Tempered Immortal Chapter 74: Meetings of the Symbols



Speaking of the pride of this sect, Wang Xin has a face full of admiration, but he doesn’t dare to brag in front of this senior brother of Piaoyungu, and honestly said: “Elder Tianyuan has profound mana, and the talismans he made are even more powerful. , it is natural, but it does not mean that the master of the condensing stage will definitely be defeated, but the strength of the two sides is similar.”


“Yes.” Lin Xuan nodded. He was only slightly interested in Tian Yuan’s strength. What he really cared about was how to buy high-level talismans from him.


Wang Xin didn’t give up, and brought the information Lin Xuan wanted to know one by one.


It turns out that this Elder Tianyuan is not only powerful in mana, but also the number one expert in making talismans in Daofu Mountain, and he has a rather eccentric temper…


For example, the monthly talisman meeting of this sect was originally intended to provide convenience for low-level disciples. The main participants in setting up stalls to buy talismans were low-level cultivators in the smart period. However, as the talisman society’s reputation grew The bigger the cultivator, the more cultivators come here. Every transaction can get a lot of spar, and the rich income makes the cultivators in the foundation-building period gradually envy. The stall, so he gave the talismans he made to his disciples to sell them on behalf of his disciples.


However, Tian Yuan is different. He is the number one talisman master in his sect and has a respected status, but he never cares about his face. .


Strictly speaking, this has violated the rules of Daofu Mountain, but who is Tian Yuan, the number one master of the sect, whoever dares to control him is the sect master, and he can’t do anything about this eccentric senior brother. .


“You said that the Tianyuan Elders will appear at the Talisman Society and sell high-end Talismans?” Lin Xuan said with bright eyes.


“Not necessarily, Master Tianyuan acts, and Shenlong sees the beginning but not the end. Sometimes, he will participate in several talisman meetings in succession, and sometimes, he will not come for several months, and if he does, he will not necessarily sell it. In short, it all depends on the mood of the uncle at that time, if Brother Ye wants to buy a high-level talisman, he can only gamble on his luck.”


Lin Xuan was silent, this expert is really weird, but anyway, hope is better than no hope, it depends on how lucky he is today.


While speaking, the two had already reached the top of the mountain, but it was empty and there was nothing.


Wang Xin stretched his hand into his arms, took out a talisman, threw it at the air in front of him, and shouted: “Duh!”


Immediately, a brilliant silver light appeared in the air, expanding and forming an arch shape for people to pass through.


“Senior brother, please.”


Lin Xuan entered the silver light without hesitation, and his eyes suddenly brightened, pavilions and pavilions, birds chirping and flowers fragrant, looking like a fairy home.


“Senior brother, I can only send you here. Take this waist card. After going up the stairs, turn left and go west. You can reach the place where the talismans are sold.”


“There is Mr. Lao.”


“Senior brother, you’re welcome.”


Wang Xin saluted respectfully. Although he told Lin Xuan a lot about Daofu Mountain, for the disciples of the Alliance School, those are not secrets, but Lin Xuan’s cultivation. Call, let him benefit a lot.


After Lin Xuan took the waist card and parted ways with Wang Xin, he followed his instructions and headed for the place where the talisman was sold.


Along the way, the number of monks gradually increased. In addition to the disciples of Daofu Mountain, there were also many monks who came here because of their fame. Of course, they all belonged to their allied faction, not to mention hostile forces. Trading is not allowed.


Although it is only a war of attrition, the confrontation between the two major cultivation sects and their allies has caused the entire Yanzhou cultivation world to be shaken.


There is a formula for identifying identity in the body, coupled with the waist card given by Wang Xin, so that Lin Xuan can travel all the way without hindrance, directly to the market where the talisman is traded.


This is a long street with stalls on both sides, and there are shouts from time to time. People who don’t know it think they have come to a secular market.


Lin Xuan kept calm and browsed slowly. Unlike before, his cultivation base has reached the state of great perfection in the agile period, and his strength is not what it used to be. Naturally, he will no longer be interested in low-level talismans. Rank talismans are also mainly looking for defensive ones. There is no other reason. After the cultivation base has advanced greatly and he has learned the spirit control technique, his attacks mainly rely on spiritual tools. The offensive talisman has lost its appeal to him.


Unlike the low-level talisman~IndoMTL.com~ Although the middle-level talisman is only one level higher, the price has doubled. Although Lin Xuan is rich and has more than 120 low-level spar, he is also It can’t be wasted. Good steel should be used on the blade, and spar can only be used where it should be used.


Although all the disciples who participated in the stalls were in the Lingdong period, many monks in the Foundation Establishment period handed over the talismans they made to their disciples to sell on their behalf. Along the way, Lin Xuan saw many fine products.


“This senior brother, buy one, the flying charm, which allows you to fly through the clouds, even if you don’t have a spiritual weapon, you can fly freely in the sky.”


A young man in his twenties, holding a piece of aura paper in his hand, introduced to Lin Xuan that this was a middle-level talisman with “Flying Technique” sealed. It was originally a good auxiliary talisman. , which made many low-level cultivators beside him greedy, but when asked about the price, they were discouraged.


Two spar, how can they afford it.


Lin Xuan has a lot of money, but after learning the spirit control technique, he has been able to fly with an imperial weapon, and such a talisman naturally lost interest.


Seeing that Lin Xuan wasn’t interested, the stall owner didn’t care either, and said, “Senior brother, what amulets do you need, I am dissatisfied with you and say that although I can’t do it myself, Master is a great master in the middle stage of foundation building. There are many talismans made by his old man here.”


“Middle stage of foundation building?”


Lin Xuan was about to leave, but after hearing this, he stopped. The foundation-building cultivator’s works should be able to find what he wants.


“Is there any defensive talisman?”


“Defensive.” The young man scratched his head: “Yes, of course.”


Then he took out a talisman from his arms.


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