The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7258: Tai Shen’s layout?

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“Send you on your way!”

Seeing this, Ye Chen made up his mind to completely crush his soul. His huge mental power surged instantly, and the aura of reincarnation was undoubtedly revealed.

This move also alarmed Sha Tianxi who was fighting fiercely with Ling’er!

“Shuzi, how dare you!”

Although I don’t know why, Ye Chen’s weird method actually pulled the aura of Sha Miechen’s soul, and he wanted to turn his own soul into a sword and directly kill his soul!


The spiritual thought turned into a sword and stabbed hard at Sha Miechen’s soul that was firmly blocked and pulled by the martial arts cycle of reincarnation, causing his eyebrows to crack slightly!

A burst of starlight flashed past, and Sha Tianxi’s terrifying speed swept past Ye Chen in an instant, and even Ling’er couldn’t catch its whereabouts!

“Go to hell!”

At this moment, Sha Tianxi lost his previous calmness, and a crazy sword intent struck directly at Ye Chen’s spiritual mind.


The sword light transformed from mental power shattered in response, and droplets scattered on the bodies of Sha Tianxi and Sha Chen Mie. Just when he thought he had successfully rescued Sha Chen Mie, the cracked eyebrow suddenly suddenly Explode!

The evil dust was wiped out, and the soul exploded on the spot!

Countless memory fragments collapsed, and at that moment, Ye Chen saw scenes passing before his eyes.

“Slaying the Great Emperor?”

In Ye Chen’s trance-like eyes, a figure was reflected, but it made Sha Tianxi beside him greatly frightened!


The mad Sha Tianxi’s aura suddenly surged, and then he said in a deep voice: “Boy, I remember you, even if you are in the end of the world, I will peel off your skin and cramps!”

On the face of the sand, which was not considered handsome in the first place, grains of sand slipped off, and the whole body of sand quickly withered and cracked. Countless stars splashed out from the cracks.

“Ye Chen, be careful this guy is going to blow himself up!”

At this moment, Ye Chen fell into a magical state, turning a deaf ear to Ling’er’s shouts and his eyes were blurred.

The first splash of white sand star burst into pieces, and the sputtering sand slashed Ling’er’s cheek!

Ling’er’s hand also successfully grabbed Ye Chen’s shirt.


In the world where the edge is unknown, the foot of the evil seal is the center, and the entire radius disappears!

Everywhere Ling’er could see, there was an aura of killing, with dots of stars in between.


A starlight rushed out quickly, within an unknown space at this moment.

“Great Emperor, Tianxi is incompetent!”

The six words came out, it was the Sha Tianxi that had previously self-destructed.


Deep in the void space, a questioning voice sounded.

“The man didn’t know what means he used to shatter Sha Miechen’s soul in an attempt to pry into his memory. His subordinates were afraid that the secret would be leaked, so they had no choice but to blow themselves up in the sand to stop him!”

For a king as strong as Sha Tianxi, his fear was fully revealed under the questioning of that voice.

“My subordinates will go again and capture those two people!”

“No need!”

A faint voice echoed in the void space. Before Sha Tianxi could speak, the breeze blew by, and a divine soul disappeared!

Sha Tianxi had already dissipated between heaven and earth before he could feel his death.

“Zhou Xinyou, go!”

A heavy sound echoed in the empty world.

A graceful figure walked out slowly. Her skin was like snow and could be broken by a blow. The dark dress hung naturally. Its material was clear. Her slender thighs were faintly visible to the roots. She had a smile on her face and was charming. Said: “Yes, Your Majesty the Emperor!”

“The chess game of abandoning the world is very deep. Don’t try to scare the snake, just wait and see what happens!”

Zhou Xinyou’s figure slowly left, the sounds in the darkness also dissipated, and the void space fell into silence again.


Above the white sand wilderness.

“Are you awake?”

Ye Chen opened his eyes and frowned slightly. The mysterious tattoo before actually helped him. Unfortunately, just as he was able to get a glimpse of the soul, he was interrupted by the self-destruction of Sha Tianxi.

Ling’er asked: “What is the Great Killer Emperor you mentioned earlier?”

Ye Chen closed his eyes again, opened them after a long time, shook his head and replied: “I didn’t see it clearly, I just heard these four words, that’s why I was interrupted by that guy!”

“A secret that must be protected at all costs…”

It is unbelievable for living beings to appear on the outskirts of this desperate situation. It seems that there is someone behind this secretly causing trouble.

“There must be something wrong within the abandoned world. Since the clues are gone, we can only go in and take a look!”

Ye Chen stood up and spoke to Ling’er.

“Do you know where the entrance is?”

Ye Chen pondered for a long time and guessed: “The two guys before were able to gather the power of white sand. This is not a talent, but they are like the old guy from the Shenwu Palace. They should have fallen long ago, but in some way Survive! ”

“The Yin Demon Temple?”

Linger subconsciously thought of the Yin Demon Saint Ancestor.

Ye Chen shook his head, “The person who uses such methods is much stronger than the old Yin Demon guy. The person who can make the remnant soul exert the power of the Heavenly Lord. Apart from Ren, there is no one who lives in this land.” Besides the seniors, there is another person who has such power!”

“You mean, Tai Shen?”

Ye Chen nodded lightly, “Yes, it must have been done by a powerful person at the level of Taishen! And through the formation formula of Brahma Divine Art, I sensed that there is a heaven-defying formation under this wasteland!”

“Formation?” Ling’er also understood at this moment that Remnant Soul could only have such means to force the two of them into a dead end with the power of formation.

“The guy’s self-destruction just now will definitely reveal a mystery to this formation. If we work backwards, we might be able to find the entrance!”

Ye Chen turned around and looked at the deep pit, but Ling’er was in trouble.

“How can I find it in such a big place?”


At this moment, not far away, on the silent wasteland.

The two snow-white lotus legs slowly twisted towards the depths of the wasteland under the symbolic cage of black gauze.

“It should be there…”

The soul-stirring charming laughter sounded, but it was also drowned in the white sand.

One sand, one world, a heavy breathing sound constantly sounded, Ye Chen used the Hongmeng Starry Sky, and the soul reached out and then withdrew.

Even with his vast power of thought as the Lord of Reincarnation, he is unable to spy on it.

“This wasteland is boundless. Although Sha Tianxi’s self-destruction has moved a corner of the formation, with my current ability, I can only try it aimlessly!”

Sitting cross-legged, Ye Chen opened his eyes again. Even he felt tired at this moment.

Ling’er saw the flashing lines on Ye Chen’s right index finger, and then asked:

“Is the inscription talisman on your hand modeled after this formation?”

Ye Chen replied: “Well, the formation formula of the Brahma Divine Art is indeed powerful, but with my ability, I can only outline the remaining formation at the moment. I don’t know if it can resonate!”


Ye Chen slapped his palm directly towards the vast wasteland. The lines on his palm flickered, and the grains of white sand actually surged.

Although it is subtle, it cannot escape the capture of their senses!

“It works!”

Ling’er was overjoyed, but not long after, he became worried. At this speed, it would be impossible to get a glimpse of the entire formation in a thousand years.


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