The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7296: What is against heaven! (Asking for votes!)

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Master Feilei was also stunned. It was not until he saw Ye Chen wrapped in thunder that he confirmed that this guy had understood the supreme way of thunder.

Suddenly, his heart was trembling, and he was speechless for a moment.

Such a vast and permeating atmosphere is far beyond the reach of others!

Let’s see what his creation is like.

In the midst of the thunder, Ye Chen’s body was suffering from the backlash of the thunder. He never expected that the always obedient thunder would actually learn to resist.

Nine thunder scrolls were faintly formed in his sea of ​​​​qi, and electric light flowed, mixed with radiance of various colors.

Those sky thunders are like duckweeds, floating around, bumping and breaking, and finally melting into the thunder light, making the nine thunder mouths become more powerful.

As for Ye Chen, he was sitting cross-legged in meditation, as if there were nine thunder volcanoes about to erupt in his body.

The nine thunder volcanoes slowly took shape, outlining a black hole in the void above his head, where the power of thunder arrived.

“This is the Thunder Nine Cave Heaven!”

Venerable Feilei was completely shocked.

He never expected that Ye Chen, who had just entered the journey of Lei Xiu, would actually comprehend the Thunder Nine Caves!

After any Lei Xiu steps on this path, a cave will form within his body.

The so-called cave can absorb, transform, and even store the spiritual energy of heaven and earth together with the Dantian Qi Sea. It can also play a role in driving away lightning and evil spirits, and can be used as a cave for cultivation.

A few elders from the Huanglei Palace recognized the vision on Ye Chen’s head and immediately screamed because it was too terrifying.

The rumored Nine Caves will only appear when Lei Xiu’s talent potential reaches its peak!

Those who can emerge from the Eight Caves are peerless geniuses.

And in the tens of millions of years since the development of Lei Xiu from ancient times to the present, only two people have blossomed into the Eight Cave Heavens!

Both of them eventually passed through the Ancient Tianlei Road, grew into Supreme Lei Xiu, and became legendary figures in the realm of the Great Emperor,

At that time, the two of them joined forces and almost unified the world. When all realms met, it was huge.

Only those who have mastered the Eight Cave Heavens can have the qualifications to become an emperor.

Ye Chen had such a strange phenomenon! There is obviously a tendency to become an emperor.

At this thought, Venerable Feilei took a breath and suddenly became vigilant. He must first tell Her Majesty the Fairy Goddess this news.

The nine caves seem to be real caves, blending in with the entire Thunder Emperor, almost like the merging of heaven and earth.

The disciples of Huanglei Palace were extremely surprised. They had seen this guy during the day, but after a quick glance, they quickly looked away.

A low-level Lei Xiu is nothing worth paying attention to.

And now the talent displayed by this low-level Lei Xiu shocked them!

It is already very difficult for Lei Xiu to condense five caves. Only those with great luck can achieve it.

Not to mention the Nine Caves, it is simply beyond human power.

These low-level Lei Xiu don’t understand the meaning of the Nine Caves, but Lord Fei Lei knows it very well!

“Thunder cultivators have different strengths and talents, and there are all kinds of thunder cultivators in the world. It can be said that no thunder cultivator can reach the peak in all thunder fields!”

The Flying Thunder God murmured to himself, not yet recovering from the shock.

Back then, the two Thunder Emperors who dominated the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths and traversed all heavens and realms only opened eight caves.

No one has ever reached the legendary Nine Cave Heaven. It is a realm that only exists in legends!

If there is really someone who can reach the Nine Cave Heaven, then he is the well-deserved number one thunder cultivator throughout the ages!

In the endless thunder, the rays of light spurted out, and the thunder actually turned into a long river, hidden in the void. The mysterious symbols flickered non-stop, turning into thunder volcanoes, booming out, reflecting the ups and downs of thousands of years. The scene was very Spectacular.

It’s just that the scope of this scene is limited, and only the people in Huanglei Palace can see it.

About half an hour later, Ye Chen finally completed the evolution of thunder, and the nine caves gradually ceased.

“Listen carefully, no one is allowed to leak what you saw today!”

God Fei Lei turned around and glanced coldly at the hundreds of disciples in the sect.

He does not want today’s incident to be leaked. He needs to report the matter to Lady Tian as soon as possible and let her make the decision.

Thinking like this, Lord Fei Lei waved his hand, and the power of thunder wrapped around his fingers, sealing the area.

This move is to help Ye Chen hide his aura to prevent people from other sects from discovering such a monstrous phenomenon.

I’m afraid Ye Chen himself didn’t want others to find out, so he suppressed the shocking momentum generated by the Nine Caves. Otherwise, with the power of the Nine Caves, how could he only destroy two mountain peaks?

Even mountains with a radius of thousands of miles may be completely collapsed and cease to exist!

In the Thunder Cave, Ye Chen’s body surface gradually returned to normal.

His consciousness gradually separated from the nine caves and returned to the original body. When he opened his eyes, there was a flash of thunder visible to the naked eye, swallowing up the void in front of him. The thunder was very powerful.

Ye Chen was just about to ask the Chaos Thunder Emperor what the Nine Cave Heavens were, but he didn’t expect the Chaos Thunder Emperor to speak first.

His spirit body emerged, floating and suspended, and his eyes as deep as thunder became extremely complicated.

“It seems that I still underestimated you, or in other words, I have always overestimated myself.”

The Chaos Thunder Emperor sighed, not knowing what kind of complicated feeling he felt in his heart.


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