The Crimson Dragon Chapter 1: Red Dragon, Ize (Ouch, please collect)


Ize ran a group with netizens to play high last night. In a half-asleep state, he felt as if he was in some kind of sticky liquid.

It’s the kind that is wrapped in all directions by thick mucus, but it doesn’t feel suffocated at all.

This feeling.

It’s amazing.

Of course, this is just what Yize thought subconsciously. The next second, he opened his mouth and said “Shit” and suddenly woke up.

However, what came out of his mouth was a very immature roar.

Ize suddenly froze, not because of this strange roar, but because of the sight

What’s up with the crimson wall?

There is also a thick liquid surrounding it.

Although it exudes a pungent sulfur smell, it looks a bit like amniotic fluid when a baby is born!

As a man who has been at a certain point for a long time, Izai is a little speechless. Why does this situation feel so familiar?

So, is he reborn?

Or some lowly oviparous animal?

Two seconds later he was slapped in the face by himself.

Judging from his current physical appearance, he seems to be a dragon in the world of dnd rules. He is pronounced dragon in English. No matter which plane he is in, he is standing at the top of the food chain.

Ize’s action caused the dragon egg to shake a little, and Daenerys, the mother of the flaming dragons, who was waiting beside the lair, couldn’t help but have a hint of joy.

This is the dragon egg she picked up outside four months ago, and today it’s finally moving.

Daenerys Targaryen has lived to be 2100 years old. Even if the red dragon is the longest-lived five-colored dragon, she is very old, and the red dragon is synonymous with arrogance. Shred it, otherwise it will never quit. Therefore, although the strength of the red dragon is the first of the five-colored evil dragons, the mortality rate remains high.

Even so, Daenerys not only survived, but became a veritable ancient dragon, but was left with a dark disease due to too much fighting at a young age.

Even if she became an ancient dragon, her peak strength did not stay in this age group for too long. If Tiamat, the queen of dragons, did not give her divine grace, she might have to die before the day she became an ancient dragon. .

Different from other five-colored dragons, she did not choose to establish her own red dragon empire in Elbaf continent, but since she lost her fertility in the ancient dragon period, she has a special hobby

Collect dragon eggs.

She occupies an active volcano in the southern part of Elbaf continent, fully acting as a dragon mother, hatching the red dragon eggs collected from all over the Flame Mountains.

Why there are only red dragon eggs and no other kinds of dragon eggs, don’t ask, just eat them all.

Who made Daenerys a red dragon?

The arrogance of the red dragon is unmatched by any other dragon. They believe that the world and all creatures must obey the red dragon, even the golden dragon, the head of the metal dragon.

For hundreds of years, in this way, she has raised almost half of the red dragons in most of the Flaming Mountains. Under the singing of the bards who traveled to and from the continent, Daenerys has the Flaming Dragon. mother’s name.

A title that appears to radiate maternal radiance.

Of course, this kind of gentleness is limited to the red dragon, and other races around it can be described as miserable.

Look at the pile of bones scattered outside the crater, almost turning into a mountain of bones.

In fact, Daenerys entered the twilight period of the dragon as early as ten years ago.

And the current nest of dragon eggs is also the batch she finally decided to adopt. If there is a real dragon that can hatch successfully, she will protect the young dragon to grow up safely until it leaves the nest. If there is no real dragon, she will He decided to leave here with the treasures he had collected in his life and search for his cemetery.

Daenerys, the mother of flames, is undoubtedly very experienced in this area. She sticks out a dragon claw and taps the shell of the dragon egg with her fingernails, which are much larger than the dragon egg. It will only help the hatchling to break free from the cage as soon as possible without hurting it, which greatly increases the birth rate of the hatchling.

After the initial shock, Yize has adapted to his new identity. He drank all the egg liquid in one go. Under the red dragon’s taste, it tasted a familiar cumin flavor instead.

He hiccupped, and his young body gradually gained strength. He began to try to break the weak position of the eggshell. Although he knew that there might be an adult red dragon waiting for him outside after breaking the egg, it seemed that at the moment There is no other way but to go out, unless you want to be in a stillborn egg?

Cooperating with Daenerys’ beating, the dark red dragon scales on the surface of the dragon egg gradually appeared many cracks. With a crisp “click”, a young dragon claw covered with liquid emerged from the egg. The shell sticks out.

Ize breathed a sigh of relief, motherfucker, finally pierced, but he was exhausted.

He raised his claws and tried his best to open it to both sides. The eggshell began to shatter in a large area, and then suddenly burrowed out of the egg.

As soon as I looked up, I saw a huge and terrifying beast lying in the cave.

Ize has many years of experience in running groups, and with just one glance, he can figure out the information about the giant beast in front of him.

This is a dragon, a red dragon, and a red dragon with terrifying strength, entering the ancient dragon stage!

There are terrifying sharp horns all over her head. The swept back double horns and the crown of thorns clearly outline the appearance of the crown. The color of the scales is like molten rock. With the completely restrained appearance of the giant beast, Ize has no doubt that the angry ancient red dragon can turn this place into a sea of ​​fire in an instant.

The ancient red dragon has a slender body, vigorous and powerful legs, and its tail is covered with sharp dark red bone spurs, which makes people shudder. Spreading the wings of her five-colored dragon head, it will be a real shade.

The red dragon is worthy of being the leader of the five-color dragons. In terms of appearance alone, I don’t know how much more domineering it is than other dragon species, so the golden dragon and the silver dragon can compare slightly.

Daenerys, the mother of the flame dragon, stared at the newly born little red dragon with a pair of dark red terrifying vertical pupils. Dragon, Daenerys will not hesitate to expel him from the lair.

Ize is so familiar with dragons that he knows that the dragon in front of him is waiting for him to say his true name.

At this moment, a torrent containing countless dragon information, mixed with a long name with hundreds of bytes, came into his mind without warning, his name is

Isaiah Dumbledore Thor Targaryen!


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