The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7047: Return! (Asking for votes!)

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This time, the thunder clouds stopped moving, and all the disasters stopped.

The lightning was like a defeated soldier, shattering and shattering, followed by a clicking sound.

The man seemed to have come from eternity, the wind stopped blowing, and not even the dust moved at all.

Ye Chen could see that the chains collapsed in an instant, and the man regained his freedom, broke away from the turbulence of the void, and escaped from here.

“Sure enough, God’s will has its own arrangements. The master asked you to rescue me, which is a test for the heir, and you have passed the test.”

The man’s look and tone were very emotional. Only then did he dare to tell his name. His name was Xu Yang.

Next, Xu Yang gave something to Ye Chen, which was a key that shone with an inexplicable luster.

“This is the key to unlocking the inheritance of the treasure. It’s just that the treasure is not there now. You may have to spend some time looking for it. I can give you this soul imprint. After I finish my work, I will follow this trace. Soul mark, come back to find yours.”

After speaking, Xu Yang slowly opened his palm, and an ancient seal rotated, full of life at this moment.

“Lord of Reincarnation, you are blessed with unparalleled luck. My master is optimistic about you, probably because of this, but you are not fully grown yet and cannot control the treasure.”

Although Xu Yang escaped from trouble, he was detained here for too long and his body was severely worn.

Now he is going to find a way to repair his body.

“I hand this key to you in the hope that you can accept the inheritance and one day in the future, truly cross the void of the universe, reach the ancient battlefield of gods and demons where the master is, and fight side by side with him.”

Xu Yang said every word seriously, as if he was doing something extremely sacred.

Ye Chen nodded and took the thing in Xu Yang’s hand, and Xu Yang’s figure gradually disappeared.

“Senior Xu, where are you going?” Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m going to another place. In addition to repairing the body, I also need to do some unfinished things!”

After saying that, Xu Yang disappeared on the spot, directly cutting off the space and leading to another place of nothingness.

And Ye Chen also took a deep breath. He left the void and returned to the mysterious sea.

Where did Xu Yang come from, where is he going, and what kind of existence is his master?

The so-called ancient battlefield! Xu Yang should have had some experience. He once saw gods and Buddhas fighting in the sky in the void. The vision was extremely terrifying.

It seems that such secrets can only be explored after he becomes stronger.

Two hours later, a wave of waves surged into the Tianjian Sect’s mountain-protecting formation.

Like a drop of water falling on a calm lake.

Ye Chen stretched out his hand to cut through the space restriction and returned to the Tianjian Sect.

At this time, the Tianjian Sect was completely silent. Many disciples of the sect were still practicing and had not left their homes.

Not long after Ye Chen came back, he saw a simple bridge built on a cliff, connecting the cliffs at both ends.

Zhuge Sect Leader came from the other side. He must have known that Ye Chen was back, so he came to express his condolences.

“Ye Chen, I ordered the entire sect to search for your whereabouts, but there was no news.” The tone of Zhuge Sect Leader couldn’t help but be a little worried, “I learned later that you actually went to intercept the elders of the Jianjia Sword Sect alone. It’s very dangerous!”

In the eyes of the Zhuge Sect Master, Ye Chen is the future leader of the Tianjian Sect. He must inherit the throne and must not lose his life easily.

Facing the kindness of Sect Master Zhuge, Ye Chen smiled and expressed his understanding.

He can handle his own affairs by himself without dragging down the Heavenly Sword Sect.

When asked by Sect Master Zhuge, Ye Chen roughly told what happened to him, but concealed some of the details.

Hearing this, Sect Master Zhuge was also dumbfounded. He did not expect Ye Chen to be so bold and dare to hijack the **** team of Jianjia Sword Sect alone!

You have to know where it is, but the elders of the Jianjia Sword Sect are leading the team, and they are extremely powerful.

“Before taking action next time, you must tell us that although the Tianjian Sect is not a top-notch force, we will not be afraid of anyone!”

Zhuge Sect Leader said to Ye Chen with a serious expression and a sonorous tone.

He really wanted to train Ye Chen as his future, so he was determined to defeat whoever stood in his way.

“Thank you, Master Zhuge, for your love!”

Ye Chen was also slightly moved and had a long talk with the Zhuge Sect Leader.

After he left, Ye Chen returned to the cave, sat cross-legged, and counted the gains of these days.

This time when he went to the frozen snowfield, he not only received the guidance and gifts from the Tianze Divine Tree, but also the treasures brought by the man in the void.

But Ye Chen was still upset, because at the last moment it was Sun Yerong who burned her essence and blood, summoned the flower god, and blocked the enemy, so that he could escape.

Now Sun Yerong’s life and death are uncertain, and his whereabouts are unknown, but he himself has become a deserter.

The more he thought about it, the more unwilling he became. He could only blame himself for not being strong enough to deal with such a powerful enemy!

“If my level of strength is strong enough, Holy Son Jianjia will not be able to stop Zhishui’s sword!”

When Ye Chen thought of this, he felt as if a basin of cold water had been poured on him, chilling him from head to toe.

After experiencing this failure, he suddenly woke up. Although the path of Wuwu summoned by Shisui’s sword was the pinnacle of martial arts, it might be ineffective against an opponent whose strength was too far apart!


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