The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 7013: Is this Hongjun’s pursuit?

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The frozen snowfield is a place that scares countless Jianjia Sword Sect disciples.

Even for Xuan Hai, it is taboo.

It is filled with terrifying laws of heaven and earth. Once one steps in, one cannot easily escape. From ancient times to the present, no one who has entered has successfully escaped.

Generally speaking, every other reincarnation of the Jianjia Sword Sect will select a female disciple who has been eliminated by the sect and send it to them to endure all kinds of torture.

For example, if a top disciple like Sun Yerong is sent in now, this situation has never happened before.

So it also caused controversy.

“Okay, don’t say any more.”

While the debate was going on in the main hall, the sect leader who had been sitting quietly at the head spoke.

Her name is Fenghua, and she is the 31st generation leader of the Jianjia Sword Sect. Her strength has been cultivated to the extreme level of Xuanhai, and she is extremely powerful.

The Jianjia Sword Sect under the control of Fenghua is still the largest sect in Xuanhai, but now there are rising stars such as the Dainichi Sect, chasing after them, and several parties have started a tug-of-war.

“Since you have committed an irreparable mistake, you should accept punishment.”

Fenghua glanced at Sun Yerong indifferently, his expression was neither sad nor happy, and he was very calm.

Sun Yerong buried her head even lower. The importance of the Nine Heavens Divine Art to the Jianjia Sword Sect was self-evident, but she just couldn’t get over the hurdle in her heart.

Upholding fairness and justice, isn’t this what everyone should do?

“I will send you to the frozen snowfield for ten days. After ten days, if you can come back unharmed, then the past will be written off and no longer pursued.”

The sect leader Fenghua made the final decision, and no one dared to refute it.

On the surface, Sun Yerong does not need to die, but what she has to face may be more terrifying than death.

“This matter has been decided, please retreat.”

The sect leader Fenghua took the lead to leave the hall, and the other elders retreated in turn.

A trace of satisfaction flashed in Shangguan Yun’s eyes. It was really hateful that Sun Yerong had blocked his plan over and over again.

Now throw it into the frozen snowfield. This kind of treatment is more terrifying than death.

“Fight with me? Do you know the outcome now?”

The smile on Shangguan Yun’s face was extremely sinister and sinister.

At the same time, the Heavenly Sword Valley, thousands of miles away, finally welcomed a young talent who shone brightly in the Swordfall Space.

After Ye Chen returned to the Tianjian Sect, what he had done spread to the ears of the entire sect, and everyone in the sect was immediately shocked by it.

“What? He actually defeated Shangguan Yun, who is the genius of the Jianjia Sword Sect…”

“Not only defeated Shangguan Yun, but also Zhang Hantian, and even tied with the invincible descendant of the Jianjia Sword Sect.”

News like this spread quickly, making Ye Chen’s reputation even higher.

He didn’t pay much attention, but when he was walking among the Tianjian Sect, many people looked at him with a hint of admiration.

Some people even came to him to ask for sword skills, their eyes full of fanaticism and piety.

In this regard, Ye Chen could only say that he couldn’t laugh or cry.

In the Jian Yun Space, he had not yet put on the Crown of Thorns. He just put it into the blue water and absorbed a wisp of the crown’s divine power. He was able to explore the mystery of the Jian Yun Space and merge his soul into it.

At this time, the Crown of Thorns was rising and falling in his sea of ​​energy, turning into a shadow, extremely gorgeous.

Ye Chen once witnessed the power of the Crown of Thorns. Back then, Lord Chang Mo used a Thorn Blood Sword and manipulated a fragment that fell from the sea of ​​thorns to kill everyone, which made people frightened.

You can see how terrifying the changes in Crown of Thorns are.

“How does this crown of thorns nourish the soul?”

Ye Chen found a quiet place and began to practice in seclusion. To put it bluntly, his life consisted of repeatedly wandering between fighting and practicing.

The reason why he was able to break through illusions step by step and reach the top is because of his strong perseverance.

Of course, behind this, talent is also very important.

But throughout the ages, many talented people only shined for a moment, and then disappeared into the sea and ceased to exist.

For the time being, he will not refine the Crown of Thorns and use it for his own use, because he wants to find the whereabouts of another nine-day magic: the Sword Art of the Mother of All Things.

Only by finding these two Nine Heavens Divine Arts can we fully understand the rules of this place, create a space-time gate that connects the two worlds, and escape from this mysterious sea.

Ye Chen closed his eyes, the powerful sword intention swirling in his mind. The blood-red sword seemed to be outlined by thorns, full of mysterious and sharp spikes.

When he came into contact with this thorny blood sword, Ye Chen’s mind was stirred, like a spiritual sea spreading outward, becoming extremely turbulent.

Soon, the violent storm turned into a sea of ​​blood.

He stabilized the ray of consciousness, the ancient gods and demons remained unmoved in the violent storm, and welcomed the coming of this catastrophe.

Ye Chen started from a young age and climbed up step by step. His foundation is extremely solid, which is extremely rare among many geniuses.

Perhaps it was the support of the reincarnation bloodline, or perhaps Ye Chen did not rely on a large number of genius materials, earth treasures and elixirs to fill his body, so he got to where he is today step by step.

He was like the pillar of heaven buried deep in the ground. He was not affected at all. Instead, he faced the catastrophe and punched straight up. The turbulent sea of ​​blood was also stunned.

“Want to devour me? I’m afraid you’re a little too young!”

A ferocious smile appeared on Ye Chen’s face, and his fist burst out with extremely bright light, smashing the monstrous sea of ​​blood into countless water droplets and shattering them.

The crown of thorns stored in Ye Chen’s body was shaking and a little unstable, as if it had suffered a serious blow.

He no longer dared to easily initiate a body seizure, because the power of Ye Chen’s soul was so powerful that it even felt afraid.

After shocking the Crown of Thorns, Ye Chen retracted all his spiritual thoughts and slowly opened his eyes.

All the power dropped by the Thorn Blood Sword was absorbed into his body and became the best nourishing food.

His soul power has improved a little bit, even if it is insignificant, but for a monk of his level, every breakthrough is a big step forward on the long road to heaven.

The next step was to find the legendary Mother Sword Art of All Things, so he came to the place where the leader of the Heavenly Sword Sect was.

Zhuge Sect Master was discussing swordsmanship with several other elders in the sect. When they saw Ye Chen coming, they immediately greeted him.

Two elders even came to show their interest and wanted to test their swordsmanship with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen smiled and did not refuse. Regardless of his own level, his understanding of the sword could be said to have thrown these people away more than a hundred thousand miles away.


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