The Amber Sword: Act 539, the end of the first story



A bundle of spears from the sky plunged straight into Cyril’s chest.


Qian panted with big mouths, she clasped her spear tightly and watched the king of the noh race wailing, turning into countless fragments and dissipating in the world. She turned her head, and on the vast plain of the extreme, there was only a piece of void left. In the distant and deep darkness, a azure back was drifting away from her.


“Miss Ovina!”


“Lord Lord!”


In the darkness, the mountain girl suddenly woke up. The soft sunlight is gently spilling into this room from the window. The thin curtains can’t hide the bright summer, and a warm lily is placed on the desk.


Qian suddenly realized that she had a nightmare. She sat on the bed and gently put her hand on her chest. Everything in the past flows gently in her heart. She raised her head and looked at the Azure Spear on the side of the room with some peace.


The sound of Hippamilla fighting with Star is seen from a distance in the courtyard or Nimesis’s yelling.


Outside the window, the sky is blue, and it’s like a wash.


The carriage drove slowly into the forest branch. Dilphary held the letterhead in his hand and watched in that direction silently, until the shadow of the post truck finally disappeared.


She lowered her head, looked at the letter paper in her hand–a look of relief flashed in her bright eyes, and then turned around briskly. Inside the manor of Yanbao, servants are whispering about the kingdom’s annual grand wedding.


“What about after that?”


“After that, everything will be fine naturally. His Majesty the King of Flames cut off the head of the Dragon of Twilight. The war of our age has come to an end.”


“What does this have to do with the wedding of the Princess Palace?”


“Of course it does matter. Princess Fusha also participated in that war–“


“But the story I’ve heard is different from yours. Didn’t His Majesty the King of Flame leave our world?”


“Your one is a rumor from the countryside.”


Dilphary smiled slightly. She raised her head and stared at the clouds above the sky. The sea breeze was slow, and the letter paper in her hand seemed to fly.


The envelope was stamped with a black pine seal.




A young man walking on the fir-neck avenue, he is unshaven, wearing a shabby straw hat, and holding grass blades, looking around curiously. The wide streets on both sides of Firwood Castle have now changed their appearance greatly. On both sides of the road are those new buildings-all kinds of magic workshops, steam roaring, and on the green belt, iron castings are erected. On the lamppost, the royal lily emblem hangs on it.


Since the silver years of the First Age, the pedestrians on the road have not seen such a ragged and ragged guy, and they all walked and cast their eyes on this young man. The young man was unconscious, stopped and asked a man:


“Man, may I ask, what year is this year?”


“What year?”


“I mean, how long has it been since the year of the sword this year?”


The man looked at the young man as if looking at a neurosis: “This is the year of the second era Xia Ye, this year has been twelve years from the year of the sword,” then he patted the young man on the shoulder: ” Young people, drink less alcohol, it’s not good for your health—”


Kaglisi was dumbfounded.


He didn’t expect that it took him a full twelve years to return to this world after he was hit by a space exile spell. And the most important thing is that everything here has changed from the Eruin he knew-the lords are gone, and the kingdom has three more provinces in the Black Forest. The royal party has been in for ten years. It was disbanded before, and the war was over, so that Tonigel’s locals turned out to be a drunkard.


He sighed slightly, feeling a little melancholy in his heart.


Eluin still exists, but Lord Lord, where are you?


He grabbed the man’s arm, took out a silver coin from his pocket, placed it in the other’s hand, and asked, “Which number is today and what celebration is this?”


Caglisi pointed to the two sides of the street, which was decorated with lights and draped with lily emblems. In the distant square, there were also tables for beer kegs and food. The whole fir collar was filled with a festive atmosphere right now.


“Don’t you know, man, this is the wedding of your Royal Highness—”


“Your Royal Highness’s wedding?” Kaglisi was taken aback: “Griffi was married because of a father-in-law, who to marry?”


“What Princess Griffin,” the man said grimly: “His Royal Highness passed away a few years ago. Take care of your mouth, young man, Princess Fusha is married.”


