The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7589: Lost the bet

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Moreover, the Holy Grail, contaminated by Ye Chen’s reincarnation bloodline, even washed away the hostility on the surface and burst out with the holy light of reincarnation.

Liu Changqing can be sure that if the majesty of the Holy Grail breaks out, he will undoubtedly die.

“If you want to use the Holy Grail, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance!”

Liu Changqing shouted loudly, and the spiritual energy of the fourth level of Tianxuan Realm exploded to the extreme. A layer of green aura exploded on his body, and his big hand exploded out like covering the sky, carrying the death knell of the Heavenly Witch, He crushed hard towards the Holy Grail.


Liu Changqing’s death knell of the Heavenly Witch was suppressed with a rumble, and Ye Chen’s Reincarnation Heaven suddenly made an overwhelming sound.

The holy land of reincarnation is cracking inch by inch.

The mountains and rivers of heaven are collapsing piece by piece.

Ye Chen’s followers are dying one by one.

The death knell is ringing, and reincarnation is fading.

Ye Chen’s hand holding the sword was trembling, his bones cracked, his veins popped out, and the Heavenly Sword of Samsara seemed about to fall from his hand at any moment.

His magical powers are indeed extremely powerful.

His weapons and magic weapons are also proud of the heavens.

However, his cultivation level is really far behind Liu Changqing’s!

In the real world, the most important measure of a person’s combat effectiveness is his cultivation!

The magical powers of martial arts and weapons are just foreign objects after all.

Only one’s own cultivation is the eternal and powerful existence!

The cultivation level of the fourth level of Tianxuan Realm is not suppressed at all. Coupled with the leapfrog talent and powerful trump cards, it is too powerful, too terrifying, and too vast.

Moreover, Liu Changqing also has an infinite artifact, the Heavenly Witch Death Knell!

He poured his majesty from the fourth level of the Tianxuan Realm, mixed with the death knell of the Heavenly Witch, onto Ye Chen’s head.

Ye Chen’s heaven of reincarnation is collapsing, and the golden light of the Holy Grail suspended in the heaven is suppressed, buzzing, and about to be knocked down to dust.

Under the absolute strength gap, Ye Chen didn’t even have a chance to use the Holy Grail, and was completely crushed.

“Senior Yandi, give me a helping hand!”

Ye Chen roared in his heart and raised his voice to Emperor Chaos Yan.

His cultivation aura is not enough, he must have the support of the power of reincarnation to resist Liu Changqing’s suppression.

“Boy, you’re crazy!”

“You are burning the blood of reincarnation now, and the meridians are very fragile. If you carry my power again, you may die on the spot!”

Chaos Yan Emperor’s face twitched. He felt that Ye Chen’s current state was very fragile and dangerous.

Ye Chen is already burning the essence and blood of reincarnation. With the blood burning, his meridians naturally become extremely fragile.

If he continues to bear the energy of the Chaos Flame Emperor, his meridians may burst on the spot and he will become a useless person.

“Senior, hurry up!”

Ye Chen’s eyes were cracked, and he felt extremely nervous as he looked at Liu Changqing’s palms that kept suppressing him.

Instead of being crushed to death by Liu Changqing, it is better to fight hard.

He was betting that his meridians would not break after enduring the energy of the Chaos Flame Emperor.

The Chaos Flame Emperor also deeply felt Ye Chen’s madness, he sighed, and in an instant, poured all his spiritual energy into Ye Chen’s body.


With the help of Chaos Flame Emperor, there seemed to be endless magma erupting and energy exploding in Ye Chen’s meridians.

His body suddenly burst into flames.

The blazing flames transformed into dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, unicorns, and many other strange phenomena.

The holy land of the Samsara Heaven suddenly stabilized, and volcanoes rose from the ground, erupting with roaring waves of lava.

At this moment, Ye Chen seemed to have transformed into the Chaos Flame Emperor, completely resisting Liu Changqing’s suppression.


Liu Changqing was shocked. Under the threat of Ye Chen’s arrogance, he even took a dozen steps back in fear.

At this moment, Ye Chen could no longer see his original appearance. His whole body was wrapped in blazing fire, like a flaming **** of war.

“This is not your strength! Who is behind you!”

Liu Changqing roared loudly and suddenly realized something was wrong.

Borrowing the energy of the Chaos Flame Emperor, Ye Chen’s aura at this moment was so majestic that it was so majestic that the fierce flames burst out, making the entire star burn.

The Demon Emperor and Nangong Yaqing looked at Ye Chen’s domineering figure in shock.

The flames all over Ye Chen’s body burned so intensely that they were all worried that Ye Chen would be burned alive to ashes by his own flames!

“It’s time to end this!”

“Reincarnation Holy Light Slash!”

Ye Chen took a big step, and the whole star seemed to be stamped through by him, and the Heavenly Sword of Samsara slashed out wildly in his hand.

The Holy Grail in the sky buzzed, releasing thousands of feet of golden light, faintly resonating with the Heavenly Sword of Samsara.

Ye Chen’s sword combines the energy of the Samsara Heavenly Sword and the Holy Grail, and is so fierce that it is unimaginable.

The power of heaven in reincarnation and the murderous intent of the Holy Grail of Man-Slaughter converged into a golden-red holy light, slashing towards Liu Changqing with a devastating power.


Liu Changqing’s pupils shrank and he even stopped breathing.

The Heavenly Sword of Reincarnation and the Holy Grail of Human Slaughter, the combined power of the two is so powerful.

In addition, Ye Chen burned the blood of reincarnation and borrowed the energy of the Chaos Flame Emperor. Even Liu Changqing could not resist it at this moment.

“Block me!”

Liu Changqing roared, urging the Heavenly Witch’s Death Knell to stand in front of him.


However, a horrific scene occurred.

Ye Chen’s Reincarnation Holy Light Slash passed by with a blast, and it was actually a sword that cut off the witch’s death knell that day.

The Heavenly Witch’s Death Knell, this infinite artifact, could not stop the sword light of reincarnation, and was cut in half on the spot!

You can imagine how terrifying the power of Ye Chen’s sword is. It is simply unbelievable.


The remaining power of the sword light was particularly powerful. After cutting off the death knell, he slashed Liu Changqing’s body with the sword.

Liu Changqing was cut in half on the spot, his blood and internal organs were sprayed on the ground, his eyes were wide open, and he died miserably in extreme despair and fear.


After killing Liu Changqing, Ye Chen also fell to the ground slumped, his body lost all the light of spiritual energy and became lifeless.

Ye Chen wanted to move his body, but found that he couldn’t even move a finger. All the muscles in his body seemed to have dissolved, and his meridians were completely broken.

“Boy, you lost the bet.”

Chaos Yandi made a cold voice.

He could clearly feel that Ye Chen’s meridians had been completely broken and he had become a useless person.

Although Ye Chen won this battle, the price was too high.

The super genius who killed the most powerful Azure Alliance in the world had an incredible record, but at the end of the battle, Ye Chen’s meridians were all broken, and his end was extremely miserable.

The Demon Emperor and Nangong Yaqing were extremely shocked when they saw Ye Chen killing Liu Changqing.

They did not expect that a master like Liu Changqing, who had such a powerful trump card, would be killed by Ye Chen, which was simply unbelievable.


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