wisp of black air flowed out from his body.

That is the demonic energy of hell’s destiny!

However, this demonic energy was instantly annihilated by Ye Chen’s sword.

The Holy Sword of the Human Emperor is simply invincible, even the destiny of **** has been completely chopped into pieces.

The breath of hell’s destiny was originally in Shanrou’s body, but was later purified by the net pool, escaped, and fell into Ren Qingfeng’s body.

But at this moment, under Ye Chen’s execution, this destiny of **** was completely destroyed and no longer existed.

The **** world, one of the six realms of reincarnation, existed for Ye Chen, but now that the destiny of **** has been destroyed, this target no longer exists.

“Wuwu’s divine weapon is really terrifying, even the destiny of **** has been destroyed.”

The Iron Throne was deeply shocked, throwing away Ren Qingfeng’s broken body and looking directly at Ye Chen.

He could capture the terrifying aura on Ye Chen’s body.

Being able to annihilate the destiny of **** is not only the sharpness of the Wuwu artifact, but also the dominance of reincarnation!

“What a pity…”

When Ye Chen saw that his sword failed to kill the Iron Throne, but only killed Ren Qingfeng, he couldn’t help but feel deeply regretful and felt powerless.


As Ye Chen lost his strength, the blade of the Human Emperor’s holy sword also returned to its sheath, and all the golden sword light dissipated.

Ye Chen tried to pull out the sword again, but the energy consumption was too great and he could no longer pull it out.

“Haha, Lord of Reincarnation, it seems that you are still unable to control the Holy Sword of the Human Emperor.”

“That’s right, no artifact can be mastered by people other than people in the real world.”

“You still can’t escape the fate of destruction today!”

The Iron Throne’s eyes lit up when he saw the Human Emperor’s holy sword being sheathed, and then he sneered.

Ye Chen can only draw his sword once, but his power is endless.


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