“The eldest princess died of illness? Is it Princess Fusha who married?”


Kaglisi watched the man walk away with a bit of stunned mouth, but his mind remained unresponsive for a long time–who is Princess Fussa?


He walked into the central square of Firburg with a little despair, and under the bright sunshine, the towering statue finally caught his eye.


Caglilis stood still.


Tears welled up from his eyes in an instant.


Because he finally recognized it, the most eye-catching knight statue on the square was the man he admired.


His lord.


He just stood under the statue in a daze, until someone came to him, stood shoulder to shoulder with him, and looked up at the statue. After a while, the man said:


“For many years, fewer and fewer people will stop under this statue.”


Caglis heard the familiar voice and turned around abruptly.


“Mr. Reto?”






The tall arch windows, bright colors, and the courtyard outside the windows are still the same scenery as before. It seems that in the past ten years, this somewhat quiet study has not changed much since the year her father passed away.


Griffiyin quietly looked at the long-backed chair under the curtain. The red velvet cushion on the chair was still reflecting the golden afternoon sun. Dust flew up and down in the slanting beams of sunlight. She still remembers that there was a young girl sitting in this chair, listening to the story told by Overwell in that same quiet afternoon.


His Royal Highness the eldest princess blinked slowly, she put away her mind, gently closed the door, and then turned and walked out.


But a voice stopped her behind her.




Haruze wears a crown on his head and looks at her sister’s somewhat slender figure from behind. In the past ten years, he has grown up and has the responsibility and responsibility as a king. But there are some things that he can’t let go of in his heart.


“Call me the princess.”


“Sister,” Haruze couldn’t help but whispered, “Take me to say hello to the teacher.”


Griffiyin turned his head and looked at his brother with gazes.


The princess has a faint smile on her face: “Why don’t you go by yourself?”


“Teacher, he doesn’t want to see me—”


“Really?” Griffin’s eyes flashed with a narrow light: “Speaking of which, I am marrying him instead of you.”




Haruzer suddenly couldn’t hold back: “Can you stop talking about Princess Fusha? I didn’t mean it.”


“It’s okay,” Princess Griffin smiled happily: “From now on she will be me, naturally it has nothing to do with you.”


Haruze looked at his sister dumbfoundedly.




In the lobby of Firburg Castle, laughter and discussions came from time to time. Everyone is preparing for the next wedding-the wedding of Viscount Canolan and Princess Fussa, although perhaps half a year ago, Egypt Ruin had never known where Kanoran was in this kingdom. Perhaps it was a newly reclaimed land in the black forest, a brave knight who won the princess’s heart.


Everything is like the legend ten years ago.


But in harmony, there will always be some discordant notes. For example, here is a voice that sounds like some cross-brows and vertical eyes, and said angrily: “This account is wrong again, Antitina! Where’s Flor, go and call Flor!”


The lady of the staff smiled bitterly at the lady businessman who was akimbo and raised her small eyebrows in front of her, and replied: “Flo has already traveled on the Great Plains with Mr. Charles, and they are still taking Tia with him. “


“Oh,” the angry business lady knocked on her forehead: “I remember, that guy is in charge of this account–“


She raised her head and just saw a sneaky figure coming upstairs, and immediately yelled: “Brando, stop for me!”


But how could Brando stop and run immediately.


So almost the whole castle can hear the voice of the merchant lady’s temper: “Brando, you are dead, did you climb on that little female dragon’s bed again yesterday!”


“Or Akane? Or the two little she-wolves!”


The mountain girl was about to go out, but when she heard these words, a red cloud flew up on her face. She just opened the door and saw a certain lord who was winking at her outside the door.


Xian froze for a moment, then closed the door silently.


“Anyway,” the merchant’s voice came in from outside: “I tell you, Brando, the bed can be messed up, but the account can’t be calculated. If you make such a low-level mistake again, I will take you Kicked out of my chamber of commerce!”


In the garden, Mordefense was happily listening to the flying dogs in the castle, he looked at his sister. Andrrig didn’t look in that direction angrily, and replied: “A couple of dogs and men.”


