The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7259: What a coincidence? (Asking for votes!)

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“Could it be…”

Scenes from the Ten Tribulations God and Demon Tower emerged in Ye Chen’s mind. The formation of the ancient bronze coffin trapped in the main hall seemed to be very similar to this corner.

With a thought, the huge soul power gathered again, and golden lines began to spread on Ye Chen’s right palm!


At one go, with three fingers, condense!

I saw strands of stars emerging from the white sand, and they were the same as the evil Tianxi before.

“Break up!”

In an instant, with Ye Chen as the center and dozens of feet away, the white sand slowly passed by, the exposed land gradually appeared, and a series of unfamiliar and obscure inscriptions and talismans appeared in front of the two people.


Ling’er followed the spreading runes and followed the incense stick.

An eyeball-shaped pattern with dots of starlight emanating from it appeared in front of the two of them.

“It must be the formation eye!”

Ye Chen made a move to step forward, but was stopped by Ling’er.

“Don’t move, something is weird!”

Ling’er’s eyes were solemn, his brows were tightened, his two small hands were stretched out in the air, and his fingers seemed to be tapping something.


A series of star formations cracked, and Ling’er let out a sigh of relief.

“This place is protected by a space barrier. If you break in forcefully, the formation will explode!”

“What a risk, I didn’t even discover the formation formula. If it weren’t for you, it would really be over just now!”

Ye Chen wiped his forehead. Once this place exploded, the consequences would be disastrous.


A flashing mark appeared between the eyebrows, and a weak golden light shot straight towards the center of the formation. A light and shadow was reflected on the ground, shot into the void, and slowly condensed to form a star gate.

That mark is actually the God Refining Peak in the Consciousness Sea that has not been used for a long time!

Ye Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. When he first came into contact with the desperate situation of abandoning the world and the peak of refining the gods, he knew that there was a huge connection between the two.

Jin Shuhui and his teacher had told themselves that Lian Shen Peak was extremely mysterious and distant.

As Ye Chen went deeper, he discovered that Lian Shen Peak was a huge peak in a desperate situation!

Why he left his desperate situation and appeared outside the territory is a mystery.

At the same time, the formation eyes opened, and a passage appeared, leading to the bottomless underground.

“Which way?”

The mark between the eyebrows only appeared briefly, and was suppressed by the lines on the back.

Ling’er looked at the two roads before her and felt troubled.

“One thought of heaven, one thought of hell!”

Ye Chen muttered softly, and then stared at the star gate above the void. It seemed that the only way to solve the mystery of the confusion and the bronze coffin behind it was to go there!


Ye Chen greeted Ling’er, and the two figures went straight into the void. After a while, the cracks in the space healed, and there was no trace left.

Zhou Xinyou looked at everything that happened not far away, with the autumn water flowing in his eyes, never leaking any breath.

Quietly watching Ye Chen and others disappear, she slowly walked out, calmly looking at the formation at her feet, with no intention of taking a step forward.


At the same time, in the real desperate situation of abandoning the world, the void fluctuated.

Ye Chen and Linger fell on a plain.

“What the **** is this place!”

The two of them took one step forward and were suspended in mid-air, looking at the vast expanse of plains without saying a word.

“There is a dense forest over there!”

Ling’er raised her little finger and pointed to the southwest. The looming places were all leaves and trees.

The two of them went quickly, but the atmosphere around them became colder and colder, and bones were scattered in the plain.

“This place experienced tragic wars in that era!”

The shining white bones have experienced countless years of erosion, and they are still filled with murderous intent.

You can imagine how terrifying his strength was during his lifetime!

“Stop, don’t come any closer!”

Ye Chen noticed the abnormality immediately and signaled Ling’er not to move forward.

There are no dense leaves in front of me. What I can see in the distance are piles of bone mounds and leaves made of white bones. What’s more, the white bones are inserted into the shape of trees. For decoration.


A gust of cold wind blew past behind me, and it also blew past the bone leaves. It seemed that due to the weathering of the years, the bones turned into ashes, and an ember wind instantly rose!

