The Deity of War Chapter 1: Jealousy


“Come and see, Qi Ying said he was going to duel with Duan Renshan on the duel stage!”

A rumor spread like wildfire on the grassland. It spread from ten to ten, and it swept through the entire Tianhe Academy in a few minutes, attracting the attention and discussion of most of the students in the academy.

“Qi Ying? He’s a new student who just entered the school a month ago, right? The one with the silver glove on his left hand!”

“Scared! He really ate the guts of a bear’s heart and a leopard. He was only at the seventh level of the martial arts, yet he actually wanted to challenge Duan Renshan in the Qi martial arts?”

“Also, Qi Ying is just a child of an ordinary family, right? He brought a blind woman with him when he came to the academy. Duan Renshan is the young master of the Duan family in Tianhe County! Can he fight?”

The dueling stage, once you step on it, it doesn’t matter if you live or die! You deserve to be beaten to death!

The fiery young men often want to fight if they disagree, so it is normal for two disciples to walk on the duel stage and should not have attracted so many people’s attention. Just walking onto the duel stage, one was a disciple of the power martial realm from humble backgrounds, and the other was the young master of the Duan family from the Qi martial realm, which made all the disciples in the academy widen their eyes.

In a duel, only people of the same class can fight. If you come from a humble background, let’s not fight against the nobles with better skills and more cultivation resources. Even if you can fight, you will be bullied by the nobles. You have to endure it, or you will send some home care workers to smash your windows in minutes!

Especially the one who took the initiative to initiate the duel turned out to be Qi Ying, a child of the poor family, which made people even more confused.

When did the underprivileged children dare to take the initiative to provoke a duel against the noble young master?

“Qi Ying and Duan Renshan are on the duel stage!”

“Go and see, go and see!”

Hundreds of disciples flocked to the large courtyard where the dueling platform was located, and saw two fifteen or sixteen year olds standing on the square dueling platform one meter above the ground and covered with neat white stones.

A little taller, with neatly combed hair in a neat bun, wearing a gold-embroidered edge cloth armor, Duan Renshan with a handsome face, squinting at the emaciated person, wearing a gray-brown cloth, but wearing a silver Gloves, Qi Ying, who seemed to be a little or a lot more handsome than him, hummed two white breaths from his nose.

“Qi Ying, I’ve agreed, you took the initiative to fight with me! I didn’t force you, I’ll maim you later, and I won’t pay for your medical bills!”


The opposite Qi Ying responded casually.

“What’s your attitude?!” He said a paragraph, but the other party only said one word, which immediately made Duan Renshan feel a burst of humiliation, “You are fighting me, shouldn’t you say more? “


Qi Ying responded twice.

“I’m going to…”

There is boos around the dueling ring.

In a conversation, only saying one word “Oh” or just two words “Haha” is basically the biggest humiliation to the person talking, and it is more deadly than “I’ll go to your Mala Gobi” force.

“Who knows why a duel?”

Someone asked.

Immediately someone gave the answer: “Isn’t it because of An Ruyi? The beauty is in trouble, the beauty is in trouble!”


Many people were surprised.

An Ruyi was born in an upper-class family in Tianhe County. She is sixteen and twenty-eight years old. She is a perfect budding age. She is one of the dream goddesses of many poor children, including many noble young masters.

What happened today at Tianhe Academy is like in many old-fashioned novels. Miss An Ruyi, who was born in a noble family, is very concerned about Qi Ying, who is handsome and handsome but has humble background. The face immediately stopped Qi Ying, and even went to grab Qi Ying’s hand directly, angering the wealthy son Duan Renshan who happened to pass by the door, so the aristocratic young master Duan Renshan verbally provoked the innocent Qi Ying—— However, unlike in the novel, it was Qi Ying who took the initiative to propose a way to solve the problem of An Ruyi’s belonging by dueling!

Such a thing is written in a novel, and it is naturally something that many underprivileged children dream of happening to themselves, but when it really happens around, people feel that An Ruyi and Qi Ying have gone wrong together.

“Look, over there! An Ruyi!”

Someone shouts. People looked around and saw a slender girl with crow hair like ink, skin like snow, coexistence of heroism and beauty, and it was An Ruyi.

But this An Ruyi, who should care about Qi Ying just as much as the heroine of the novel cares about her crush, seems to not care about Qi Ying’s life or death at all. Not only does she not show the worried and nervous expression that the heroine of the novel should have, she also smiles Looking at the duel stage, it seems that he is waiting to see a good show.

“Going to fight! Going to fight!”

There was a roar from the crowd, and the disciples finally took their eyes off An Ruyi and landed on the duel stage.

On the dueling stand.


Duan Renshan suddenly shouted, and then took a lunge, his right hand clenched into a fist, and the fist was covered with a layer of pale yellow gas.


Many disciples of the martial realm who were watching immediately showed envious eyes.

The symbol of Qi Wujing martial artist, true Qi!

Condensing infuriating energy, you can practice the real technique of entering the room, and step into the real cultivation path. The most intuitive thing is that with infuriating energy, you can cast martial arts and hurt people from the air.

Fighting head-to-head, warriors in the realm of force are often blasted away by the opponent’s martial skills before they get close to the warriors in the realm of qi, and the gap is huge.

In the eyes of everyone, Duan Renshan punched.

The cloud of yellowish gas surrounding the fist escaped from the fist, and it swelled into the wind, suddenly turning into a large fist shadow with a diameter of one meter.


The boxing shadow is banging on Qi Ying’s chest, who is standing in the same place, and has just put on a horse stance, and his hands have not had time to form a block.


Qi Ying’s body suddenly flew up, like a stone thrown into the distance, flying high from the duel platform, drawing an arc parabola in the air, and then landing heavily on the duel platform There was a splash of dust on the ground outside.

Duan Renshan: “…”

An Ruyi: “…”

School disciples: “…”

What the hell?

Duan Renshan is very powerful, but he is also at the first level of Qi Wujing. You, Qi Ying, are also at the seventh level of the martial arts realm, and you haven’t even followed a single move?

At this time.

Qi Ying got up from the ground, patted the dust on her clothes, and then covered her stomach with her left hand wearing a silver glove, her eyebrows twisted together, and a painful expression: “Ah! Duan Renshan, you It’s amazing! I, Qi Ying, feel ashamed, convinced, convinced. From now on, An Ruyi is yours, and I won’t say a word to her again!”


On the mountain behind Tianhe University, a remote tree-lined path.


Duan Renshan dodged out from behind a big tree and stopped Qi Ying who was walking fast on the path.

Qi Ying stopped and raised her eyebrows: “What are you going to do? I lost, An Ruyi belongs to you, I won’t talk to her in the future, is this not the end?”

The corner of Duan Renshan’s mouth twitched: “Humph! You said you wanted to duel with me, but you deliberately lost by one move, because you were afraid of being beaten! In today’s duel, not only did you get called a coward, but I also fell with me. There are even rumors that I paid you to pay for it. Grandma, I have to beat you to death today!”

Qi Ying looked around, but there was no one except them.

“You want to fight here?”

“Right here. Don’t you dare?”

Duan Renshan clenched his fists provocatively, and the pale yellow infuriating energy appeared. In this little forest where no one was paying attention, as long as he didn’t kill Qi Ying, he could almost do whatever he wanted.


Qi Ying chuckled again.

It’s just that last time he was expressionless when he laughed, this time, he smiled.

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