The City’s Almighty System Chapter 1: Skyfall System



Qin Tian was walking alone on the prosperous street, looking at the lively crowd around him, the bright smile on his face, Qin Tian felt so envious, hey! A deep sigh sounded, and just listening to this sigh, I felt that an old man who had experienced vicissitudes of life was summing up his life.


But who would have thought that this sigh came from the mouth of a high school student under the age of 18.


“Hey!!! How could this be the case?” Another low sigh sounded, mixed with endless grief and pain.


Qin Tian was walking on the street in a daze. He came home from school yesterday. He was supposed to have a summer vacation during his busy senior year of high school. He got news that he couldn’t believe. Father is sick, cancer! ! !


When Qin Tian heard the news, he was completely dumbfounded. Cancer, what a terrifying name. Qin Tian has always seen this word on TV or in newspapers, and always feels that it makes sense to him. It’s far away, nothing to fear, but when the word came to him, he realized what a desperate name it was at this time.


Seeing his mother’s sad expression, Qin Tian felt a tingling pain in his heart, as if a sharp knife had been stabbed into it. It made him feel difficult to breathe, and his father was comforting his mother, but Qin Tian could feel a trace of nostalgia for life in his father’s eyes, and a reluctance to part with his family.


After taking care of his father in the hospital, he was kicked out by his father. The reason was that he was in the third year of high school and he was nervous about his studies. He couldn’t delay his studies. Just review it at home in the past few days. Don’t go to the hospital. Your mother is here. Just look at it, but Qin Tian knows that his father doesn’t want his son to see his vulnerable side, because Qin Tian’s study is very clear. Qin’s father knows very well that his son has been wandering in the middle and lower reaches. If there is no accident, he will test it. In the most ordinary kind of school, the father has always been the pride and role model of the son, but now the role model is facing the torment of the disease and is becoming increasingly haggard.


Qin Tian walked out of the hospital like a walking corpse, and involuntarily walked to the woods not far from his home. This place was Qin Tian’s childhood paradise, full of happy childhood memories. When he is unhappy, he always likes to go somewhere, looking at the green grass, smelling the fragrance of wild flowers, listening to the chirping of small insects, and admiring the beauty of nature, which can always make Qin Tian forget all his troubles.


Somehow came to the grove, and Qin Tian finally came back to his senses.


Self-deprecating smile “It seems that the life of labor and management is hard. In this state, they can cross the road and have not been killed by a car.”


Looking at the familiar environment in the woods, I couldn’t help but think of how his father took him to play here when he was a child. The happy scenes made Qin Tian feel even more pain.


“Ah… thief god, don’t you have long eyes?” A mournful cry came from the woods, startling countless birds.


At this moment, the sun in the sky seemed to flicker, and a beam of light that was hard to see with the naked eye hit Qin Tian on the head, causing him to faint on the spot and lose consciousness.


“Ding, after the space shuttle is completed, the energy of the system will be exhausted, because the shuttle space is affected by cosmic rays, time and space, and unknown changes have occurred. This reaction is benign, so it will not be deleted. The change begins and needs to be found immediately. host.”


“Ding, scanning”


“Ding, found that the Chinese bloodline… meets the system binding conditions, the host conditions are extremely poor, it is recommended not to choose.”


“Ding, scan the surrounding area and find no matching human beings. Determine the current human as the host.”


“Ding, understand the host’s information, the body is normal, the spirit is normal, and the brain is connected”


“Ding, the brain is connected, the system is successfully bound”


“Find out that the host is vulnerable, start the reinforcement program, and start the reinforcement…”


As soon as the voice fell, the clothes on Qin Tian’s body were torn apart, and the muscles and bones exposed to the air actually started to wriggle non-stop, as if countless insects were crawling back and forth under the skin.


The sound of various bones interlacing sounded one after another, and Qin Tian’s face instantly became extremely ferocious under the pain caused by this violent change in his body.


He subconsciously let out a low roar, but he seemed to have used up all his strength. After groaning, he fell into an unconscious state again.


When Qin Tian woke up from the coma, it was already night. He sat up in a daze and looked around. It was the familiar grove, “What happened before? I remember that I scolded me. When the thief came to the sky, I found that the sun seemed to light up, and then I fell into a coma, wouldn’t it really be condemned by God.”


The otaku’s ability to replenish the brain is very strong. Qin Tian is also considered a half otaku, and his ability to think wildly is not lost. Immediately, countless possibilities appeared in his mind. After some random thoughts, Qin Tian felt more and more familiar with this The grove has a spooky feel to it.


He subconsciously stood up and realized that something was wrong, “Huh? Why is my body lighter, and my strength seems to have increased a lot, what’s going on at this time?” You must know that since junior high school, you have learned about men and women. Qin Tian began to “exercise” constantly. Every time he felt, he used Wuzhi girl to “exercise”. In addition, he was reluctant to exercise. When he was on vacation, he played on the computer at home, watched some passionate movies, and his body was not very good. , I have never felt such a powerful feeling, “Is this still my body?” Qin Tian couldn’t help thinking.


