The Crimson Dragon Chapter 2: I can see through magic!



The huge torrent of information squeezed into Ize’s brain. He knew that this was the blood inheritance of the dragon family, including dragon language magic, knowledge of the dragon family, combat system, survival theory and so on.


With these things, it is possible to prove that as a five-colored evil dragon, it has been recognized by the dragon queen Tiamat, rather than a failure that looks like a real dragon but is a confused thinking.


Generally speaking, it is impossible for young dragons to accept such a huge flow of information. They passively bury their inheritance in the depths of their memory, and uncover them layer by layer as they age.


But when it comes to Ize, it seems a little different.


As the soul of a modern person, living in the 21st century with the explosion of information, I get countless information resources every day from television, computers, the Internet, mobile phones, games, novels, etc. In the fantasy setting of Erbafu Continent, Ize has no idea how much he has seen in the novel.


Although a giant dragon has a long lifespan, most of it is spent in sleep. How much information can there be when looking at the entire dragon life?


So, Yize took over all the inheritance of the dragon family effortlessly, and watched the life of many “legendary dragon species” with great interest.


The great flaming dragon mother Daenerys roared in dissatisfaction as she looked at the little dragonfly with a dull gaze.


If the dragon is not acknowledged by the dragon queen Tiamat, she will have no choice but to abandon him.


“Great Mother of Dragons, Daenerys, I am Eze Dumbledore Sol Targaryen!”


Ize let out a roar, and the dragon syllable of hundreds of characters spit out from Ize’s mouth, without the slightest sense of difficulty and stagnation, as if the most obscure and profound dragon language in the world should be him. language.


This is the power of the Dragon Clan’s inheritance, which directly affects the soul, so there is no need to worry about a fault in the inheritance.


Seeing Eze spit out the dragon’s true name, Daenerys’ eyes softened significantly.


If she is a human body now, she will definitely be able to see a happy smile on her old face.


The birth rate of giant dragons has always been low, and even if they hatch successfully, there are very few real dragons that can be recognized by Tiamat, the queen of dragons. In addition, these eggs of the flaming dragon mother are all picked up , which has a very high failure rate.


Now that Yize, a real dragon, has been successfully hatched, the Dragon Mother suddenly feels that the great five-colored dragon queen is still secretly watching her.


Ize breathed a sigh of relief as well. Judging from the current situation, he shouldn’t be thrown out again.


As long as the newborn dragonfly can say its true name, according to the rules set by the dragon queen Tiamat, the mother dragon is obliged to raise and protect the newborn dragonfly, at least in the dragonling stage.


Ize crawled out of the dragon egg staggeringly, covered in a layer of wet egg liquid all over his body, looking a little ugly. It took Ize all his strength to get out of the egg shell just now, and now he is hungry again.


He stretched out his tongue and licked the liquid on his body, but this little thing couldn’t satisfy his stomach at all. Then, he looked at the broken eggshell and walked over to “click” swallowed.


Um…this taste, kind of like a pretzel biscuit?


It was delicious.


Under the pressure of starvation, Yize ate all the eggshells like a cloud, and his stomach finally felt better.


As a hatchling, eggshells are undoubtedly the best supplies. The rich energy can allow him to survive the initial hunger period, and can activate the hatchlings to start their first growth and development.


Actually, a hatchling just hatched has many abilities, running around in a few hours and flying in a day or two. Although not as good as young dragons to a certain extent, these abilities are sufficient for hatchlings to take care of themselves, at least against relatively weak threats and predators.


Dragon Heritage is like a rich encyclopedia. Unlike other creatures, wyrmlings are born with an overall grasp of the world and an understanding of their own identity.


It knows how to move, how to use its natural abilities, and how to see the world around it. This realization is one reason why even the youngest dragons can survive into adulthood.


It is this sense of superiority that gives dragons unparalleled arrogance


They are born knowing that they are one of the most powerful creatures in the world, or at least they will be when they reach adulthood.


However, Yize knows very well in his heart that he may cheat to the point of exploding in the future, but now he is still doing a good job of picking up his tail and being a dragon, especially as a red dragon, he must have a number b in his heart, before he can become a dragon. Don’t die too early.


There are four dragon eggs in this nest, but because they were collected by the flaming dragon mother, there is no possibility of hatching at the same time. It seems that today it is estimated that there is only Eze Dumbledore Sol. A true dragon, Targaryen, was born.


Overall, Daenerys is now satisfied with the great Tiamat, who has added another true dragon to the red dragon race.


I don’t know if the dragon family also has such a saying that they are relatives between generations. In short, the flame dragon mother is very pleasing to the eyes of Ize now, and she also sticks out her tongue to help Ize clean up the mucus on his body, making his new scales look even brighter red .


Ize is a little flattered by the good impression of the dragon mother. He knows that dragons are not the kind of mammals with a lot of maternal love. Although they will raise young dragons for a few years, they only provide them with a habitat. Most It’s always in a free-spirited attitude.


Ize already knew from the bloodline inheritance that Daenerys, the mother of the flame dragon, was not his biological mother, and he was very fortunate to have an ancient red dragon to guard himself. No one can think of the trouble of looking for an ancient dragon. Even the most powerful mages in the human world have to weigh whether they can bear the breath of the ancient red dragon.


Hundreds of kilometers in radius are the territory of the Flaming Dragon Mother. There is no need to worry about food. As long as there are no major accidents, it is enough for Yize to spend the young dragon stage carefree.


If possible, Yize would like to stay in the dragon’s nest for dozens or hundreds of years. Anyway, the dragon can become stronger when he sleeps, and he can pretend to be forceful when he wakes up. It’s a little exciting to think about it.


He glanced at the flaming dragon mother lying on the treasure, turned his head to look at the surrounding environment of the dragon’s nest, and inexplicably appeared in front of a large number of translucent virtual windows, accommodating hundreds of fields. Thousands of character base spells, including the complete dragon language magic structure.


“The Law: Blindness”


Level: 8th level spell


Category: Illusions


This spell has no saving throw, and a hit can blind the target. (An invisible enemy is much easier to deal with.)


Description: A simple single attack spell, the activation method is dragon language.


Dragon language base mantra: beekameblindo! (Make the old lady blind! Thousands of character base mantras are omitted below)




ps: This “Red Dragon” is also a novel based on dnd settings. It is still a new book period. Please come and roar three times~


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