The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7630: Wake up

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Beiming Divine Lord twisted his face and said sternly: “Lord of Reincarnation, you have been deceived by this witch! It seems that I must kill this witch, and then take you back to the cult and hand you over to the goddess of heaven. Only by dealing with it can you wake up! ”

As soon as he finished speaking, the spiritual energy from the fourth level of the Tianxuan Realm of Beiming God burst out, causing sand and rocks to fly everywhere and strong winds to billow.

In the sky above his head, there was an illusory shadow of a giant Kun from the northern sea. It swallowed clouds and smoke, turned over rivers and seas, raised its head to the sky and screamed, which was a spectacular sight.

The violent majesty of the Heavenly King exploded, causing the surrounding temples to collapse.

Gu Kuang, who was next to him, could not bear the pressure of the Beiming God and retreated continuously.

Gu Kuang is on the first level of the Tianxuan Realm. Compared with the Beiming Divine Lord on the fourth level, he is three levels behind.

The huge gap between the three realms made him look like an ant in front of the Beiming God.

At this moment, Beiming God’s majesty exploded, and he could only retreat in horror, while looking at Ye Chen worriedly.

When Ye Chen felt the aura of Lord Beiming, his face darkened and he hurriedly retreated.

With his current strength, if he does not use the Samsara Cemetery, Samsara Essence and Blood, Human Slaughter Holy Grail and other trump cards, he will still be very reluctant to face the high-level experts of the fourth level of Tianxuan Realm.

God Beiming flew over in one step, slapped his palm hard, and opened the lid of the black coffin again, reaching out to grab the girl out.


Ye Chen’s eyes were furious, and his spiritual energy was released. He withstood the pressure of the Beiming God, rushed forward, and struck the Beiming God with a palm.

The Beiming Divine Lord was now prepared, without any fear, and faced the attack with a fierce palm.

He believed that Ye Chen was deceived, so he acted mercilessly.


Close your palms together.

Ye Chen only felt a strong force and rushed towards him. He spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot and retreated continuously.

With his current level of cultivation, if he doesn’t use his trump card, it would still be too much to confront an old monster-level Tianxuan expert like his opponent head-on.

The Supreme Goddess will not accept mediocre people.

It is impossible to suppress the powerful people in the Taishang World here.

“Seniors, give me a helping hand!”

Ye Chen roared in his heart, communicating with the graveyard of reincarnation.

Now his power can probably tear apart Tianjun’s second level of heaven, but this is the limit.

Tianjun’s fourth level of heaven is two realms higher than Tianjun’s second level of heaven. The gap is huge. He is difficult to match no matter what, and must rely on the power of the graveyard masters.

However, to Ye Chen’s expectation, when his voice fell, the reincarnation cemetery was silent.

Chaos Wind Emperor, Chaos Flame Emperor, Chaos Thunder Emperor, and Chaos Rain Emperor have no intention of lending their strength to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was stunned.

Chaos Rain Emperor’s face had a hint of gloom as he said: “Boy, I think it’s better to kill the witch. The aura on her body is too dangerous.”

Ye Chen was stunned. He didn’t expect that the four Chaos God Emperors had the same idea. They all wanted the girl in the black coffin to die, so they didn’t lend him any help.

“No! I said, killing people for no reason, I feel guilty!”

Ye Chen’s eyes were cracked. This was the first time he had such a serious disagreement with the powerful people in the Samsara Cemetery.

Since the four Chaos God Emperors are unwilling to lend their strength, then Ye Chen can only rely on himself!

“People slaughter the Holy Grail, the Supreme King fights against the king!”

Ye Chen clenched his fists tightly, veins popped out in his arms, Samsara essence and blood burned, spiritual energy exploded all over his body, violent fighting spirit boiled, and a huge shadow of an ancient war king appeared behind him.

That is the scene of the supreme battle against the king!

This Supreme Fighting King’s Way was taught to Ye Chen personally by Wu Zu, and represents the ultimate in fighting spirit!

The vast and ancient phantom of the War King gradually erupted into a rich blood-carnage aura.

The Human Slaughter Holy Grail was sacrificed, spinning around Ye Chen.

The golden Holy Grail is now flowing with ferocious and terrifying blood from its core.

Rolling blood, with extreme murderous intent, merged with the shadow of the war king.

In an instant, Ye Chen seemed to transform into a killing king, striding out.


The blood energy is soaring to the sky, the earth is cracking, the laws of heaven and earth are disappearing, the world here seems to be overturned, and there are tearing winds and black hole whirlpools everywhere.

Gu Kuang, who was watching the battle from a distance, felt Ye Chen’s shocking momentum and was completely shocked.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s samsara essence and blood were burning, the battle king’s Taoism and the Human Slaughter Holy Grail were perfectly integrated, and the power was so powerful that it could crush an entire universe.

“King of Killing Fist!”

As Ye Chen’s murderous aura steamed, he even showed the terrifying appearance of a green face and fangs, and blasted out with a shocking punch.

God Beiming was extremely shocked when he felt Ye Chen’s fierce punch.

“As expected of the person that the goddess is interested in!”

“The eighth level of Taizhen Realm can be so powerful!”

“It’s a pity that the difference between our realm and cultivation is too big after all.”

“The giant Kun treasure technique is broken!”

Although Beiming Divine Lord was shaken, he did not panic. With a movement of his skinny fist, the shadow of the giant Kun in the sky fell down and merged into his hand.

His skinny fist suddenly shed all its withered wrinkles and became full of vitality, full of energy and blood, and unparalleled in power.


The fists of the two collided fiercely, just like the collision of two big suns. A terrifying wave of air instantly erupted, tearing the void apart.

Under the huge force of impact, the flesh and skin of the two fists were torn open, bones were shot out, and the flesh and blood shot out evolved into small and vibrant worlds in the void, and then annihilated.

The pure essence of flesh and blood and the majestic energy of the two people can be seen clearly.


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