The little silver elf princess sitting by the side listened to Andrique’s complaining, and couldn’t help but smile. She raised her head and stared at the sun-dappled shade of the tree.


Suddenly felt an unprecedented peace in my heart.




In the cemetery.


Edessa quietly stared at the quiet and lonely tombstone among the rose bushes. Her eyes were soft, as if she was reminiscing about everything that happened many years ago. In that era that people today call troubled times, her soul can find support instead, and in this era, she can only feel alone.


She stayed in front of the tomb for a long time, just like this one afternoon every week, she would stop here, for her, in this lonely cemetery, buried in this lonely cemetery is a king in her mind .


She held the necklace in her hand silently, and there was only one crystal pendant missing on the necklace.


That is all her hope.


Edessa turned around slowly and walked out of the cemetery. At this time, she heard a cry of surprise coming from behind her:




Edessa turned her head and saw a corner of the cemetery. A girl she had seen several times was staring at the young man standing in front of her in amazement. On the other side’s beautiful face, tears were already streaming down his face.


“Caglisi…Are you still alive?!”


The two people hugged each other heavily.


Seeing this, Edsha suddenly understood what happened. She gently pressed her chest with her hand, and she felt a little warmth in her heart. She looked at the shining forests in the distance, and she seemed to have made some decision in her heart.


She raised her head and strode out of the cemetery.


After that, people never saw this lady in the firs again, and it was not until many years later that a beautiful legend circulated in the southern border of Eruin. In that legend, a nun of the Havel Silver Lily Society dedicated her life to those who were blind.




In the quiet woods in the afternoon, Brando finally escaped from Fir Castle. Holding the letterhead in his hand, he wandered alone in the sunny woodland. This woodland once carried many of his beautiful memories, and those memories, with the accumulation of years, became more mellow and unique.


He held up the letter in his hand, which was a congratulatory letter from Faina, complaining that he hadn’t visited her for so long. But more, this mature lady describes everything about the newly born Cruz. After Prince Lenaret took the throne, the empire received a long silent rebirth, everything gradually got on the right track, and people gradually forgot about it. The pain of the past began to rebuild their homeland on the ruins after the battlefield.


At the end of the letter, Faina once again urged him to go to the Empire to meet her.


Brando couldn’t help but smile at the thought of the princess of Mehhothoven, he took the letter into his arms and let out a sigh.


After the first battle in the evening, everything returned to its original state. Huang Huo was in Jiufeng, and the senior sister also traveled around the world, occasionally sending him some local specialties. The world seems to have changed. Although the frontier of civilization is supreme, there are still some monsters and the remnants of twilight ~ But after the death of the dragon of twilight, everything for everyone is at least moving in the best direction. NS.


In the hearts of the world, the King of Flames is dead.


As a mortal, he survived.


After losing all his power, it seems that there is no discomfort, but Brando has always had a vague regret in his heart. He silently took out the slightly wrinkled card from his arms. On the card, there was a picture of the lady wearing a black dress with a mask on her face.


The card is so old that it has lost all magic power on it, but he stared at the piece of paper blankly, and said softly: “The king is not dead, but you went to escape alone— “


The rustling in the woods seemed to respond to his voice.


But suddenly, like an illusion, a smiling voice suddenly rang behind him: “Speaking ill of others behind their backs is not what a king should do.”


Brando shook his hand slightly, and the piece of paper unexpectedly fell.


He turned around blankly.


Under the pale yellow and dappled sunlight, between the light and shadow, it is the sensible and arrogant girl. The prime minister’s daughter seems to be still wearing the long skirt that day when she left, watching calmly In his purple eyes, as always, there was a light that had long been absent.


But I don’t know when, tears are already in his eyes.


Suddenly, a figure fell heavily into his embrace.


“I’m back, Brando.”


Brando was already on the spot.


He raised his head, the most grateful light flashed in his eyes:


“Thank you, Tiamas–“


“To meet each other is the best hope for people.”




(End of the book) (To be continued.)


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