Tempered Immortal Chapter 99: 99



Chapter 99 Perseverance


A moment later, Lin Xuan withdrew his consciousness from the jade tube and sighed softly: “I want this exercise.”


I put the Earth Fire Talisman, the Pill Book, and the spiritual eye technique into the storage bracelet. I bought everything I wanted for this trip. Lin Xuan was about to leave the Hailong Pavilion, but the shopkeeper called him again. Live: “Fellow Daoist, wait.”


Lin Xuan was startled and stopped in surprise: “Is there anything else?”


The fat man pondered for a while: “Daoist friend wants to make alchemy, how sure is he?”


Lin Xuan frowned and remained silent.


“Don’t get me wrong, fellow Daoists, I don’t mean anything else when I ask this, but there is a medicinal herb in our shop that can effectively improve the success rate of alchemy.”


“There is such a thing?” Lin Xuan couldn’t help but show a surprised expression on his face. Although he was only a low-level cultivator in the agility stage, he had been on the road of immortality for four years, and Piaoyungu was so impressed. He is quite knowledgeable, but he has never heard of medicinal materials that can improve the success rate of alchemy.


“Don’t worry, fellow Daoist, I have absolutely no lies to deceive me. This elixir has just been discovered, and the quantity is rare.”


Lin Xuan still had some disbelief in his heart. For cultivators, medicinal pills can improve their cultivation and hit the bottleneck. Naturally, they are very valuable. However, refining medicinal pills is easy to fail. If there is something that can improve the success rate, Then, if the cultivation world has not set off a **** storm, how can a low-level cultivator like himself attract business. “


“Don’t lie to fellow Daoists, this thing is only effective for washing marrow pills.” Seemingly seeing Lin Xuan’s surprise, Fatty took the initiative to explain: “This kind of perseverance grass can only improve the success rate of refining the pulp washing pills, so It is just right for a monk like a fellow Taoist.”


“Is any rank washing pill effective?”


“Of course, no matter if you are refining low-grade, medium-grade, high-grade, or even top-grade pills. This herb can improve the success rate.” Fatty boasted confidently: “I have already said that the items in our shop are a little expensive. , but the quality is absolutely guaranteed.”


Seeing that the other party was so determined, and the things he bought in Hailong Pavilion just now were really good, Lin Xuan was also a little tempted. There was no other reason. question. But there are not many silver moon flowers and lily fire grass, if the second tempering fails…


Lin Xuan glanced at Fatty: “How do you buy that perseverance grass?”


“One perseverance grass can make a pot of medicine pill, and only need five hundred spar.”


“Five hundred spar?” Lin Xuan weighed it in his heart. In all fairness, if there is a heaven-defying effect of increasing the success rate of alchemy, the price is not too expensive, but he doesn’t have that many.


“Well, I’ve pre-ordered this herb. Can I come and pick it up at this time tomorrow?” Lin Xuan handed the remaining one hundred spar to the shopkeeper.


“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow.”


After leaving the Hailong Pavilion, Lin Xuan didn’t stop at all. He used his spiritual sense to check that no one was following. He immediately disappeared and flew away. After half an hour, Lin Xuan landed in a deserted and uninhabited place. At this time, the simulacrum of the demons had failed. He regained his true appearance.


He closed his eyes and thought about the situation in the market. In all fairness, he appeared to be a little rich, but it didn’t matter. Anyway, the other party had never seen the real me.


For the foundation, Lin Xuanzhi must win. Therefore, this perseverance grass is a must. As for the lack of spar, Lin Xuan already has an idea in his heart. What he has to do now is to wait for six hours in order to re-cast the Tianmo Mimicry. This technique is good or not. Every time I use it. Have to wait a while. It’s really troublesome.


Of course, this free time. Lin Xuan wouldn’t waste it either. He took out the jade tube slip from his arms, injected his spiritual consciousness into it, and read it carefully.


Then Lin Xuan found a place, sat down with his knees crossed, and activated his spiritual power. Although this improved jade tube was amazing, it was only a first-level exercise method, so Lin Xuan didn’t put much effort into it. It is easy to grasp.


Then Lin Xuan took out the elixir and began to read it carefully. Before he knew it, six hours passed.


Lin Xuan raised his head and looked at the sky. Night had come, but it didn’t matter. That square market was open all day for twelve hours. Light flew back.


“The Immortal.”


The one who greeted him this time was a young girl, seventeen or eighteen years old. Although she was not very beautiful, she was very smart. She was also an outer disciple of Hailongmen.


