The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7629: The whereabouts of the **** soul

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I saw an old figure descending from the sky, carrying wisps of bright crystal light, and came to Ye Chen’s side in a few flashes.

That was a Heavenly Lord, at the fourth level of the Sky Profound Realm, and quite powerful.

Ye Chen sensed carefully and caught a hint of familiar aura.

This old man who came down actually carries the karma of the Supreme Goddess.

Could he be a subordinate of the Supreme Goddess?

The old man’s eyes were like lightning. After taking a look at Ye Chen, his attention fell on the black coffin. With a hint of shock and horror in his expression, he said: “Lord of Reincarnation, where did you get that black coffin?” ?”

Ye Chen frowned and said: “Who are you? Are you a subordinate of the goddess?”

Only then did the old man realize that he was being rude, and he quickly bowed and raised his hands, saying: “I, Lord Beiming, one of the twelve gods under the Heavenly Goddess, the Lord of Reincarnation, this is the first time we meet, so I’m rude.”

Ye Chen was shocked and said: “Are you one of the twelve gods?”

The Twelve Gods are all subordinates of the Goddess. They were trained by the Goddess for the “Pig Raising Project” with the purpose of assisting Ye Chen’s growth.

Ye Chen has already seen many of the twelve gods, but he didn’t expect to see a new one today, and he was also a fourth-level heavenly king.

The Beiming God said: “Yes! My duty was originally to assist you, the Lord of Reincarnation, but you have made rapid breakthroughs and made rapid progress, and I can no longer help you much.”

“So, Lady Tiannu arranged another task for me, asking me to track down the whereabouts of a witch.”

Ye Chen was shocked and said: “What witch?”

Goddess Beiming said: “The witch is sleeping in a black coffin called the Hub of Hell, and her body is filled with evil energy. Once she wakes up, she may cause a huge amount of bloodshed, and the consequences will be disastrous. Lord Tiannv, from a long time ago, I have been searching for it. I was recently ordered to search for it, and today I found it in the hands of the Lord of Reincarnation. It is so pitiful that the goddess of heaven and you, the Lord of Reincarnation, are indeed destined to be together.”

Ye Chen said: “What is the origin of that witch? Why is the goddess looking for her?”

Beiming Divine Master paused, collected his words, and said: “I don’t know the origin of that witch. I only know that she is evil. Once she comes to the world, she will definitely cause a huge disaster. Lord Tiannu has assigned a task. “If I find this girl, I will dig out her heart and bring her back to the Wish Cult.”

Ye Chen said: “Tear out her heart?”

God Beiming said: “Yes! Lord of reincarnation, please open the coffin and hand over the witch in the coffin to my disposal.”

Ye Chen’s face darkened, he retreated to the door of the main hall room, pressed his palm on the black coffin, and said: “No, I can’t give you this coffin casually.”

Beiming Divine Lord frowned and said: “Lord of Reincarnation, that witch is said to be naked all over and has a coquettish appearance. You must not be deceived by her. It is better to leave her to the disposal of my Wish God Cult. As long as she digs it out Her heart, then everything will be fine.”

Ye Chen said: “I was not deceived by the witch, but the fragments of the **** soul are still in her body. I can’t hand her over to you.”

Beiming Divine Lord said: “The fragments of the **** soul path are not in the witch. She is just contaminated with a trace of hell. Lord of reincarnation, please take care of the face of the goddess of heaven and kill this person quickly. Leave it to me.”

Ye Chen was startled and looked at the black coffin at hand: “Isn’t the soul of **** not in her body?”

God Beiming said: “Of course not. In fact, the fragments of the **** soul path are gone.”

Ye Chen was stunned: “No more? What does this mean?”

Beiming Divine Lord said: “Back then, the Holy Soul Heaven of Samsara broke apart in a battle and was divided into six parts. However, the fragments belonging to the **** soul path were completely broken and destroyed and no longer existed.”

“So, this magic weapon is incomplete. Even if you want to collect it, you can only collect five fragments at most. The last fragment of **** is absolutely impossible to find.”

“Because the fragments of **** have long since shattered and disappeared.”

“Whether it is Wanxu, Lady Tiannv, or many forces in the Taishang World, they have not deliberately searched for the Holy Soul of Reincarnation. It is because the magic weapon cannot be restored to integrity. A incomplete weapon, the power will eventually Limited.”

After hearing what Beiming God said, Ye Chen was as shocked as a thunderbolt, and his whole body was stunned.

The fragments of the **** soul path have long since collapsed and disappeared, and the world no longer exists?

In that case, wouldn’t it be in vain for all his hard work to collect the fragments of the Holy Soul Heaven of Samsara?

Ye Chen froze on the spot, with countless thoughts passing through his mind.

That’s right. The Thirty-three Heavenly Divine Artifact, the Holy Soul of Samsara, was once ranked number one, even more powerful than the Heavenly Monarch Monument. Why didn’t Wan Xu grab it?

It turns out that this magic weapon is destined to be incomplete!

The witch was only contaminated with a hint of the breath of hell, and the fragments of the **** soul were not really in her body.

After Ye Chen’s Tianji induction, he discovered that the cause and effect were consistent, and the Beiming God was not lying.

The fragments of the **** soul path have indeed disappeared.

The Holy Soul Heaven of Samsara is destined to be incomplete and cannot be restored to integrity.

“Lord of Reincarnation, give that witch to me!”

“Her witch’s heart is the necessary material for the breakthrough of the goddess’s divine magic!”

God Beiming’s eyes were sharp, and while Ye Chen was distracted, he flashed over like a ghost. He slapped the black coffin with his palm, and the lid flew away.

In the black coffin, the demonic energy was billowing and extremely strong.

In the billowing blood of the magic mist, one can vaguely see a pretty and peaceful face, sleeping quietly.

Beiming Divine Lord’s eyes flashed brightly, and his skinny palm shot out, aiming to penetrate the heart of the girl in the coffin.


Ye Chen’s body was shaken, and he came to his senses. He shot out his right hand like lightning, intercepted the palm of Lord Beiming, and pushed him out with another hard push.

The Beiming God was horrified. He took three steps back and said, “How can your hand be so powerful!? The martial arts shackles in your palm have been cut off?”

He is a strong man at the fourth level of Tianxuan Realm, but he was actually repelled by Ye Chen just now. Although he was caught off guard and didn’t use any force, it was already very terrifying.

Ye Chen’s strength was surprisingly great, and he had obviously broken the shackles of martial arts.


Ye Chen quickly closed the coffin lid again and said, “Senior Beiming, I can’t leave this girl to you.”

God Beiming said: “Why? The fragments of the **** soul path are not on her body!”

Ye Chen said: “I know, but since she has the aura of hell, it might be useful to keep her.”

Currently, Ye Chen has collected five fragments of the Samsara Holy Soul Heaven, and is still short of the last **** fragment.

Even though the fragments of **** are gone, this girl has the aura of **** in her body. She may be the key to completing the Holy Soul Heaven of Reincarnation!


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