The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7585: The power of reincarnation

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In the barren mountain cave, there was a sound of whipping and scolding.

When Ye Chen and the Demon Emperor heard this voice, their faces darkened, and they sneaked in with the help of the Dark Source Talisman.

Finally, in the cave cell, the two saw Nangong Wentian and Nangong Yaqing.

The two fathers and daughters were **** with iron chains. Surrounded by several disciples of the Eternal Demon Clan and several human warriors from around the middle stage of the Hundred Flails Realm, they were waving whips, beating the two of them, and tortured them.

“Where is the Iron Throne! Tell me!”

A human warrior whipped Nangong Yaqing hard and asked.

Nangong Yaqing’s body was covered with wounds from whipping, and her clothes were torn apart, revealing the white and tender skin underneath. The skin was covered with bloodstains, which was shocking.

She was tortured severely, panting, but unable to answer.

“Stop hitting my daughter, we really don’t know.”

Nangong Wentian was extremely distressed and begged for mercy with some sadness and anger.

If it was just torturing him, he would naturally not be afraid, but when he saw his daughter being humiliated, he was so proud that he bowed his head now.

“Bah! Your Eternal Temple is so powerful and has tentacles in all directions. Is it true that you haven’t even discovered any strange phenomena?”

The human warrior looked down upon him and kicked Nangong Wentian in the lower abdomen.

Nangong Wentian felt severe pain in his dantian, his facial features were distorted, and he was speechless.

Ye Chen and the Demon Emperor used the Dark Source Talisman to hide in the corner. When they saw this scene, they were extremely angry.

The human warrior in charge of the torture took out a communication talisman and said: “Sir Liu Changqing, that girl and the old man refused to say anything. It seems that they really don’t know the news about the Iron Throne.”

After a moment of silence, Liu Changqing’s voice came out from the communication talisman:

“Well, in that case, the old man will be killed and the woman will be brought to my room.”

When the voice fell, the communication talisman burned into ashes.

“Yes, Mr. Liu Changqing!”

The human warrior smiled ferociously, looked at Nangong Yaqing’s pretty face, and said with a smile: “What a beautiful girl, it’s a pity that it’s not my turn to enjoy it. Someone, let her go and bring her to Liu Changqing Sir!”


There were disciples of the Eternal Demon Clan on the left and right, who stood up and went to untie the chains on Nangong Yaqing’s body.

“What do you want to do? Let my daughter go!”

Nangong Wentian was furious, his eyes were split open, and the spiritual energy all over his body exploded at this moment, breaking through the shackles of the iron chain, arousing a violent wind, causing a nearby demon with a weaker cultivation level to vomit blood on the spot Death.

“Old guy, you still dare to resist!”

The human warrior in charge of the torture was suddenly surprised and furious. He pulled out the sword from his waist and slashed it down on the top of Nangong Wentian’s head.


Seeing this scene, Ye Chen couldn’t hold it back any longer. With a loud shout, he rushed out from the dark corner and punched the human warrior on the head.


Fist bombardment.

The head of the human warrior was blown to pieces on the spot, and even his soul was destroyed.

With Ye Chen’s current strength, ordinary heavenly kings in the Supreme World can be killed. It is naturally easy to kill a warrior in the Hundred Flails Realm.

Zhatian Demon Emperor also rushed out, with extremely elegant skills and demonic aura billowing from his body, killing the demon disciples around Nangong Yaqing one by one.

Nangong Yaqing and her daughter were rescued. They were all shocked when they saw Ye Chen and the Demon Emperor.

“It’s the Lord of Reincarnation!”

“Damn it, notify Mr. Liu Changqing quickly!”

“Start the array of divine words!”

When the remaining warriors around saw Ye Chen’s figure, they were shocked and became confused.

There was a human warrior who bit his fingertips and spurted blood on the ground.

Only then did Ye Chen realize that there was a word printed on the ground, which was the word “formation”!

As the blood fell, the word “formation” also released an extremely dazzling blood light. With a crashing sound, thousands of formations burst out in an instant, tearing the void to pieces, and destroying the bodies of Ye Chen and the Demon Emperor. The figures were all enveloped.

Shrouded by the formation, Ye Chen suddenly felt a little suffocated.

“This formation character is the thirty-three-day sacred text!”

In one glance, Ye Chen had a glimpse of the truth and the mystery of the formation.

This formation character is actually one of the thirty-three heavenly texts!

Each of the thirty-three heavenly texts is formed by gathering energy from timeless time and space, and has unfathomable divine power.

Among the thirty-three sacred texts, there is the nine-character mantra of Brahma’s magical power.

If the corresponding divine inscriptions can be obtained, the lethality of the Brahma Divine Art will be greatly enhanced!

As soon as the formation word was activated, the power of the infinite formation was overwhelming, pouring towards Ye Chen and the Demon Emperor.

It seems that the Azure Alliance is very cautious and has even set up a large formation in the prison to prevent foreign enemies from causing chaos.

If it were other divine writings, Ye Chen might still be wary of it, but the formation-character divine writings posed no threat to him.

“Just break this formation for me!”

Ye Chen is proficient in the formation formula, and almost instantly, he can clearly understand the secrets of the operation of many large formations around him.

He used the formation formula, the spiritual energy exploded, and the Taoist fire burst out, turning into a phoenix fire formation, screaming into the sky, and instantly crushing the formation word.


The flaming phoenix spread its wings and swooped out, causing all the surrounding warriors and Eternal Demon Clan disciples to be burned by the flames in an instant, screaming and dying miserably, turning into charred corpses.


The violent waves of flames directly destroyed the prison and the cave.

Fires shot into the sky.

The entire demon tribe was completely shaken, as countless demon figures flew towards them.

The human warriors from the Azure Alliance also rushed over quickly.


The sound of the warning horn tore apart the night, creating a solemn atmosphere.


The ancient and melancholy bells are ringing between heaven and earth.

That is Liu Changqing’s magic weapon, the immeasurable artifact, the bell of the witch’s death knell!

Nangong Yaqing looked at Ye Chen blankly. After not seeing him for so long, Ye Chen was still as invincible as ever, wild and domineering, crushing the entire audience in an instant.

When Ye Chen heard the sound of the death knell, he knew something was wrong. He hurried over and held Nangong Yaqing’s hand. He released the Bagua Tiandan Technique to treat her injuries and said: “It’s very dangerous here. We must leave immediately. ! ”

It seems that the foundation of the Azure Alliance is extraordinary. In addition to the Death Knell of the Heavenly Witch, there is actually a divine inscription with the word formation.

The original form of the sacred script must be in Liu Changqing’s hands.

What Ye Chen just cracked was just a rubbing.

He is proficient in the Zhen Zi Jue. Although he is not afraid of the influence of the Zhen Zi divine script, Nangong Yaqing and Nangong Wentian are likely to be injured.

On the other side, the Demon Emperor Zhetian had already removed the iron chains for Nangong Wentian and treated his injuries with elixirs.

Nangong Wentian cupped his hands and said gratefully: “Your Majesty the Demon Emperor, Lord of Reincarnation, thank you two for saving me!”


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