“I want to rent a shop here, where should I go through the formalities.” Without the girl asking, Lin Xuan directly stated his request.


“If you want to set up a stall, please come with me.”


The girl walked in front, and Lin Xuan followed slowly. After passing through countless pavilions and pavilions, he took Lin Xuan to a small courtyard: “This is it.”


The girl gave a blessing and made a gesture of invitation. Lin Xuan walked into the courtyard and saw five or six monks sitting or standing inside.


Two of them were in the early stage and two in the middle stage. Lin Xuan was overjoyed. The spiritual eye technique he learned was really effective.


However, when he put his eyes behind a cultivator, Lin Xuan’s pupils shrank slightly and he couldn’t see it.


This is an old man of about 50 or 60 years old. He has a kind face and kind eyes. He gives the impression of being very kind, but he can’t see his cultivation.


Thinking of this, Lin Xuan showed a respectful expression on his face. Although he did not necessarily respect the other party in his heart, he still had to have enough face.


“See senior.”


“Hehe, little friend is more polite. All the people who come here are guests. Do you want to rent a shop?”


“Yes, but the junior only rents for one day, I wonder if it is possible?”


“One day?” The old man’s expression remained unchanged: “Of course, but if you rent for a short term, it will be relatively expensive. The daily rent is five spar.”




Soon Lin Xuan completed the formalities, and the old man handed a waist card and a jade tube slip into his hand: “The waist card is a proof of renting a shop, and the jade tube slip contains precautions for setting up a stall. I wish you a prosperous business.”


“Thank you, senior.” Lin Xuan left happily.


After leaving the courtyard, the smile on Lin Xuan’s face disappeared one by one. He poured his divine consciousness into the jade tube, browsed through it, and then followed the instructions above to come to his shop.


“Brother Zhang, have you heard that, in the southwest corner of Fang City, there is a shop dedicated to the sale of Xisui Dan.”


“Li Daoyou also knows, let’s go, the elixir will be gone when it’s too late.”



Half an hour later, all the low-level cultivators in Fang City heard the news that a shop named “Pill Room” opened.


Although on the surface, this shop is not very conspicuous, but it sells the Xisui Dan that can consolidate the foundation and cultivate the vitality and improve the skills of low-level cultivators.


Compared with Yanzhou, which is located on the border, Youzhou’s cultivation level is indeed several levels higher. Fangshi also sells a variety of materials, talismans, and spiritual tools. An elixir that enhances power.


Although some shops also buy pills, they are all for healing or strengthening the body. For cultivators, they are not very attractive.


The cleansing pill is different. Although it is only suitable for cultivators in the spiritual stage, it can indeed improve their strength. Even the major sects in Youzhou can provide their disciples with very limited pills. So as soon as this small shop opened, business became very hot.


Demand is in short supply, and the price of medicinal pills has also risen steadily.


There is no clerk at the shop, and the shopkeeper is a middle-aged man with a sallow face~IndoMTL.com~ In the face of hot business, he has been expressionless, his calm demeanor makes many cultivators guilty He murmured, hesitating whether to do it or not.


This person is naturally Lin Xuan, but he just used the celestial appearance technique to cover up his face. The reason why he did this is not just because he wanted to buy Perseverance Grass, but because after the foundation was successfully established, the marrow-washing pill was useless. Ah, instead of wasting it, it is better to let them use their residual heat to exchange enough spar for themselves.


Therefore, Lin Xuan sold all the other low-grade pills except the waste pills that he needed to purify the high-grade pills. Of course, he also kept the middle-grade pills, for no other reason, even the three giants of Youzhou. Sect, the number of mid-grade pills purified every month is also limited. If you buy it yourself, it will be too eye-catching.


If you are the first bird with a gun, you must learn to keep a low profile in order to survive in the world of self-cultivation.


Although the shop was rented for a whole day, in fact, it took Lin Xuan only half an hour to sell all the low-grade pills on him. Since the price was getting higher and higher, the harvest was far richer than expected. It was nearly five thousand dollars.


“Everyone, the pills are no longer available, everyone, please be early tomorrow.”


Hearing what the yellow-faced middle-aged man said, the cultivators sighed and sighed. It was not easy for someone to buy an elixir to strengthen one’s body and improve one’s power, but it came late and didn’t buy it. After a while, they reluctantly dispersed go.


After everyone left, Lin Xuan closed the shop door, but he didn’t have the happy look on his face after making a lot of money. Although spar is useful, it can also bring disaster and trouble. It is protected by the sea dragon gate, but once it goes out, it is difficult to guarantee that no one will not make a crooked idea.


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