Tempered Immortal Chapter 43: The road is narrow



After doing all this, Lin Xuan fell into meditation and regained his spiritual power. For practitioners, it is very common to meditate for three hours.


Several groups of cultivators came in between, but these were not good things, and they coveted the treasures on Lin Xuan’s body.


However, the invisibility talisman is sealed with high-level spells, even if it is a foundation-building cultivator, it is difficult to find out, so they naturally don’t have to think about it.


All of them were puzzled. They clearly found that the young man entered the valley, but why did he suddenly disappear. After searching the neighborhood for a long time, he even tried to cast tracking spells, but he found nothing.


In desperation, I had to leave unwillingly.


Three hours later, in the originally empty valley, a strange cloud of white smoke suddenly appeared. The smoke began to disperse, then slowly gathered, and finally drifted away, revealing a figure.


Lin Xuan’s expression was indifferent, and he could not tell whether he was angry or angry. He stood up and looked around. There were no cultivators nearby. Although he successfully got rid of those ill-intentioned guys, he also used a high-level card. ‘s incognito.


On the whole, however, this trip to Lingyunmen was still very rewarding. Not only did he successfully purchase the Spirit Control Technique, but he also received the “Lingyun Art”.


You must know that even the low-level exercises used in the agile period are divided into junk and high-quality products. What I learned in Piaoyungu was only ordinary things. The reason for the delay in breaking through the fifth floor.


The Lingyun Art is a rare gem. After practicing it, the speed of one’s cultivation will definitely increase a lot.


In addition to this, I also bought two water attribute spar and one hundred and eight talismans. Although they are all low-level ones, they are expensive because they are numerous and overwhelming. , will also be in a hurry and difficult to resist.


Although he had paid a lot of medicinal pills, it was nothing to Lin Xuan. With the ability to purify, he could re-purify the waste pills by himself after a few days of hard work.


In short, the loss is insignificant compared to the gain. After sorting out the items in the storage bracelet, Lin Xuan ate some dry food and continued on his way.


This time, no one was following him, so Lin Xuan didn’t delay and returned to Piaoyun Valley.


About evening, he stopped in a small forest. There was no one in the area for dozens of miles. It seemed that tonight, he had to sleep in the wilderness.


After hitting a hare and just half-cooked it, Lin Xuan suddenly changed his expression and waved his sleeves. The cold wind blew through and extinguished the fire. He then covered the traces of the barbecue with dead sticks of soil, disguised as a It looks like no one has been there.


Then Lin Xuan put his toes a little on the ground, spread out the wind control technique, and easily lifted a dozen meters up to a towering tree overhead. Even the heartbeat and pulse became extremely slow, and the whole person seemed to have become a dead branch.


The concealment technique in the wood attribute magic formula.


Just after all this was done, a cloud of yellow light descended into the woods from a distance, the light dissipated, and two people walked out from it.


Lin Xuan remained calm, but was secretly surprised. He had been in Piaoyun Valley for four years. Although he was a low-level disciple, he was familiar with his eyes and eyes.


This yellow light is not using a spiritual weapon to fly through the clouds, but a rare flying talisman, which is a high-level talisman like an invisibility talisman. Those who possess this treasure will never be an ordinary cultivator.


“Father, I will rest here today.”




Lin Xuan was stunned. The voice sounded familiar. After thinking for a while, he remembered that the son of an aristocratic family who had been rushing to buy intermediate-level exercises with him seemed to be from a cultivating family surnamed Yan.


“Did they come after him?” Lin Xuan was shocked, but he calmed down and began to analyze, no, he used the invisibility talisman to get rid of all the stalkers, not to mention that they were going to do it. Don’t wait until now.


They don’t know that they want to go back to Piaoyun Valley, so they can’t just follow this road. The biggest possibility is a coincidence.


After thinking about the whole story, Lin Xuan cursed in his heart to God ~IndoMTL.com~ for giving himself such unfortunate luck, while carefully restraining his breath and staying motionless, for fear of being discovered by the other party.


“Let’s go!” Lin Xuan prayed for the blessings of the gods and demons in the sky. It’s best if the two of them are in a hurry, they should rest for a while, eat something and leave.


However, things backfired, and the two also planned to spend the night here, lighting a fire, and taking out dry food to bake on it.


“Father, do you think we will be found out when we ambushed the disciples of the Wang family this time?”


Yan Ming’s voice was a little uneasy. Sitting next to him was an old man in his fifties. Hearing the words, his face became gloomy. You can’t do it well if you buy a copy of the intermediate exercises, otherwise why would this old man take such a big risk?”


“Father, you can’t blame the boy.” Yan Ming was a little dissatisfied: “Who would have known that a loose cultivator could have hundreds of pills, even rare middle-grade pills.”


“What you said is the truth?”


“Father, how dare I lie to you, and many practitioners saw the scene at that time.”


The old man fell into silence, this matter is really strange, only two hundred low-grade pills are enough, and even the middle-grade pills can be taken out, even the sects such as Piaoyungu, Daofu Mountain, and Huolingmen are not so Generous, a loose cultivator…


As the patriarch of the Yan family, Yan Tianheng is well-informed, but he is at a loss for understanding this matter.


“Forget it, don’t think too much about this matter. Anyway, the juniors of the Wang family have been killed, and the intermediate exercises have also been obtained, as well as other treasures.” Yan Tianheng’s face showed a hint of color: ” Who made the old guys in the Wang family at a critical juncture of retreat, and they have no skills to do so, so they had to send a few juniors to participate in such a grand event. As for the problem that was discovered, you don’t have to worry about it, Minger, because the father has already destroyed the body.”



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