Tempered Immortal Chapter 42: Incognito



The young man in Huafu stared wide and looked at Lin Xuan in surprise. No wonder, in the eyes of the disciples of the aristocratic family, the loose cultivators were very poor. One hundred and sixty washing marrow pills really made him look at it with admiration.


Could this kid not be a loose cultivator, but a disciple of another family or even a sect?


Yan Ming turned this thought in his mind, and looked around Lin Xuan carefully. No, the sect disciples all have specific clothes, even the nephews of each family will not dress so shabby, this kid is A standard casual attire.


Maybe it’s the guy who got **** luck and made a small fortune by accident.


Thinking like this, Yan Ming’s expression became arrogant again: “This young master has produced one hundred and seventy pills.”


“One hundred and eighty!”


“One hundred nine.”


“Two hundred!” Lin Xuan gritted his teeth. He was determined to win the spirit control technique. After preparing for so long, how could he return empty-handed?



Yan Ming’s forehead also broke out in cold sweat. He never dreamed that this unremarkable boy in front of him would actually have so many pills. Although the Yan family is a medium-sized cultivator family that has been passed down for hundreds of years, its net worth is not the same. It’s not rich, two hundred marrow-washing pills can already make the whole family stretched, and even sell a lot of treasures.


Before I leave, my father has an order to purchase an intermediate-level exercise method. There is no other reason. As the patriarch, my father has already broken through the bottleneck and entered the foundation-building stage, but there is no suitable exercise method. .


The voices of the two bidding prices attracted the cultivators around them, and there were endless discussions.


“My God, there are two hundred pills for washing the marrow.”


“Where did this kid come from as a loose cultivator, so rich, how dare he compete with the Cultivation Family?”


“What is rich, stupid and daring, wait and see, even if he gets that exercise, he will also attract **** disaster.”


“Hmph, that’s not necessarily true. Since he’s not afraid of the Yan family, he might have a capable teacher behind him.”



These words also expressed what Yan Ming thought. After all, the performance of the other party was too strange for a loose cultivator. Seeing more and more people watching, Lin Xuan’s face flashed an imperceptible haze. If things go on like this, things will get worse and you have to move faster.


Cut through the mess!


He took out a jade bottle from his arms and placed it on the booth with great importance: “This thing is added with two hundred low-grade washing marrow pills, do you sell it?”


What is this?


A question popped into the minds of all cultivators. The Lingyun Sect cultivator who was in charge of setting up the stall had just recovered from his shock. He never expected that an ordinary middle-level exercise would sell for such a good price. .


However, from Lin Xuan’s solemn expression, he also knew that he was not an ordinary person.


The stall owner took a sip of saliva and opened the bottle. Suddenly a refreshing fragrance wafted out, and he saw a small pill with a pale blue surface lying inside. .


Chinese-grade Xisui Dan!


Although they have never seen it before, most cultivators have seen the description of this elixir from books, and the color and fragrance are all correct.


Suddenly someone exclaimed!


The others were too shocked to speak, even the arrogant Yan Ming, who opened his mouth wide at the moment, with a demented expression.


I never dreamed that a loose cultivator would actually be able to get a mid-grade pill.


You must know that in the world of self-cultivation, alchemy is a highly skilled job. Even if it is a low-grade pill, the success rate is only 50 to 60%, and the middle-grade pill is less than one-fifth. There must also be an experienced alchemist, even a sect like Piaoyungu, and they do not have the strength to refine middle-grade pills. Only a few famous sects that have been passed down for tens of thousands of years have a small amount of middle-grade pills for elite disciples. Take it when you have a breakout.


Although theoretically, one middle-grade pill can only be exchanged for ten low-grade pills of the same kind, but in fact it is far more than that. To be honest, no one would do such a stupid thing. After all, the medicinal power of a middle-grade pill It’s not the same level as the low-grade pill, especially when it’s a pass, it’s more effective.


Looking at the middle-grade pill, everyone’s eyes were full of greed, and when they looked at Lin Xuan’s expression, they became more and more confused. After all, how could a loose cultivator take out a middle-grade pill? Could it be that this Lin Xuan is pretending to be a pig? eat tigers?


“How about it, do you sell it?”




The cultivator who set up the stall in Lingyun Sect held the Zhongpin Dan tightly in his arms, for fear that Lin Xuan would go back on his words, Yan Ming hesitated, his lips moved a few times, and finally he chose to remain silent, using the family’s Financial resources~IndoMTL.com~ It is very reluctant to take out 200 low-grade pills, and middle-grade pills, even more dare not think about it, not to mention his heart is full of doubts, no longer dare to treat Lin Xuan as an ordinary loose cultivator .


After the deal, Lin Xuan took the jade tube Jane into his arms and did not dare to delay at all. He pushed aside the crowd and left the square directly.


Lin Xuan didn’t even go back to the attic. Anyway, all his treasures were packed in the storage ring. He directly used the teleportation array to send it out of Lingyun Sect, and then used the wind-fighting technique to descend to Tianzhu Peak.


Along the way, Lin Xuan carefully released his consciousness, and as expected, he noticed that several groups of people were following him, but Lin Xuan was neither surprised nor anxious. It’s a strange thing that no one is malicious when there is such a big riot.


Do you want to kill people and steal treasures?


A sneering smile appeared on the corner of Lin Xuan’s mouth. He walked around in circles a few times and came to a small valley not far from Tianzhu Peak. Natural maze.


Stopping, Lin Xuan took out a red talisman from the storage bracelet and held it in his hand. A look of reluctance flashed in Lin Xuan’s eyes, but after hesitating, he still put the talisman on his body. Sitting down with his knees crossed, he murmured something.


Under the action of spiritual power, the talisman light was released and turned into a white mist that enveloped Lin Xuan’s body. After a while, the mist dissipated, and Lin Xuan also disappeared from the spot.


This is an invisibility talisman. As the name suggests, it has the effect of invisibility. It is a rare high-level talisman, which is why Lin Xuan was a little reluctant just now.


After attaching this invisibility talisman, within three hours, the figure can be completely disappeared, and the fluctuation of spiritual power can be hidden at the same time, even the masters of the foundation-building stage cannot find it. Otherwise, the invisibility charm will lose its effect.



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