The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7220: Why not

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The black formations spread rapidly.

Ye Chen used Yuan Shen as his base, unsheathed his sword energy, and along with the supreme power of Jiutian, he turned this place into his own field.

With a bang, the two sides collided violently, and the formation patterns evolved, almost shining in the sky and the earth.

And that Jianjia Divine Sword is not covered!

With one slash of the sword, an endless storm of air flow came out in reverse, submerging the void. The two souls roared, creating a fierce confrontation.

For a moment, the hair on Ye Chen’s body stood up, because in front of his eyes, a crack in the void opened up an inch away.

The power of fate turned into a flying knife, trying to pierce his eyes and nail his soul!

However, Ye Chen reacted in time and used the energy of reincarnation to protect his body. The flying knife of fate could only turn into powder with a ding.

Ye Chen stepped out quickly, and the three heavenly swords in his hands were one foot taller than the other. They hovered above his head, breaking through this taboo and pointing directly at Xuan Jiyue’s body.

If they don’t show some real skills, neither of them can do anything to the other and can only fall into a stalemate!

At this time, many people were talking in the battlefield below.

“Damn it… this guy is too powerful! Even the Saint can’t kill him at once!”

“Yes! It’s really **** tight!”

“These shouldn’t be important. Who is this person? He can compete with the saints of the Jianjia Sword Sect. If he can cause some losses to the Jianjia Sword Sect, then we will be very happy!”


The people watching the battle retreated far away, for fear that they would be affected.

The elders of the Jianjia Sword Sect could not sit still. They wanted to rush over and interfere with the battlefield.

But they don’t understand that the struggle between reincarnation and destiny has its own unique field that outsiders cannot interfere with.

When the elders of the Jianjia Sword Sect were about to break into the battlefield, the Demon Emperor Zhetian woke up, his physical body increased several times in strength, and he immediately took action to stop those people.

Sun Yerong also recovered from the shock. She was very sorry for Ji Siqing’s departure, and there was also anger hidden in her heart!

Now she wants to vent this anger.

So in another place, another fierce battle broke out.

The strength of these people exceeds fate and reincarnation, but the most exciting battle is still in the center of the void.

Destiny and reincarnation are interconnected.

Rocks collapsed in the sky, stars fell, and vast seas of energy rose and fell one after another, converging into the galactic torrent, forming an unrivaled power.

The vision here is boiling with excitement, heroes are competing, and strong men from all walks of life are competing against each other.

Even the people watching the battle below hid far away, for fear of being affected, they wanted to bury themselves thousands of feet underground.

But even a thousand feet will be overturned by the aftermath of the battle!

The power of these guys is so terrifying that no one can beat them.

Ye Chen roared angrily. He suffered multiple injuries all over his body. After all, he was fighting for his fate with his body of reincarnation. Both of them had the same level of six-path power, so it was impossible to defend them all.

The two of them are fighting at a fever pitch. At this time, any magical powers, thaumaturgy, and magic weapons are just auxiliary means. What they want is this kind of fist-to-flesh fight.

Xuan Jiyue seems to be floating in the world, as unsullied as a banished immortal, but in fact she is full of fighting spirit.

Her sword skills are superb and powerful, and in addition, her physical skills are also extremely strong.

For her who is arrogant and arrogant, she must use the means that the opponent is good at to defeat the opponent. Only in this way can she show the transcendence of the Lord of Destiny.

Since Ye Chen doesn’t use swordsmanship, she doesn’t need it either.

Returning to the most primitive way of fighting may be the best way to end fate!


As soon as these two people took action, they were enveloped in auspicious aura that soared into the sky and penetrated into people’s hearts, causing the entire universe to rise and fall.

Everyone was astonished, and even the two groups of people fighting on the periphery turned back frequently.

The two people in the field were really crazy about killing each other. They didn’t care about anything else and just wanted to kill each other!

“Do you dare to make an oath of heaven to fight with only your physical body?”

Xuan Jiyue said coldly.

“Why not?”

Ye Chen’s expression became even colder.

The will of the two emerged, and the way of heaven was also sensed. Suddenly, thunder exploded, hurricanes roared, and even the clouds in the sky and earth changed colors in an instant.

The entire void collapsed, and the cracks in the void spread endlessly, as if a perfect world was broken.

The Holy Body of Destiny and the Divine Body of Samsara, the transcendent physiques that are the best in the world, finally meet brazenly.

Those who were closer sensed the dangerous aura and immediately retreated for fear of being affected. The two parties also temporarily gave up their attack and retreated far away.

Xuan Jiyue took the lead in launching the attack. She held a magic formula in her right hand, and when she waved it, thunder light spread all over her body.

This is a method of strengthening physical skills, which can strengthen the connection between the physical body and the void, causing countless thunder seeds to vibrate.

Those thunder seeds swept over, and the blue light bloomed and captured the soul, which was simply terrifying.

“You are destined to die!”

Faced with the old enemy of love and hatred for two lifetimes, Xuan Jiyue was not polite at all and directly used the thunder seeds enshrined by the Jianjia Sword Sect.

Thunder seeds were born from thunder pools deep in the void, possessing power as vast as the ocean.

If thunder seeds are used, the opponent will bear thousands of times the blow.

Even the most top-notch sacred physique in the world may not be able to withstand the explosive impact of thunder seeds.

Ye Chen’s eyes condensed for an instant. He finally understood why Xuan Jiyue wanted to stimulate him and make such an oath of heaven!

It turns out that the trap was already set, waiting for him to get inside!

But at this time, there is only one battle, and there is no way out. No matter it is a sea of ​​swords, mountains of fire, Ye Chen will go all out.

“Come, Lord of Destiny, let me see your true power.”

“Eight Parts of Futu Qi! Hundred Evil Body! Supreme Heavenly Demonic Body! Holy Body Mysterious Technique!”

Ye Chen used the most powerful body refining technique, using the eight pagodas and many magic techniques to the extreme. Even the pagoda of the pagoda fell from the sky, emitting little golden light and integrating with his body.

His black hair danced wildly, and his eyes were like thunder and lightning, which could not be looked directly into. Blood-colored light waves burst out, traveling thousands of miles. The whole person was mysterious and terrifying.

Reincarnation is interconnected with heaven and earth. At this time, Ye Chen activated his will unique to reincarnation.

Under the supervision of the Heavenly Dao Oath, the two cannot use magical powers, but they can be summoned with the physical body.

With a thought, endless rules descended from the depths of the void, pouring out like a waterfall. Purple energy and blood light intertwined and collided fiercely.

Cultivation of the physical body to become a saint can touch the Tao, and it is powerful and powerful. This is also the supreme secret of cultivation, and it is a unique Tao method that has a different approach!


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