Tempered Immortal Chapter 6: Mysterious Canyon



After walking out of the Feiyun Palace and came to a place where no one was there, the smile on Lin Xuan’s face faded, replaced by a gloomy look, and there was a flash of murderous intent in his eyes.


He stood silently for a while without saying a word, but Elder Ma has left a deep impression in Lin Xuan’s heart. Of course, he won’t make any moves now, but he will have the strength in the future…


The sound of footsteps came to his ears, and someone came, Lin Xuan’s heart moved, and the hazy expression quickly disappeared. When he raised his head, his expression was the same as usual, and he couldn’t see any difference.


“Haha, do you know that the trash named Lin Xuan got two bottles of waste pills.”


“What’s so strange about this, a mortal without spiritual roots is also worthy of taking spiritual medicines refined from heaven and earth treasures, isn’t it just right to use waste pills?” Another person laughed without hesitation. The people who didn’t care about what they were talking about were on the sidelines.



And Lin Xuan didn’t seem to hear it, and passed them by with his expression as usual. Those who do big things can’t act on impulse. They are not heroic, but stupid. Men have to endure what others can’t bear. The guy put it on the account first…


The most important thing now is to practice hard. Strength is the last word. The original plan was to rely on the cleansing pill to attack the bottleneck of the second-level cultivation technique. But looking at the waste pill in his hand, Lin Xuan was silent for a while. Turned around and walked outside like Piaoyungu.


Without the help of medicinal herbs, with his ordinary person’s aptitude, even with the effort of refining his mind, it would be difficult to break through the bottleneck. After thinking about it, Lin Xuan decided to try his luck.


Not far from this gate, there is a small canyon with a hidden entrance and inaccessible people. Lin Xuan also discovered it by accident. There, he occasionally picks some precious herbs.


Although the probability is small, Lin Xuan has encountered it several times, and in addition to the spirit pills, some thousand-year-old spirit herbs are also helpful for improving cultivation.


Lin Xuan thought about it carefully. This is his hope to enter the second layer of the agility period as soon as possible, and even if he can’t find the spirit grass, there will be no loss. After weighing all this in his heart, Lin Xuan came out Piaoyun Valley.


After leaving the range of the sect, Lin Xuan did not immediately go to the canyon, but wandered around aimlessly for a few laps. He did this to ensure that no one followed him, because the hidden canyon Occasionally, precious herbs can be picked, so Lin Xuan doesn’t want others to know about it.


After walking around in circles for an hour, Lin Xuan was sure that no one was paying attention to him, so he quietly left the road, got into a remote path, and after twists and turns, he came to a hidden canyon.


The grass is full of wild flowers, and the air is filled with fragrant smell. It’s a beautiful scenery, but Lin Xuan didn’t come here for an outing. herbal.


Time passed quietly, and Lin Xuan still found nothing, but he was not discouraged, so he searched a small area and continued to search.


However, at this moment, a faint voice came to his ears, and Lin Xuan was startled, then without hesitation, he hid in the grass beside him.


A red light went from far to near, followed by the sound of a “slap” landing, and the two landed in the canyon, not far from Lin Xuan.


“Master, your injury doesn’t matter!” A young woman’s voice spoke with concern.


Through the gaps in the grass, Lin Xuan saw that they were wearing Piaoyungu costumes. They were from the same family, but Lin Xuan did not go out to meet each other. It is better to have less than one thing, and wait and see how things change.


“Ahem, can you hold on, Yan’er, are you approaching Piaoyungu?” A weak voice, but Lin Xuan sounded familiar. Which senior in this sect is he?


“Master, don’t worry, it’s only a few miles away from this sect, and the enemy doesn’t dare to chase after him.”


“That’s good.” The weak voice breathed a sigh of relief, as if he was seriously injured.


“Master, please rest for a while!”


With the sound of the wind in her clothes, the woman helped the injured person and sat down against a big tree. Due to the angle, Lin Xuan could just see their faces clearly.


“No wonder the voice sounds familiar.”


On the surface, the man sitting on the ground looked like he was in his forties, with three long beards. He should have been immortal, but now his face was gray and blood was on his chest, and Lin Xuan was drawn to himself. Cool breath.


Zhang Yu is the one who taught them the spiritual shield spell half a month ago. It is said that this person is already in the middle stage of foundation building and is one of the guardians of the sect.


And that woman Lin Xuan also knows ~IndoMTL.com~ Zhou Yan, a senior sister who entered the school a few years earlier than him. Although she is of the same age, she has a Dzogchen cultivation base in the agility period. Among the junior disciples, she ranks in the top three. If there is no accident, after a few years, it is possible to build a foundation successfully.


These two are important figures in this sect.


And looking at their expressions, they are sneaky and frightened. It stands to reason that they have reached the sphere of influence of their own sect. They don’t need to be so careful. Is there any secret that they don’t want people to know?


In just a few seconds, Lin Xuan had the above analysis. With such an idea, although he was curious, he was more careful to hide himself.


If the other party really has a big secret and happens to be broken by himself, the two of them will definitely kill people and kill their mouths. The cultivation world is the prey to the weak, and it is very cruel. Lin Xuan doesn’t want to encounter unexpected disasters.


In the face of an uncle who is in the middle stage of foundation building, and a sister who is in the great perfection state of the agility stage, even if the two of them are injured, if they want to kill themselves, it is like pinching an ant to death.


After having a correct analysis and understanding of the strengths of the two sides, Lin Xuan held his breath even more, and did not dare to breathe.


“Hey, someone!”


Zhou Yan’s low voice surprised Lin Xuan. Could it be that she found herself, but before he could move, she heard another scream.


“You… you plot against me?” The voice was frightened and angry, with a look of unbelief: “Why… why?”


“Hey, Master, you don’t have to waste your energy. You gave me this Hunjinsuo. You should understand its power. With your current physical condition, you can use up to 20% of your mana. Struggling.”



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