The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7627: Creation

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Countless shadows of demons and ghosts were shouting crazily, dancing crazily, and singing crazily in the temple. Monsters with shackles and chains on their heads were shouting, struggling, and rolling like crazy. The scene was extremely terrifying.

What Ye Chen saw in his eyes were all nightmare-like scenes from hell. On the surface, they looked like illusions, but the sounds he heard in his ears were sharp and harsh, and the stench he smelled in his nose was full of corpses, which was disgusting. , not like an illusion at all.

In the main hall of the temple, Gu Kuang huddled behind the guarding restraint. Looking at the scene of ghosts dancing wildly outside the hall, he was so frightened that his lips were blue and white, and he was trembling.

He saw countless wronged souls and demons, rushing towards Ye Chen like a tide.

“The Heavenly Sword of Samsara, broken!”

Ye Chen calmly raised the Heavenly Sword of Samsara. When the sword shook, the vast and sacred atmosphere of the Heavenly Kingdom of Samsara filled the air.

As soon as the Holy Land of Heaven and the Gospel of Reincarnation descended, all the evil demons around them screamed, and their bodies evaporated into white smoke. In just a moment, they were completely transcended by Ye Chen’s power of reincarnation. .

“The source of this evil spirit from **** is not here.”

Ye Chen frowned slightly. Although he easily shattered the illusion of **** around him, he clearly felt that it was not the source of the evil energy of hell, but just a little leaked energy.

Ye Chen looked at the energy pillars erupting from the ground in the distance. His heart was slightly moved, and he rushed towards it with the Heavenly Sword of Samsara in hand.

Gu Kuang in the main hall couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw Ye Chen easily crushing the illusion of **** and going to trace the source of the evil spirit.

“The divine power of reincarnation is indeed vast. The evil spirit of **** that I dare not touch for ten thousand years, he crushed it with one sword…”

Gu Kuang was filled with admiration in his heart, and suddenly he caught a familiar secret from Ye Chen, which was related to Xia Ruoxue.

“If the Lord of Reincarnation really has a connection with the future headmaster of our Xingyue Divine Religion, then it will be a true blessing for our Divine Religion…”

Gu Kuang murmured, wanting to go out and follow Ye Chen to see if he could help in any way, but he was afraid of the terrifying evil spirit of **** and did not dare to go out easily.

But Ye Chen flew all the way and soon came to the place where the evil spirit of **** spewed out.

Looking carefully, it turned out that just as Gu Kuang said, a huge gap opened in the ground, and dark red energy spurted out from the crack, forming a spectacle like a volcanic eruption.

The huge and dark red crack in the ground looked like a door to hell, as if it were burning with flames.

“What will happen underground?”

Ye Chen’s eyes moved and he stared at the hellish portal in front of him. He carefully sensed that there was indeed the aura of the **** soul here, but it was not specific.

“It seems I still have to go down and find out.”

Ye Chen thought to himself, and then his soul moved and released the Holy Soul of Samsara.


A magnificent sky opened above Ye Chen’s head.

The vast sky was vibrating with soul energy and was vaguely divided into six regions.

The area belonging to the six paths of genius and soul path of **** is empty, but at this time, there is a constant buzzing sound, vaguely echoing the hellish portal.

Under the ground, there are probably fragments of the soul of **** dormant!

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Samsara Holy Soul Heaven to resonate so strongly.

With only the last fragment left, the Holy Soul Heaven of Samsara can be restored to integrity. Such an excellent opportunity, Ye Chen will naturally not miss it.

Using the Holy Soul Heaven of Samsara and the Heavenly Sword of Samsara to protect his body, Ye Chen took a deep breath and jumped into the hell-like portal.

That hellish portal is actually just a crack in the ground, but there are countless dark red energies gushing out, so it looks particularly scary.

Ye Chen jumped in along the crack in the ground, feeling as if he had jumped into an abyss, his body falling downwards with no end in sight.

Ye Chen was in a strong mood, but he was not afraid. Two golden lights shot out from his eyes, paying attention to the surrounding environment.

The surroundings of his body were filled with the evil spirit of hell, scarlet and blazing.

If it were an ordinary person, or even a low-level Heavenly Lord, his spirit would probably be lost in this evil aura from hell, and his body would be eroded into withered bones.

Ye Chen is extremely strong physically and mentally, and even the evil spirits from **** cannot harm him.

However, seeing the many evil spirits from hell, so strong, Ye Chen felt a strong interest in his heart.

What kind of existence is the **** soul path?

Judging from the current weather, the aura of the **** soul path is probably much more powerful than the ordinary soul path.

Finally, Ye Chen landed underground.

This underground world is extremely hot, and the red evil aura of **** is flowing everywhere, making this world seem like a world of magma.

And in the evil spirit, the visions of wronged souls, demons, eighteen levels of hell, ghosts, and howling ghosts are far more intense than the outside world.

Fortunately, Ye Chen is protected by the Holy Soul of Samsara and the Heavenly Sword of Samsara, and those hellish visions cannot harm him.

“The source of the **** soul path should be nearby.”

The resonance coming from the Samsara Holy Soul Heaven became even stronger.

Ye Chen is certain that the Hell Soul Path is not far away.

He followed the resonant breath and moved forward cautiously.

As we move forward, the visions of **** become even more bizarre.

Ye Chen even saw that there were many ordinary stones on the ground, which turned into white bones after being corroded by the evil spirit of hell.

As he walked forward, he stepped on corpses along the way, crushing countless dead bones.

Those are real corpses and bones, transformed from ordinary stones.

The evil energy of **** is so powerful that it can change the original structure of objects and turn everything into bones and corpses.

In the underground world, there are also some flowers, plants, underground rivers and so on.

But under the erosion of the evil spirit of hell, the flowers and plants turned into evil corpses, and the underground rivers turned into corpse water. When a person steps on them, they become soft, as if they are stepping on a pile of rotten flesh.

Ye Chen almost vomited. This was not an illusion, but a real existence.

The evil spirit of **** has reached the level of “creation” and “good fortune”. It can transform everything into corpses, bones, blood, rotten flesh, pus, and other horrible things.

Ye Chen was even sure that if the evil spirit of **** spread out and corroded the stars, it would be enough to turn a star into a huge, stinking corpse.

After stepping on countless dead bones and corpses, Ye Chen finally saw a black coffin with the pattern of **** printed on it amidst the endless evil energy!

The black coffin was quietly placed on a stone platform. There were several candles around it, burning eternally. There were also skulls stained with blood, enshrined in ancient formations all around. .

“The source of the evil spirit is inside this black coffin!”


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