At this moment, a gust of breeze came in. Qin Tian felt a chill in his body. He looked down and found that his clothes were completely shattered. , this resting state is almost catching up with the previous fighting state.” Qin Tian thought to himself, and he couldn’t help being a little sluggish for a while.


“Ding, the host was successfully strengthened, it took 8 hours and 30 minutes,”


“The effect is excellent, the host’s current physical condition is good, without any adverse reactions, the report is completed…”


“Who… who is there talking… come out… come out?” Qin Tian was startled when he heard the voice suddenly. He was just frightening himself, but now he is really frightened.


“Yes, Master”


At this time, Qin Tian felt his eyes light up and found himself in an empty hall. At this time, a cold metal building, square and empty, looked very empty. The walls were silver-white. Although there were no lights, the room was very bright. No matter how Qin Tian looked at it, it looked like the experimental base in the movie.


At this moment, a white light flashed, and based on the unobstructed beautiful body, it appeared in front of Qin Tian’s eyes. From time to time, it appeared and appeared, a little loli of fifteen or sixteen years old, with a pair of big watery eyes on her innocent face. , looked at Qin Tian with curious eyes, a look of innocence. And a hint of cunning flashed in her eyes from time to time, proving that the beauty in front of her is not as innocent as she looks.


The tall breasts, the perfect shape, can’t help but want to hold them in the hands and play with them. The **** are huge, but not sagging at all. Standing proudly on his chest. Gu Qintian’s visual estimate is at least E-level. That slender willow waist makes people feel as if their body can be broken if they exercise a lot.


With those rounded buttocks, slender legs, and the black hair that appeared between the legs inadvertently, and a pair of delicate and naked feet, Qin Tian felt his mouth dry. He quickly covered his nose and turned his head away.


“Shou…I can’t stand the bird, it’s…it’s too exciting” Qin Tian gasped, suddenly felt a cold feeling in his hand, looked down, and was suddenly embarrassed, “Nosebleed, I actually had a nosebleed, I rely on it, the labor and management are embarrassed this time, how can I say that I have been tested for a long time, Teacher Cang’s magic is all clouds, how did it fall into the hands of this little girl, it’s over, it’s over, I Yingming is dying, fortunately no one knows, otherwise it will be miserable.” Qin Tian comforted himself in his heart.


“Lord~~~~ people, what’s wrong with you, ah~~~~ you’re bleeding, are you okay?”


There was a slightly seductive moan in front of him, especially the “Ah~~~~” voice, which was softly whispered, turning eighteen turns in a row, making people listen to it, and my heart felt like being slapped by countless kittens’ claws. Just as he was scratching, Qin Tian suddenly became restless, and his nose bleed more happily.




“Pfft…ah…haha…haha…Master, you are so cute…hahahaha”


Seeing Qin Tian embarrassed, Little Loli smiled, full of pride, her expression was like a little fox who stole a The two perfect weapons in front of her chest, because the smile He couldn’t help shaking up and down, as if he was saying come quickly, come and catch me.


Seeing the beauty in front of him, Qin Tian couldn’t bear it any longer. He immediately turned into a werewolf and rushed towards the little loli. He just rushed to the front of the little loli and found that perfect **** were standing proudly. , greeted Qin Tian tremblingly, Qin Tian was even more excited, a wolf claw stretched out like the towering beauty of Little Loli, and found the slyness flashing in Little Loli’s eyes, and felt uncomfortable for a while. Miao, sure enough, after a bit of time, Little Loli came to Qin Tian’s back for some reason, and her delicate little feet kicked Qin Tian’s ass.


“Ah…” A tragic cry rang out, and Qin Tian leaned against the wall, turning his head to look at Little Loli with embarrassed eyes in the fire. As a result, the little loli laughed even more.


“You… Who are you, I… How did I appear here, what the **** is going on?” Qin Tian snapped the tip of his tongue, taking advantage of the stinging pain, and finally managed to focus his eyes on where he was, trembling cheerfully. The murder weapon was pulled out, and he asked quickly. Seeing the sturdy performance of Little Loli, Qin Tian became a lot more honest.


“You ask so many questions at one time, how do you ask people to answer you?” Little Loli bit her fingers, tilted her head, and looked at Qin Tian aggrievedly with big misty eyes, as if Qin Tian asked such a question once. Too many, I don’t know how to answer and I’m anxious, there is a posture that if you don’t come to comfort me, I’ll cry and show you.


“Ah…blame me…it’s my fault…I shouldn’t ask so many at one time…not next time”


Qin Tian hates women cry the most. He thinks women’s tears are the most powerful weapon in the world. Every time he sees a woman cry, he will die from a headache.


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