The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7622: What a weird power

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The humanoid spirit body let out a scream, and the spirit body dispersed and turned into a talisman edict, which fell into the hands of the Chaos Rain Emperor.

“Boy, give it to you!”

“This is the secret method of Zhouguang Shenjue!”

The Chaos Rain Emperor waved his hand, and the talisman shot into Ye Chenmei’s heart.


For a moment, Ye Chen felt a stream of profound and mysterious supernatural power formulas pouring into his sea of ​​consciousness.

That is exactly one of the Eight Forbidden Rules of the Ancient World, the training formula for Zhouguang Divine Art!

The Divine Jue of Zhouguang can reverse the course of time and control the prosperity, life and death of all things. It is extremely powerful.

Feeling the secret in his mind, Ye Chen was stunned for a moment.

It was only then that he discovered that it was not the demon tiger who had cultivated the Zhouguang Divine Art.

It is the Divine Jue of Zhouguang, the spiritual energy accumulated over many years, cultivated into human form, and resides in the body of the demon tiger.

The Chaos Rain Emperor was awakened just because he felt the aura of Zhouguang Divine Art, and directly took action to subdue it and give it to Ye Chen.

“So this is the Zhouguang Divine Art…”

Ye Chen realized the magical power in his mind, and a butterfly happened to fly past him.

He waved his palm gently, releasing a trace of spiritual energy from Zhouguang Divine Art. The life time of the butterfly was reversed, and it instantly transformed from the butterfly form back into a caterpillar and fell to the ground.

“Hiss, what a weird power!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Chen also felt the terrifying power of Zhouguang Divine Art, which can truly reverse time and control life, death and prosperity.

To use the Zhouguang Divine Technique, you need to consume a lot of spiritual energy, and may even damage the foundation of martial arts.

Since this magical power is called a forbidden technique, the side effects are naturally huge.

If Ye Chen’s spiritual energy is fully activated, he can probably turn half of Wuyuan’s world back into chaotic nothingness, or speed up time and cause this world to collapse.

Of course, if he does this, his spiritual energy will be completely exhausted and he will die of weakness.

The price of the forbidden technique is extremely huge.

Ye Chen has just reversed the life time of a butterfly, so the consumption of spiritual energy can naturally be ignored, but if he were to face a real enemy, he would probably kill a thousand enemies and lose eight hundred to himself.

Chaos Rain Emperor said: “This secret should not be used lightly, but it can be used as your trump card, which can reverse the situation of the battle when necessary.”

Ye Chen hurriedly said: “Yes! Thank you, senior!”

If Chaos Rain Emperor hadn’t awakened in time, this Zhouguang Divine Art might have slipped away.

“Let’s go quickly. There are many monsters chasing us. If you don’t want to die, leave quickly.”

Chaos Rain Emperor left a few words and returned to the tombstone.

The other three Chaos God Emperors also returned.

Ye Chen looked back, and sure enough he saw pairs of strange beast eyes flashing in the darkness behind him, and he didn’t know how many monsters were chasing him here.

A demon tiger made Ye Chen so troublesome. With so many demonic beasts, he had no confidence in dealing with them.

At that moment, Ye Chen left quickly.

Fortunately, the many monster beasts did not chase him, but went to eat the corpse of the monster tiger.

This night was passed without any danger.

After rushing for two more days, with the help of the four Chaos God Emperors, Ye Chen finally fought his way out of the siege of many monsters and successfully reached the end of the Demon Suppression Forest.

At the end of the Demon Suppressing Forest, there is a black whirlpool door, floating quietly, leading to nowhere.

“I can finally go out.”

Looking at the whirlpool door in front of him, Ye Chen also felt a trace of the flow of the law of space.

No matter where this whirlpool door leads, as long as you can get out.

Wu Yuan’s world is blocked, and now there is only one exit.

Ye Chen didn’t hesitate too much, just took a deep breath, stepped onto the whirlpool door, and teleported out directly.


After Ye Chen teleported away, a thunderous sound also sounded in Wu Yuan’s world, and then gradually faded away, as if symbolizing the end of an era.

Outside Wuyuan World, Emperor Shi Wanye, Li He and others waited for three days in a blockade, but Ye Chen never came out.

Just when they were a little impatient, they suddenly felt that the atmosphere in Wu Yuan’s world was changing.

The breath of reincarnation disappeared.

“Huh? That boy ran away?”

Li He’s face twitched, and he immediately realized that something was wrong.

Obviously, he had deduced the secret and saw Ye Chen leaving the Wuyuan world directly along a mysterious whirlpool door.

Di Shi Wanye, who was on the side, was also shaken all over. After counting with his fingers, his face turned pale and he said in a trembling voice:

“That kid actually ran away? Under my blockade, he was still able to leave?”

Li He chuckled and said: “It seems that we have been tricked by Wu Tianqi, and he has a back-up plan.”

After speaking, Li He stopped lingering and said in a gloomy voice: “Return to the mountain gate and report to the master!”

At that moment, Li He led his disciples, tearing the void apart and leaving.

Di Shi Wanye was trembling all over, and his originally handsome face was now distorted and frightened.

“Elder Wan’ye, what should we do?”

A Wanxu disciple asked in a low voice.

Emperor Shi Wanye was speechless. The Lord of Reincarnation left before his eyes, and he would die without redemption.

Now that he has returned to the Wanxu Temple with empty hands, it is impossible for the Ancient Emperor Yuhuang to let him go.

“Hahaha, Lord of Reincarnation, you win!”

“My Emperor Shi Wanye fell into your hands today!”

Di Shi Wanye suddenly went crazy and laughed wildly.

When many disciples around him saw this, they looked at each other and did not dare to say anything.

They knew that if they returned without success today, Emperor Shiwanye would be dead.

The ancestors of the ten great heavenly kings and the ancestors of the Ren family have been executed.

Now the second person to be executed is his Emperor Shimanye.


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