The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7721: Are you going to die?

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No one could rise in the nine previous reincarnations, but in Ye Chen’s life, there may be a chance to rise against the odds. They are witnessing history and great achievements at this moment!

Ye Chen’s eyes were cold and without any words, he held the Heavenly Sword of Samsara and struck towards Ren Qingfeng again.

Ren Qingfeng was completely frightened, and felt that Ye Chen’s sword energy was so fierce and majestic that he could not resist it. . .

Under Ye Chen’s sword light, he was as weak as a pig or a dog.

“Lord of Reincarnation, you dare to kill my people?”

Seeing that Ren Qingfeng was about to be killed by Ye Chen, but at this moment, a cold and deep voice sounded, and there was a strong wind between heaven and earth.


Auras of steel exploded crazily in the vast void.

The world that had been destroyed into a chaotic void began to turn into a kingdom of steel.

Pyramids made of steel have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain.

In the center, at the top of the tallest pyramid, a huge steel throne slowly emerged with hundreds of iron swords on its back.

A figure, sitting indifferently on the Iron Throne, is the weapon spirit of the Iron Throne.

The Iron Throne’s eyes were cold, and with a flick of his finger, a green-black light swept across the world and exploded.

This blue-black light, with strong steel majesty, swept towards Ye Chen like a torrent.

Ye Chen wanted to kill Ren Qingfeng with one sword, but under the impact of the steel torrent, he could only retreat.

“My Lord the Iron Throne!”

Ren Qingfeng was pleasantly surprised when he saw the Iron Throne coming to help.

“The Iron Throne has arrived!”

The four elders of Forbidden Heaven were also shocked. It seemed that Ren Qingfeng was right, the Iron Throne really wanted to kill Ye Chen.

They could clearly feel the killing intent in the Iron Throne’s eyes.

“Lord of Reincarnation, you are indeed powerful. If you just cut off the shackles of the physical body, you will be almost heaven-defying. If you really cut off the shackles of the heart, you will be an invincible existence.”

The Iron Throne sat at the top of the pyramid, looking down at Ye Chen, and sighed deeply.

Ye Chen caught the murderous intention of the Iron Throne and said: “You really want to break the agreement and even kill me with your own hands?”

Once upon a time, the Iron Throne said that if Ye Chen could cut off the shackles of a hundred ways, he would submit.

But now, before Ye Chen has finished cutting off the shackles, he comes to stop him, and even wants to kill him with his own hands, which is obviously a violation of the agreement and promise.

The Iron Throne said calmly: “You are not the king I am looking for. Naturally, I cannot wait to die and let you rise and dominate me.”

Ye Chen said: “If I cut off hundreds of shackles, wouldn’t I be worthy of being called king?”

The Iron Throne was silent for a while, then shook his head and said: “If you can really cut off a hundred shackles, you may be qualified to be king, but I don’t like you and just want to kill you. What can you do?”

Ye Chen chuckled and said, “I didn’t expect you hate me so much.”

The Iron Throne said: “I can’t say I hate you, I just don’t like you. In my heart, you are always a waste who has been reincarnated for nine lives and has not been able to rise.”

“I have seen the tragic scenes before your death in your nine previous lives. In your previous life, you were even killed by your fiancée, and you died like a dog.”

“How can I recognize a dog as my master?”

In his tone, he made no secret of his dislike for Ye Chen.

Even if Ye Chen has a chance to rise in this life, he is still unwilling to submit to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head. It seemed that the Iron Throne’s stereotype of him had been formed and would not change no matter what.

“I will kill you today. If you want to rise, just wait until the next life.”

The Iron Throne’s tone was cold, and then he waved his hand, and a black and boundless torrent of steel surged toward Ye Chen.

He wants to kill Ye Chen with his own hands and end the reincarnation of this life.

“The Lord of Reincarnation!”

The four elders of Forbidden Heaven exclaimed loudly, never expecting that the Iron Throne would actually take action to kill Ye Chen.

They wanted to take action to protect Ye Chen, but against the rolling torrent of steel, even they seemed extremely small. How could they resist?

Ye Chen looked at the surging torrent of steel, and his pupils shrank violently.

At this moment, although he has cut off the shackles of his physical body and has even become an ancient divine body, there is still a huge gap in strength compared to the Iron Throne.

The Iron Throne personally assassinated Ye Chen, and it was difficult for him to resist.

“Hahaha, Lord of Reincarnation, you are still going to die after all!”

When Ren Qingfeng saw that Ye Chen’s body was about to be submerged by the torrent of steel, he couldn’t help but let out a burst of laughter, which was extremely joyful.

The torrent of steel came to attack him. Before he could reach him, Ye Chen felt his body begin to stiffen.

The Reincarnation Cemetery was also completely blocked by an invisible steel aura, making it impossible to mobilize.

His Holy Grail of Human Slaughter, the Underworld Picture, the Wish Star and many other magic weapons are all blocked and cannot be released.

Many heavenly swords were directly enveloped by the aura of steel, as if they were turned into iron.

Even Ye Chen’s meridians, blood, and dantian were blocked, and he couldn’t mobilize any spiritual energy in his body.


The monstrous torrent of steel came like a tsunami, and finally completely engulfed Ye Chen.

Reincarnation will be destroyed?

The eyes of the four elders of Forbidden Sky all showed expressions of helplessness, loneliness, and regret.

They were very optimistic about Ye Chen, and the majestic scene of Ye Chen cutting off the shackles just now completely conquered them.

If Ye Chen is given enough time, he will surely rise against the odds in this reincarnation.

But it is a pity that the Iron Throne came in person, but killed Ye Chen with his own hands.

Mu Yinxi, who turned into a steel statue, seemed to feel that Ye Chen was being submerged, and the statue’s eyes actually shed two lines of clear tears.

Ye Chen was in the torrent of steel and felt unable to breathe. His body was rapidly becoming iron and became extremely stiff.

He knew that in ten breaths at most, he would be completely reduced to a steel statue and completely destroyed.

If he hadn’t mastered the ancient divine body, he might not have been able to last even these ten breaths.

“Is my destiny finally coming to an end?”

Ye Chen’s heart was empty and confused, but he had no fear of death. After practicing the Rock Heart Technique, his heart was as solid as a rock. He no longer had the emotion of fear, but only felt regret.

Feeling that his body, all magic weapons, and all kinds of magical powers were turning into iron, Ye Chen felt sincerely regretful.

But at this moment, Ye Chen found that he still had a weapon on his body, which had not been blocked or ironized.

That’s a knife.

The Holy Sword of the Human Emperor!

“The Holy Sword of the Human Emperor, no divine weapon, can it resist the majesty of the Iron Throne?”

Ye Chen was shocked, and in the endless loss, he found a glimmer of hope for reversal.

With a thought in his mind, he took out the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword, stretched out his hands with difficulty, and grasped the blade and scabbard of the Human Emperor’s Holy Sword.

“Get out of the sheath!”

Ye Chen’s eyes were focused, and with firm belief in his heart, he grasped the handle of the knife tightly and pulled it out with all his strength.


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