Tempered Immortal Chapter 53: Herbal purification



Holding the red silk grass in his hand, Lin Xuan released his divine sense. Because it was the first time to purify medicinal materials, he seemed cautious.


This is a new attempt!


After entering the late stage of Lingdong, Lin Xuan’s consciousness has been further enhanced, and he is very skilled in the use of blue light spots. So far, he has purified thousands of medicinal pills.


But the finished medicinal pills are definitely different from the fresh medicinal materials, so Lin Xuan can only re-explore slowly.


Gather the blue light spots, slowly flow along the meridians, overflow the body surface from the palm of the right hand, and enter the air.


In the past, when Lin Xuan first started to purify the medicinal herbs, when the blue light came out of the body surface, he could not control it, so he could only let it go. Obviously this is a huge waste.


But there is no way. At that time, Lin Xuan’s strength was weak. It was too difficult to manipulate the invisible light spot in the air. However, now, he has entered the late stage of agility, and his consciousness has been greatly enhanced, although he has not yet Learning spirit control, but exorcism has been cultivated to the peak.


Borrowing the method of manipulating a spiritual tool, he attached his divine sense to the blue light. In this way, although the light spots were exposed to the air, they still gathered and did not disperse, changing with Lin Xuan’s mind.


Slowly feeding the light spot into the medicinal materials, Lin Xuan separated some of his consciousness and carefully observed the changes inside the red sage. Under the action of the immortal method, the scene inside the sage was constantly magnified.


I saw that there were two kinds of objects, cyan and red, intertwined with each other and intertwined very closely. One of them should be impurities.


But then, Lin Xuan encountered a new problem, cyan and red, which one is the essence and which is the useless impurity. The essence passes through, and when it encounters impurities, it pushes forward a little. However, now, the medicinal materials seem to be different from the finished medicinal pills. Whether it is cyan or red, the light spot will push them.


It seems that which one is an impurity can only be distinguished by oneself!


Lin Xuan hesitated for a moment, then directed the light spot to bypass the cyan object and pushed the red object outward.


At the same time, according to the situation, the flow speed of blue light is carefully controlled.



In the blink of an eye, an hour has passed.


Lin Xuan looked at the herbal medicine in his hand, and the pool of red powder, silently.


My judgment is correct. This red powder exudes a foul odor. It must be an impurity. After purifying it, there is still no change in the herbal medicine. According to the identification method taught in the book, Lin Xuan carefully observes its Color, fragrance, and even picking a leaf, tasted the medicinal properties, but the quality still did not improve, this is still a low-grade red sage.


How could this be? Could it be that the blue light spot can only purify medicinal herbs, not fresh herbs?


Lin Xuan was silent for a while, but he didn’t give up. He took out a red sagebrush from the basket. This time he did the opposite. Purified from herbs, manipulating the light spot to push the cyan out.


An hour later.


The red sage grass in his hand had withered, and a pool of light blue liquid appeared in Lin Xuan’s palm, exuding a refreshing aroma.


Lin Xuan threw away the discarded red sagebrush, took out an empty jade bottle from his bosom, and put the green liquid in it.


This liquid is the essence of red sagebrush, but it is purified from low-grade herbs. I wonder if it has the medicinal effect of high-grade sagebrush?


After all, this is the first attempt to purify herbal medicine. Many things are unknown, and he needs to cross the river by feeling the stones. Lin Xuan hesitated and took a sip of the green liquid in the bottle.


Lin Xuan’s actions were not reckless. When he was in the Book Collection Pavilion, he carefully read the information on the red lingcao, and checked it very clearly. As an important material for alchemy, this is a kind of nourishing medicinal material that is beneficial to cultivation. , Green liquid is its essence, even if you drink it, it will not achieve the desired effect, at least it is harmless to the body.


Of course, for the sake of safety, Lin Xuan only drank a little.


Then, he sat down with his knees crossed and used the method of inner vision to check the inside of his body. In an instant, the medicinal power kicked in.


After drinking the green liquid, it turned into a gas and entered the dantian. Lin Xuan felt a little nervous. The dantian is where the spiritual energy is stored.


To mobilize the spiritual power~IndoMTL.com~ is ready for battle. If something goes wrong, I will expel the gas from the green liquefaction.


Fortunately, there was no accident. After the green liquefied gas entered the dantian, there was no abnormality. It just expanded by itself, forming a transparent sphere, and then suspended in mid-air, motionless.


The situation was a little unexpected. Lin Xuan concentrated his consciousness in his dantian, observed it quietly for a while, then gathered his spiritual power a little and touched the ball lightly. The son got in and was wrapped in the ball.


Lin Xuan didn’t panic. When encountering new problems, if you want to handle them well, you need to think calmly.


He found that although the spiritual power entered the sphere, the connection with his divine consciousness did not weaken because of this, and he could easily and freely control it.


After making this discovery, Lin Xuan immediately calmed down and started to try again.



As night fell, it was already evening, Lin Xuan stood up from the ground, his face was full of joy, and he succeeded. Although he did not know how the high-grade red lingcao concealed his cultivation, there was no exact description in the book. Lin Xuan was sure that the effect of this green liquid hiding cultivation was better.


The process is very simple. After drinking it, the green liquefied gas will form a ball in the Dantian, and then you can inject spiritual power into the ball.


The ball will not cut off the control of my spiritual power over the spiritual power. That is to say, the spiritual power can come in and out at will, and it will not affect the ability to cast spells and fight against the enemy. However, after the ball wraps the spiritual power, it can be cut off. Other people’s detection, that is to say, this part of the spiritual power, the other party can’t find it.


As we all know, the judgment of the cultivator’s strength is the size of the spiritual power. Since the spiritual power is hidden so that the other party cannot judge, the goal of hiding the strength is naturally achieved.



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