The Amber Sword: End of this testimonial



These are the words written after “Amber”, in fact, long before the end of “Amber”, I have already typed in my heart the draft of the testimonials. But I didn’t expect that at the moment when I finished writing and writing a pen, I realized that there were a thousand words in my heart and I couldn’t get any ink. In the book “Amber”, I devoted a lot of effort and gained a lot in the process of writing. Among them, there is the joy of writing, but there are also experiences and lessons. After experiencing a low period of writing in the middle of the book, because It was an accidental inspiration from some discussions with Mao Niang, and that’s how it ended today.


The whole book of “Amber”, in general, due to various reasons of unfamiliar experience, especially the closing part, I spent a lot of experience. Although many people thought that I might be unfinished when I started writing the volume of The Throne of the End, as the author, what I want to say is-from the final volume of the sixth volume to the end of today, It lasted 500 chapters and the word count was close to 2 million. In other words, I used a full two million words to draw a full stop for the book “Amber”. Whether this full stop is good or bad, I can’t comment on it, but for the writing itself, I think it’s just not against the original intention. That’s enough.


As for the many interest factors behind “Amber”, I no longer want to discuss it here, because I have said it many times in the group, but in short, everything is still within my acceptable range.


For an author who has not written the finishing touch, it is very difficult to imagine the finishing of a book, especially for people like me who like to lay out the scene and add unnecessary construction to the system indiscriminately. Said, even more so. In fact, after experiencing the pain of dystocia in “Canaan”, “Amber” has been regarded as a work that I have curbed. And because of the experience and lessons of “Canaan”, I think I have the end of “Amber” today. Book.


So many people ask about “Canaan”, I can only say that I have deep feelings for this book and “Amber”. I know that “Canaan” has left beautiful memories in many people’s hearts. This is also my honour, but memories often only make people remember the good side of it. If you look back at “Canaan” itself, you will find There are many shortcomings in this book.


Under the conditions of the current starting point, if “Canaan” is to be started again, I am afraid it can only be rewritten. However, for various reasons, I can only consider this matter after the future conditions are met.


In short, I wrote some random words, and I hope you can laugh at some of the complaints below. The plan after the conclusion of “Amber” should be my next new book. I will spend some time summarizing the experience and lessons of this book, and then I will notify you after the new book has a certain foundation. I hope my readers At that time can continue to support.


Finally, I wish you all a happy new year and all the best.


——Oh, yes, I forgot to finish the book and seek to spread~


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