The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7624: Dugu

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“That boy’s luck is too bad. Now it seems that it is impossible for outsiders to kill him. The only way is to let his own inner demons kill him.”

Di Shitian looked at Ancient Emperor Yuhuang and said: “I, Emperor Shitian, have never been inferior to others. You can kill me, but if you want me to serve you and bow my head, that is absolutely impossible. ”

“What I’m talking to you about is fair cooperation.”

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang was stunned for a moment, then realized the truth, narrowed his eyes and smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, I will give you justice, I will recast your body for you, help you reach the top of the inner demon, and you will kill the reincarnation for me. Lord, fair trade for everyone.”

“For the sake of safety, I will plant a restriction in your body. If you rebel, you will die immediately!”

“Of course, no one can tell how mysterious the top of the inner demon is, so if you have the chance, you can kill me.”

Di Shitian nodded, although he knew that there was little hope, but it was better than being a prisoner now, and said: “Okay, that will be it.”

Di Shi Wanye, who was in the giant cauldron next to him, was horrified when he heard the deal between Di Shitian and Ancient Emperor Yu Huang, and said to Ancient Emperor Yu Huang:

“Ancestor, you must not do this!”

“The top of the inner demon, that sharp blade that represents no time and space, is enough to kill through the entire real world. If you help him reach the top, you will never be able to control him again!”

“I know very well the temperament of my descendant. He is a complete madman! If his inner demon reaches the top, everyone will die! The real world will also completely collapse!”

Hearing this, Ancient Emperor Yuhuang snorted, looked at Emperor Shitian and said: “Emperor Shitian, your ancestor disagrees, what do you think we should do?”

Di Shitian looked at Di Shi Wanye who was soaked in the giant cauldron, and said in a calm voice: “Ancient Emperor Yuhuang, you are going to execute my ancestor, aren’t you going to use his body to recast my body for me? He is a dying man, why bother asking for his opinion?”

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang laughed loudly and said: “Okay! Emperor Shitian, you are indeed smart!”

It turns out that he soaked Emperor Shimanye in the medicine cauldron to prepare to recast Emperor Shimanye’s body into Emperor Shitian’s body.

Dishi Wanye is the ancestor of Dishi Tian. It is best to give his body to Di Shitian. The blood is the same and there will be no rejection. Naturally, it is the best.

Emperor Shi Wanye was so frightened that he even broke out in cold sweat. He finally knew the ancient Emperor Yuhuang’s plan and said in a trembling voice: “Ancestor, you actually want to give my body to my descendants? I How powerful is your physical body? Once Tian’er inherits it, if he surpasses you in cultivation in the future, you will definitely die!”

Emperor Shi Wanye has followed the ancient Emperor Yuhuang for many years, and their relationship is like that of a monarch and his ministers.

As a minister, now that the death of Emperor Shi Wanye is imminent, he is still worried about the ancient Emperor Yuhuang. This cannot be considered disloyal.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang sneered: “You don’t have to worry about the future, just die!”

After he finished speaking, Ancient Emperor Yuhuang squeezed the secrets with his palms, and the secrets fell into the medicine cauldron one after another.


The narcissus liquid in the medicine cauldron suddenly began to boil.

Dishi Manye let out a shrill scream with an “ah” sound. His body and soul were in great pain as the boiling water boiled him.

Di Shitian’s eyes were calm and he looked at this scene coldly.

Three hours later…

Emperor Shimanye was boiled alive.

His physical body was poured with countless essences and materials by Ancient Emperor Yuhuang, and was recast into a flawless legal body.

“Emperor Shakti, this is your new body, I hope you will be satisfied.”

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang smiled and said.

“Thank you.”

Di Shitian lightly cupped his hand, thanking him, and felt a little bit sad in his heart.

The ancestors of my family were cooked to death right in front of my eyes.

The body of the ancestor has become my new body.

The once shattered ideal now had hope of realization, and Emperor Shitian also had mixed feelings in his heart.

With a wave of Emperor Yuhuang’s palm, Emperor Shitian’s soul merged into Emperor Shiwanye’s body.

The fusion process went very smoothly, after all, the two of them had the same bloodline.

The physical body of Emperor Shimanye, his facial features were distorted, and soon he changed into the appearance of Emperor Shakten, and his hair also turned white.

Di Shitian walked out of the medicine cauldron, regaining his former graceful demeanor, indifferent to male and female, elegant and calm.

He inherited part of Emperor Shimanye’s cultivation. At this moment, he reached the sky in one step and had the strength of a heavenly king.

On the body of Emperor Shitian, there are still pieces of maple leaves, and wisps of red lotus karma fire are floating.

Di Shi Wanye’s magical power, one of the nine divine arts, the Manzhushahua Sutra, was also inherited by him.

At this moment, Emperor Shitian is the master of Nine Heavens Divine Art!

Thousands of rosy clouds and thousands of auspicious auras spread out from the body of Emperor Shitian, shaking the sky with great force.

Di Shitian looked up at the sky and sighed endlessly.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang clapped his hands and laughed, saying: “Okay, very good! The integration went smoothly, Emperor Shitian, congratulations on your new life!”

After a pause, Ancient Emperor Yuhuang pulled out another sword, presented it to him, and said, “This sword was made by me after I killed Ren Duxing, the ancestor of the Ren family, and used his bones.”

“The ancestor of the Ren family is an infinitely powerful man, and the energy of his bones is extraordinary. This sword can also be called an infinite artifact, so I will give it to you.”

Di Shitian took it with his hand. The sword was three feet long and had a rolling edge. Near the hilt, the word “Dugu” was engraved, which was the title of Heavenly Lord for the ancestor of the Ren family in the past.

The former ancestor of the Ren family, Dugu Tianjun Ren Duxing, died today, and his bones were cast into swords.


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