Ye Chen couldn’t get away and was only half contaminated. The clothes on his left arm dissipated along with the ember wind, and the flesh and blood of one finger evaporated instantly!

Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. His body should have become even more terrifying after experiencing the battle between Xuan Hai and Xuan Ji Yue. Even the Holy Body of Samsara was treated like this, which shows how weird this place is.

Ye Chen glanced at his hand, used the Eight Diagrams Heavenly Pill Technique and the Immortal Koi Fish, combined with the resurrected spirit tablet in the Mysterious Monument of Samsara, powerful vitality surged out, and began to derive the flesh and blood from the broken arm, as if the white bones Extremely disgusted with the breath of life, behind the two of them, the ember wind roared faster.

“This bone style seems to be pushing us to where?” Ye Chen said solemnly.

“This way!”

Linger pointed out a way out with his strong spatial perception.

Qiang Qiang took a few steps forward, and the bone wind behind him rose violently, spreading towards the two of them. In just an instant, they were brought closer to each other!

“Hurry, Ye Chen!”

Ling’er looked back and saw Ye Chen stunned on the spot.

“No, something went wrong!”

Ye Chen’s footsteps gradually stopped, and Ling’er in front looked back and urged: “It’s absolutely correct, I can feel the direction, it’s not far ahead!”

“Ye Chen, why are you hesitating? Don’t you believe in my spatial perception?”

It was a matter of life and death, Ling’er shouted loudly, picked up Ye Chen and ran towards the front.


Ye Chen pulled back the corners of his sleeves, shook off Ling’er’s little hand and said in a deep voice:

“No, we were in trouble from the beginning!”

“This bone wind blocks our sight. We can only subconsciously identify the direction by perception. It is true that there is a way to survive in front of us, but at our speed, it is absolutely impossible to escape!”

“That’s a dead end!”

Linger was shocked when he heard this and looked at the path behind him in disbelief.

“This way!”

Ye Chen took Ling’er’s little hand and headed to the left, Gu Feng’s advancement speed still unabated.

“No, it’s this way!”

Adjusting again, the bone wind behind him roared, but the advancement speed gradually slowed down. Although the violent aura continued to emit, the distance between the two was gradually distanced.

“What the **** is going on?”

Ling’er watched Gu Wu gradually being left behind, then took a breath and asked.

“That road may be a way to survive, but we don’t know how far away it is. Once we force forward or use the void to tear, this bone wind will instantly roll us into debris!”

Ye Chen also gradually stopped running. The bone mist behind him had slowly begun to dissipate and no longer spread.

“At first, although no one appeared here, I always felt like there was a pair of eyes watching us secretly!”

“There is an extra dense forest in Pingchuan, which is already an unobstructed view. The man has already predicted that we will go forward to inquire!”

“Although Gufeng is domineering, he also has flaws, leaving a way out for us to discover!”

Ye Chen frowned, as if he was being manipulated!

“You mean, someone asked us to move forward?”

Ling’er was startled, and immediately closed her eyes tightly, her huge space perception instantly opened, and she was looking around.

“It’s useless!”

Ye Chen shook his head slowly. His mental power was stronger than that of Ling’er, but he still had no clues. It was just that it was all too much of a coincidence!

“Could it be…”

What a coincidence?

Such an idea came to Ye Chen’s mind, but Ling’er gently tugged at the corner of Ye Chen’s clothes.

“Look there!”

The bone fog dissipated, and at the end as far as the two men could see, a towering gray mountain peak stood tall.

“It seems that your guess is correct!”

On Ling’er’s little hands, there were cold hairs all over.

“Since someone wants to see us so much, let’s go and have a look!”

It is better to have traces than to wander aimlessly. Even if the road ahead is lifeless, it will still be a good fight.

With one step, Ye Chen felt something strange.

When their eyes met, it was obvious that Ling’er also noticed something unusual.

After the bone fog dissipated, a new murderous intent reappeared!


At the same time, in a space.

Ren Feifan suddenly opened his eyes. There was a blood moon flowing in his pupils, and a giant whale appeared.

He looked in one direction, which was meaningful.

“Ye Chen, this game of chess is finally about to begin.”


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