The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7623: Emperor Shakti

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Emperor Shi Wanye’s face looked bleak, and he immediately led his men back to the Wanxu Temple.

He didn’t think about escaping or anything, because his soul was held by the Ancient Emperor Yu. Even if he escaped to the ends of the earth, the Ancient Emperor Yu could kill him with just one thought.

Returning to the Wanxu Temple, Emperor Shi Wanye met the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang in front of the Green Bamboo Immortal Pond.


Dishi Wanye knelt down, silent, his face frighteningly pale.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang said “Hmm”, nodded slightly, and sighed: “I know everything.”

There is no need for Emperor Shi Wanye to elaborate. Under the influence of Tianji, Ancient Emperor Yuhuang knew that he had failed again.

He felt deeply powerless. He did not expect that even after sending Emperor Shimanye down this time, he would still fail.

“The Lord of Reincarnation, your wings have hardened.”

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang sighed, fearing that the prophecy that reincarnation would replace Wanxu would come true.

The Lord of Reincarnation is worthy of being a man of great luck. With his body on the eighth level of the etheric realm, he cut off the shackles of his hands and made great progress in martial arts.

The consequences of being escaped by Ye Chen this time were extremely serious.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang could already predict that when he saw Ye Chen next time, the latter would probably have cut off hundreds of shackles and achieved unprecedented glory.

You must know that the number of shackles he has cut is only ninety-three.

The goddess cut off the shackles ninety-six times, and Ren Feifan cut off the shackles ninety-seven times, which already made the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang feel extremely threatened.

If reincarnation cuts off the shackles of Baidao, the fate of Wanxu will probably be completely suppressed, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Emperor Shi Wanye said: “Ancestor, it was my incompetence in doing things, and I am willing to die to apologize!”

At this moment, Emperor Shiwanye just wanted to die quickly.

Under the hands of Ancient Emperor Yuhuang, death is the best ending, at least he can get relief.

The biggest fear is to be turned into a puppet, or used to refine elixirs and weapons. That would be worse than death.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang nodded slightly and said: “Of course you are going to die, but you must die in a worthwhile way.”

Emperor Shi Wanye was horrified and kowtowed: “Ancestor, please be merciful. I just want to die quickly, please give me a happy life.”

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang chuckled and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t torture you too much.”

After saying that, Ancient Emperor Yuhuang waved his hand, and a giant cauldron appeared.

Then, Emperor Shimanye felt that all his spiritual energy was blocked.

The sleeves of the Yuhuang Ancient Emperor’s robes were rolled up, and Emperor Shi Wanye’s body was already immersed in the giant cauldron.

The giant cauldron is filled with all kinds of fairy water and spiritual liquid, and there are many precious medicinal materials floating on the surface.

Di Shi Wanye was horrified and said: “Ancestor, what do you want to do! Please give me a relief for the sake of our fighting together back then!”

Yuhuang Ancient Emperor said: “Don’t panic, I will give you a relief.”

The tone of Ancient Emperor Yuhuang’s words was very plain.

This plain tone revealed a deep and cruel murderous intention, which made Emperor Shi Wanye shudder.

I saw Ancient Emperor Yuhuang flick his hand, and a black barrier appeared on the ground.

Inside the barrier, black mist filled the air, and a cage slowly emerged.

In the cage, there is a residual soul locked inside.

That is the remnant soul of Emperor Shitian!


Di Shi Wanye was shocked when he saw Di Shi Tian.

At this time, Emperor Shitian’s soul was withered and his appearance was depressed.

His ideals have been shattered, and now he looks completely lost and confused.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang sighed: “Emperor Shitian, you are a man of great luck. In this world, you may be the only one who can defeat the Lord of Reincarnation.”

When Emperor Shitian heard the words “Lord of Reincarnation”, his dazed expression fluctuated a little, and he raised his head and stared at the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang.

Dishi Wanye was also looking at Ancient Emperor Yuhuang. He didn’t know what Ancient Emperor Yuhuang wanted to do when he summoned Emperor Shitian this time.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang opened the cage, released the remaining soul of Emperor Shitian, and said: “Emperor Shitian, are you interested in working for me? I can help you reshape your body, and even help you remove the inner demons. Master the Great Cursed Sword to the ninth level.”

Hearing this, Emperor Shitian showed a cold smile and said: “Do you want to die?”

If practiced to the ninth level, the Inner Demon Great Curse Sword can be enough to judge the entire world, cleanse all sins, and turn every living being into his own puppet, which is extremely terrifying.

If Emperor Shitian’s Heart Demon Curse Sword really reaches the ninth level, he is even sure that he can judge the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang!

You must know that the inner demon kills people without bloodshed, and can ignore the difference in realm.

The one who kills is not Emperor Shitian, but the demonic obstacles in other people’s hearts!

Characters like Ancient Emperor Yuhuang have great desires and deep demonic barriers. Once his inner demons are aroused, he will immediately lose his mind and become a puppet.

The stronger the cultivation level of a person, the deeper the inner demon is, and the more afraid he is of the inner demon’s cursed sword.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang naturally knew this. Even he was not sure of fighting against the inner demon killing at the peak level, which was a terrifying magical power that was enough to judge the entire real world.

“It is said that the Great Curse Sword of the Inner Demon originally only had eight levels. Later, due to the influence of Wuwu Time and Space, the ninth level was born.”

“The inner demons of this ninth level are the laws of the infinite world, a sharp blade that controls the real world.”

“I ask myself that I am invincible in the universe, but facing Wuwu and facing my inner demons, I feel a little cowardly after all.”

“I will help you rebuild your body, and even assist you to reach the top of your inner demons. Of course, there are conditions.”

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang smiled slightly, not hiding his fear of Wuwu and his inner demon.

A truly strong person is not fearless, but knows how to face fear and how to solve it.

Di Shitian was moved in his heart and asked: “What are the conditions?”

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang said: “I will plant a restriction in your body, and you will serve me again.”

“Once you betray me, I can kill you with just one thought.”

Di Shitian smiled and said: “You want to use me as a tool?”

Yuhuang Ancient Emperor said: “Yes, but you also have the opportunity to fight back. Once you master the ninth level of inner demons, you might be able to turn around and use your inner demons to control me and rule the entire world! ”

Di Shitian shook his head and said: “I have no interest in ruling the world. Everyone in this world has inner demons, and there is no point in existing.”

“I just want to cleanse this sinful world and build an ideal country.”

“I believe that the brilliance of ideals can even break through the limitations of reality and shine into the world of nothingness.”

Hearing what Emperor Shitian said, Emperor Shiwanye was stunned and said: “Tian’er, you… you have gone crazy.”

Emperor Shitian not only wanted to judge the world, he even wanted to rely on the glory of the ideal country to shine on everything, so as to prove the truth against heaven.

This is really a crazy idea.

The Ancient Emperor Yuhuang stroked his beard and smiled, and said: “I’m a rather vulgar person. I don’t understand the utopia or the glory of judgment. I just want to rely on your inner demon spell sword to kill the demon of reincarnation. Lord that boy.”


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